Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

22-26 July: VJ cannot forgive Nina, Zac questions Natalie over her feelings for Brax, while Dex buys an engagement ring

Monday 22 July


Tamara quizzes Kyle about their past together and he admits that he wasn’t the best version of himself when they met. He tells her she came to the Bay to be with Casey, but she can’t see it. They get news that Brax has woken up and rush off to see him. At the hospital Heath is grateful to Ricky for waking Brax up, but Casey is still angry, believing it’s Ricky’s fault that Tamara can’t remember him.

On waking, Brax is pleased to see Kyle and Casey free from prison. He asks after Ricky, but it’s clear that Casey will not abide her being around him. Heath reveals that Tamara has latched onto Kyle and can’t remember Casey, explaining Casey’s fury towards Ricky. His brother’s pain is another hurdle between Brax and the woman he loves. Bianca tracks down Ricky and realising she’s full of remorse Bianca recounts her own story of falling for Adam’s lies. Ricky still can’t forgive herself, but nonetheless Bianca brings Ricky to Casey, hoping there could be an end to the fighting. Casey rejects her apology, but Heath’s decided Ricky deserves another chance and tells her to visit Brax at hospital. She almost leaves on seeing Brax asleep, but Brax and wants her to stay. 

When it comes to the love triangle forming, April is decidedly ‘Team Casey’. She tells Tamara Casey deserves a chance. Tamara feels uncomfortable around Casey and has developed strong feelings for Kyle. Ignoring April’s warnings, Tamara decides to spend time with Kyle instead of Casey. Despite this, April counsels Casey not to give up. He asks April if he can trust Kyle and she admits it is actually Tamara he should worry about. Whilst helping Kyle redecorate Leah’s house, Tamara realises she feels more comfortable here than at the flat, and Kyle believes it is because she once stayed here with Casey. Her growing attraction to Kyle prompts her to ask if they were ever an item. Kyle grimly states no – withholding that she, in fact, hated him. Later that night, Tamara wakes up and tells Kyle how she feels about him. It’s a mirror image of the way she admitted her feelings to Casey months ago in this same room. She and Kyle kiss on the same couch she first kissed Casey in. 

Maddy’s thrown herself into a campaign to ‘Save Miss Scott’. The students want to throw a protest rally. Bianca’s touched, but is adamant the Department have made their decision and they shouldn’t pursue this. Spencer and Sasha decide not to tell Maddy about their relationship until after the protest. They both hate sneaking around, but fear hurting Maddy with the truth. Breaking into the school at night to set the stage for their protest, Roo urges Spencer to come clean. 

Tuesday 23 July

Kyle tells Tamara that despite their kiss, they can’t be together. Her feelings for him may not even be real, and his brother is in love with her. Kyle thinks that once her memories return she’ll go back to hating him, and he doesn’t want to take advantage of her. It’s awkward the next day between them, and Leah seems to know exactly what happened the night before. She thinks Kyle’s made a mess of the situation, and now he has a duty to make things right. Off the back of her scolding, Kyle decides to move in with his brothers, giving his room at Leah’s to Tamara. Tamara is devastated. 

Sasha and Spencer are looking forward to ‘going public’ with their relationship just as soon as the protest is over. Under pressure from the Department, Bianca tries to stop the protest, but the students are determined to win Bianca her job back. Zac talks Bianca around and she finally joins the students and teachers in the rally. Now the Department is under pressure to reinstate Bianca. Bianca receives good news from the Department. She is Principal again, back to class! With the protest successful, it is the perfect opportunity for Spencer and Sasha to come clean to Maddy about their relationship… but they chicken out. 

Brax admits he loves Ricky, and he tells her he doesn’t blame her for Adam’s actions. It would hurt him if she left. Even though she loves him, Ricky doesn’t want to get in the way of him and his family. Knowing he’ll need a friend, Ricky asks a hesitant Natalie to watch after Brax. Picking up on her dower mood, and realising Brax is important to her, Zac suggests she visit Brax in hospital, but Natalie plays it off that she doesn’t want to see him. When she has a change of heart and visits Brax, Zac is upset that Natalie felt the need to this behind his back when he’d given her the opportunity to be upfront. He asks her to be honest; is she still in love with Brax? 

Wednesday 24 July

Dex, while reflecting on his accident and how close he came to death, has decided to embrace life – time to seize the day! However, he has a false start trying to complete Indi’s bootcamp… but there are less tiring ways of seizing the day, and so he decides to create a bucket list. Indi’s sceptical, but offers to help. First up on the list is surfing, right up Indi’s alley! Sid is happy to see Dex is so positive, but the happy mood in the room is quickly defused when Indi receives a letter from Romeo’s lawyer. He’s signed over his half of the gym to Indi. They now know that Romeo’s still alive, but is he dying or in remission? Whilst teaching Dex to surf, Indi admits surfing reminds her of Romeo. She reveals that if she’d known what was coming she wouldn’t have taken what she’d had with Romeo for granted. Dex, inspired by this, decides to propose to April. 

