The Beano reprints 1981 issue featured in Doctor Who

After appeals from readers, a copy of the retro Beano summer special will be tucked inside this week's Doctor Who issue of the comic


Beyond all the bloody singing, the most memorable thing about recent Doctor Who episode The Rings Of Akhaten was an early shot of the Doctor reading the 1981 Summer Special of the Beano. Now, after being swamped with messages from readers, The Beano team have decided to reprint and include the entire 32-page issue inside a new Doctor Who special edition.  


“Everyone at The Beano was delighted to see one of our summer specials appear on Doctor Who,” said Editor-in-Chief Mike Stirling. “We’re big fans of the show, and so are our readers – who haven’t stopped talking about it. We decided to travel back in time and get a copy of the 1981 summer special, which we’ve reprinted inside the latest issue – in time for the last episode of the season. We’re all really excited about this issue and thrilled that Doctor Who is one of our fans.”

As well as the treat inside the issue, the front cover also features Matt Smith’s Doctor – with a particularly prominent chin looking on as the universe’s biggest menace, Dennis, catapults a Dalek over a fence. The comic is on sale today (Wednesday 15 May).

Stirling added, “We hope Matt Smith and the whole Doctor Who team love this issue. We’re giving every child the opportunity to travel back in time – just like the Doctor.”


The latest issue is one of many editorial specials being published in 2013, as Dundee-based publisher DC Thomson celebrates The Beano’s 75th anniversary.