Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

24-28 June: Kate is torn between the past and the present, Lou and Sheila's friendship blossom, while Matt is jealous of Lauren's past romance with Brad


Monday 24 June


Kate’s floored when Brennan reveals the truth about his ‘death’ two years ago. Although she maintains she’s with Mason now, Kate can’t help but be drawn to Brennan in her need for closure. When Mason discovers that Kate’s ex is back from the dead, he stakes his claim over her and almost gets physical with Brennan. Kate tries to make Mason understand that she needs to see Brennan to be able to get some closure on that period of her life, but Mason struggles with it. Meanwhile Brennan makes his intentions clear – he wants Kate back.

Steph tries to make amends with Lucas and Vanessa by revealing that she faked contact from Vanessa’s ex-husband. Lucas maintains he never wants to see Steph again, but Vanessa is driven to confront her – assuring Steph that she is the right woman for Lucas. When Toadie visits Steph she accepts full responsibility for her wrongdoings and intends to leave Erinsborough for good.

Sheila tries to keep Lou’s spirits up, but Mason thinks their friendly banter hides something more – does Sheila have a crush on Lou?

Tuesday 25 June

Brennan reveals to Kate that he still loves her and despite her protests, he knows she still has feelings for him too. He needs an answer; will she get back together with him? Kate is rattled and, buying herself time, turns to others for advice. Georgia is very much pro Mason and thinks he and Kate are good together. Paul, however, insists that Brennan’s the right man for Kate. In the end, though, it’s Amber who makes Kate realise it’s Mason she needs to choose. But before Kate can break the news, Mason reveals that Brennan has a girlfriend back in Sydney. Although it hasn’t influenced her choice, Kate says goodbye to Brennan, but when she tells Mason she’s chosen him, it’s too late. Mason’s ego won’t let him be anyone’s second best. Mason breaks it off and Kate is left with no one.

Paul’s determined to show Terese who’s boss, and deliberately sets her up to fail. But when she succeeds in outsmarting him, proving herself to be not only efficient and creative in her job, but also extremely clever, Paul concedes defeat, suggesting they should meet up for drinks to discuss how they can move forward in the work place. Terese, however, explains The Willis’s are hosting Ramsay Street’s inaugural Bite Club. Paul’s miffed. Not only is Terese showing him up at work, but now she’s also starting to encroach on his personal territory and he doesn’t like that one bit.

Pleased with how his family’s settling into Ramsay Street, and looking forward to having his neighbours over for dinner, Brad attempts to bridge the gap between himself and Matt. But despite Brad’s best efforts, Matt can’t get past the fact that Brad dated Lauren, many years ago. However, when Lauren confronts Matt about his jealousy, he’s careful to hide it. 

Wednesday 26 June

Shattered Kate unloads on Paul about her break-up with Mason, and lets it slip that Brennan kissed her. But she makes it clear that she’s determined to win Mason back. Meanwhile, Mason starts to have second thoughts about his decision after Lauren makes him realise he’s being immature. But when Paul tells him about the kiss, Mason’s gutted. When Kate approaches to explain herself – and finally comes clean about the kiss – it’s too little too late for Mason. Although Kate begs him to reconsider, Mason refuses. As far as he’s concerned, their relationship is over ­– for good. And both he and Kate are left devastated.

While unpacking the boxes from Mt. Isa, Lauren comes across an old sketchbook. But she quickly hides it from her family when she finds a mysterious drawing inside. When the Turners go to the Willis house for the first Bite Club, the mystery seems forgotten as the kids all make friends and the neighbours bond. But Lauren’s discomfort returns when an insecure Matt starts goading Brad, still feeling threatened by the fling Brad had with his wife twenty years ago. Despite Matt’s behaviour, Terese makes an effort to befriend her husband’s ex and Lauren tries hard to reciprocate. But when Lauren returns home, it’s revealed the drawing she’s hiding from her family is of a young Brad Willis. Lauren’s clearly haunted by her past ­– but why?

When Kyle learns his eyesight is not improving, he’s frustrated by feelings of boredom and helplessness. Unable to communicate his fears and desperate to act as though things are normal, he insists on helping Chris at the Yard. Annoyed when he’s unable to be of use, he tries to storm home and is almost hit by a car. But Kyle continues to bottle up his feelings and pretends he’s fine. When Georgia learns of the near-miss and starts to fuss over Kyle, he loses it, lashing out at the people closest to him.

Thursday 27 June

Rani rewrites the play so that fictional Rani chooses Sanjay (Callum) instead of Raj (Bailey). Callum is delighted by the change, but Sonya is surprised. Having witnessed Rani and Bailey’s kiss, she can’t help but wonder what’s going on. Worried for her boy, she approaches Ajay to try to ascertain Rani’s state of mind. But Ajay misinterprets Sonya’s concerns, believing that Rani and Callum are on the verge of sleeping with each other. Deeply concerned, he goes to Toadie and demands that they work together to stop this disaster from unfolding. Separately the two men attempt to steer their children away from the cliff edge of precocious sexuality, resulting in Callum believing Rani is hot for him. Frustrated by the whole situation, Rani vents to Sonya, who helps her realise that the best policy is honesty. She bites the bullet and comes clean with Callum, confessing she kissed Bailey. Callum is gutted.

Having thrown out the sketchbook containing the portrait of Brad, Lauren is horrified to learn that Matt has ‘rescued’ it from the skip. Worried her already possessive husband will get the wrong idea, she tries to get the sketchbook back, only to find that Matt has had one of the pictures framed – and the sketch of Brad is on the reverse side. Although she’s touched by Matt’s gesture, she can’t help thinking there’s a time bomb hanging on the wall of their home.

Brad and Matt apologise to each other after their chest beating at Bite Club. When Matt turns up at the Men’s Shed to find only Brad there, he makes the decision to try to bury the hatchet and the two men settle in for some beer and footy. An uneasy friendship is born. 

Friday 28 June

The Turners prepare for Mason’s impending sentencing hearing. Appearing to be on their side, Paul assures them Tim Collins has all bases covered – his loyal receptionist, Caroline Perkins, has agreed to supply a written victim impact statement which will make any gaol time highly unlikely. But Matt sees the flaws in their plan and shares his concerns with Toadie. Agreeing it’s unlike Paul to be so generous, Toadie does some digging and learns Paul’s been giving Caroline special treatment and buying her gifts for no apparent reason. Suspecting she plans to give a damaging testimony on the stand instead of providing a written statement, Toadie reveals his theory to the Turners and warns Mason that contrary to helping him, Paul’s trying to put him in gaol. The Turners appeal to Toadie, wanting him to take over the case. Although initially reluctant, Toadie agrees, but cautions them – he can’t promise he’ll be able to keep Mason out of gaol.

Rocked by Rani’s confession, Callum doesn’t know how to process his feelings. Guilty Bailey tries to apologise but betrayed Callum doesn’t want to hear it and tackles him to the ground. Grateful when Sonya goes easy on him, Callum breaks down and admits his heartbreak. But he’s humiliated when Sonya admits she saw Bailey and Rani kiss. Callum lashes out and trashes the set for the play, the just-finished Taj Mahal replica – a painful symbol of the love he’s lost.


Floored by Rani’s dalliance but desperate to support her, Ajay tries to absolve her guilt, but his words fail to reassure her and she grows more distressed than ever. Unsure how to deal with his daughter, Ajay grows defensive when the other parents point the finger at Rani for her role in the teen love triangle. But once alone with Susan, Ajay admits he’s struggling to parent Rani on his own.