Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

2-6 December: Brax finds Andy Barrett and pays the price for a past mistake, while Mandy and Josh run away

Monday 2 December


Dex dubs Nate, Dr Bradley’s replacement, ‘Dr Sexy’, but April is disappointed by her new mentor’s indifference. Convinced that he is hiding a secret, April gets the wrong end of the stick when she hears Nate talk angrily on the phone. After saying that he needs to put right a past mistake, Brax heads off to Mangrove River in search of Andy Barrett. Suspecting Maddy of housing an uninvited guest, Marilyn catches Josh in her room. 

Tuesday 3 December

When Ricky finds out that Heath is secretly studying to be a personal trainer, she tells him to inform Bianca, but he bottles it. Brax returns to Summer Bay, haunted by his family’s history. Maddy and Josh look to Marilyn to keep their relationship a secret, but she confides in Alf who throws Josh out. This leads to Josh running away, and Maddy soon follows. 

Wednesday 4 December

Sick with guilt, Brax reveals to his brothers and Ricky that when he was young he accidentally killed Andy Barrett’s dad Johnny. Just as Casey, Heath and Kyle digest the news, Brax hands himself in to the police. Oscar blames Zac and Hannah’s fights for pushing Evelyn back to the cult. Beside herself with worry, Roo snaps at Alf saying that his harsh attitude drove Maddy away. 

Thursday 5 December

Sasha and Spencer get back together, but she is concerned that he is not taking his medication. Robyn sees Indi and Chris together and vows to win him. She hooks up with Kyle in an effort to make Chris jealous but her plan backfires. Murray surprises Hannah at the Diner and says that he will allow Evelyn to leave the Sanctuary for a visit, but things get heated when Murray winds up Zac. 

Friday 6 December


Dex tries to talk Dr Nate round when he says that he wants to be transferred to another hospital. When Dex tells him that April made a formal complaint about her previous mentor, Nate has an idea. Hannah decides to get her life on the right track in an effort to win Evelyn back. While Chris and Indi are getting passionate, she receives a call from Liam who has tragic news about Romeo. After Alf steps in to offer Spencer some support, Sasha agrees to stand by him too as he comes off his medication.