Could even the BBC top this Peter Capaldi Doctor Who intro?

With anticipation for the Twelfth Doctor ramping up, one fan has decided not to wait for the BBC to create the new title sequence

Peter Capaldi

Go to any Doctor Who convention and you will see hand-knitted Tom Baker scarves, or homebaked Dalek cakes. But this homemade effort takes the biscuit.


YouTube user ‘Billy Da Kid UK’ created this incredible introduction for Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. It throws out the traditional flight through a wormhole, instead opting for a trippy voyage through the universe’s biggest grandfather clock.

While we don’t have the Tardis’s translation circuit, the Latin inscription ‘Panopticon Horologies’ seems appropriate for a man who watches all of the clocks. It features Capaldi’s face materialising in the same pocket watch David Tennant used to store his Timelord soul (it’s a long story). There are other references to classic Who. That vaguely Celtic symbol at the end? It’s not a reference to Capaldi’s Scottishness, but the seal of Rassilon: a Timelord warlord.


It will come as no surprise, as you watch an entire solar system being sucked into a black hole, that ‘Billy’ calls himself a ‘motion graphics professional’. The BBC should give him a call.