Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

24-28 February: Mason begins a secret relationship with Imogen, while Josh receives bad news

Monday 24 February


Kate tries to deal with her problems on her own, but the pressure is too great and she lashes out at school, hurting Bailey and shocking Susan. When Toadie refuses to let Callum keep his puppy Loki, Sonya tries to talk him round but is she really trying to mend their relationship? When Brennan starts work at the garage, he wonders why the security cameras are set to record only during business hours.

Tuesday 25 February

Brad finds out that Toadie has agreed to represent Mason and accuses him of taking sides. Susan is angry with Kate, who begins to realise that she has been selfish. With their families at war, Mason decides that it would be best if he and Imogen call things off. Imogen disagrees and persuades him that they can have a relationship provided that they keep it a secret.

Wednesday 26 February

With her son’s future ruined, Terese is unable to bear the sight of a fit and healthy Mason at work. When she offers him promotion provided that he accepts a transfer to Lassiter’s at Darwin, Lauren is furious and confronts her. Josh accompanies Amber and her family to the photographic awards ceremony, but his emotions overcome him when she is announced the winner.

Thursday 27 February

Joshua faces the prospect that his swimming career may be over after Karl tells him that his shoulder will never fully recover from the injury. Georgia discovers that getting suitable hospital shifts will be almost impossible and decides to move back to Birregurra to raise her baby there. Callum is determined to impress Josie with a grand romantic gesture on Valentine’s Day, despite having spent all his money on a dog.

Friday 28 February


Kyle is dismayed when Georgia tells him about her decision to move and worries that she is taking his baby away from him. Kate is depressed enough about Valentine’s Day, but her day goes from bad to worse when she gets stuck in a lift with Brennan. Callum hits on the idea of selling ‘love locks’ to raise money for a Valentine gift for Josie, but he is so busy that he leaves Josie feeling neglected.