Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

7-11 October: a good-looking guy from Vanessa's past arrives in town to offer her a startling deal

Monday 7 October


Amber is horrified to find bruises on Josh’s body – even more so when she discovers that he got them after stealing Robbo’s laptop to stop her sex tape getting out. As Lucas seeks forgiveness from Vanessa, a good-looking stranger from her past arrives in town. Fed up with the stress, Lauren insists on handing Robbo’s laptop and emails to the police.

Tuesday 8 October

As Lucas tries to make amends for his behaviour, he walks in on Vanessa being offered an opportunity by the stranger, Alek. Just as Paul is about to win the action for No 32, Vanessa pulls the plug. Mason worries that Paul will fire him when he finds out that he and Kate have split up.

Wednesday 9 October

Teaming up to take part in the treasure hunt, Terese and Brad stumble upon Robbo’s discarded mobile phone which has Amber’s film on it. Lucas is stunned to hear Alec offer Vanessa $100,000 to divorce him. After he misses out on No 32, Paul receives some sage words about life’s priorities from Jack.

Thursday 10 October

Ellen realises that all those who knew about Amber’s film have a motive for killing Robbo and she brings them in for questioning. Paul tries to implicate Marty in the crime. Georgia is offered a deal to sing at Lassiter’s branches around the country. After Toadie advises her that her contract is a poor one, Georgia has to use her medical skills to revive Jack, who collapses.

Friday 11 October


Terese finds a link between Paul and Marty. Amber begins to doubt Josh’s innocence. Hudson decides that he wants to turn his back on swimming to live a little. After saving Jack, Georgia decides that she wants to return to medicine full time, but Paul refuses to release her from her singing contract.