The X Factor 2012 rumour mill: is James Arthur romancing Jodie Marsh?

The rockabilly bouncer may or may not have been up until 4am chatting online with the celebrity bodybuilder

THE RUMOUR: Enormous quiffy underdog James Arthur was caught doing something naughty in his room at four in the morning: chatting online in a suggestive manner. The target of James’s webcam gestures? None other than the even poorer man’s Jordan turned scary pink-wigged beefcake, Jodie Marsh.


QUOTE FROM A “SOURCE” WHO PROBABLY DOESN’T EXIST: “James came into the contest thinking he was this big ogre that girls would never fancy. But now he’s been caught red-handed flirting with one of Britain’s most famous glamour girls – and she has been coming on to him. It’s not easy to see what they both have in common, apart from a love of tattoos, but they seem to be getting on like a house on fire. He’s been trying to keep it quiet but was busted and looked all red-faced.” (The Sun)


RADIOTIMES.COM TRUTH RATING: 4/5. The 4am stuff looks a bit dodge – surely even the control-freak X Factor producers don’t burst into contestants’ rooms at that hour – but the pair have tweeted, and James has previously been papped leaving a club with somebody or other from Take Me Out, so his tastes might lean towards the brassy. As opposed to most male X Factor contestants of course, who are in it on the off chance of meeting Kirsty Wark.