Zac and Natalie come home bickering. Leah’s annoyed that VJ has been exposed to their domestics, and tells Zac that if they can’t work it out one of them needs to move. Zac and Natalie both feel terrible about the fight, but Natalie maintains she doesn’t love Brax, she loves Zac. However, Zac feels like a consolation prize, and heads off to the city for a break. Leah feels guilty about running Zac out of the house, but Natalie takes this as an opportunity to reflect and have breathing space. 

VJ finally meets Jett’s girlfriend – it turns out they have a sordid past. VJ gives Jett an ultimatum – it’s either him or Nina. Jett’s confused by the animosity between them. VJ tells him that Nina did something unforgivable in primary school. Jett pleads with him to try and work stuff out with Nina. John hypothesises that they might be jealous and want Jett all to themselves, or VJ may have unrequited love for Nina. Jett confronts VJ about his animosity towards her, and VJ reveals he thinks Nina stole his Pokemon card. 

Thursday 25 July

Indi tries to get Dex to consider the implications of proposing to April. Dex doesn’t want a bar of her lectures, and confides in Casey that he means to propose. Despite his own romantic troubles, Casey tries to be upbeat for Dex and is truly happy for him. Sid is furious that Dex is behaving impetuously in planning to propose to April. Sid outlines his concerns about Dex proposing, but Dex shows him the engagement ring. Indi strikes a chord when she says that she married Romeo young and that put pressure on their relationship, causing them to break up for a year. She would exchange that year over the vows in a heartbeat. Stirred by his earlier lectures Dex hunts down Casey. Casey reveals how helpless he is when it comes to Tamara. He doesn’t want to scare her off or force the issue. Meanwhile, April discovers the engagement ring and realises what Dex has planned. Dex is forced to tell her about his bucket list. However, before she can try and reason with him about an engagement, he explains he’s already decided not to propose. Getting married young is a gamble and he doesn’t want to take any chances. April’s relieved, but wants him to ask her one day. He promises he will.

April worries about Casey’s state of mind now Tamara has moved into Leah’s. She tries to get through to Casey, and he reveals that hanging around April with her perfect life and exciting future is making things worse for him (especially since he’s privy to Dex’s engagement plans). Sid and April visit Casey, wanting him to see a psychologist, but Casey just wants to feel numb. April tells him it would be a tragedy is Casey wasn’t the person Tamara fell in love with if her memory returns. Casey tries to take her advice, but soon finds himself turning to alcohol for comfort.

John and Marilyn are operating as a duo, much to Sid and Roo’s concern. Harvey and Roo stage an intervention with Marilyn. They feel she’s jeopardising her friendship with him by crossing boundaries. When Marilyn looks to Alf for advice, he counsels that John’s still finding his feet after Gina’s death. John’s back is no longer hurt and it’s time for Marilyn to leave. John appreciates all she’s done for him and Jett and is sad to see her go. Upset at leaving them, an emotional Marilyn looks back wistfully. Everyone is pleased when she arrives home, but Marilyn can’t help but miss John.

Friday 26 July

Casey shows up drunk to Leah’s house seeking out Tamara. He knows she can’t remember him, and that’s not her fault, but he can’t forget her. Gently, Tamara gets him to leave, but she’s concerned by his behaviour. Heath is also concerned by Casey’s drinking, and he and Bianca try to get through to him, But Casey’s despondent. Casey attacks Kyle, who reveals that if Casey doesn’t control himself he’s going to push Tamara into leaving town. Heath is angry when he hears that Kyle and Tamara have kissed. 

Heath warns Kyle to stay away from her. Bianca meets up with Tamara to tell her about the brother’s angst over Kyle’s feelings for Tamara, even before she had amnesia. Kyle still loves her and its tearing Casey apart. Tamara can’t believe that she didn’t have feelings for Kyle before she lost her memory. Meanwhile, Heath tries to reach out to Casey, who rejects his advice. Tamara goes to Kyle asking if he loves her still, but he’s hesitant to answer. Tamara reveals to Kyle and Casey she’s leaving town. In a bid to stop her, Kyle holds her and kisses her. He wants her, and nothing else matters. 


Harvey and Roo worry that Marilyn is unhappy since she came home from John’s. Alf thinks it was unfair the way they all ganged up on her, and asks them to talk to her. In a bid to make Marilyn happy, Irene and Roo collude to let Marilyn make tofu wrap ‘thingies’ for the lunch specials. They also request that Marilyn does Feng Shui in the house to distract her from no longer being with John. When Marilyn discovers the tofu wraps and the Feng Shui were just a way to make her feel needed she’s angry at being patronised. Finally Roo gets Marilyn to admit that she’s lonely, and that she has feelings for John.