Red Dwarf fans, Dave Lister needs you… to help send a curry into space

Digital channel Dave plots to send a vindaloo into orbit to mark the launch of Red Dwarf's tenth series

All manner of weird and wonderful things have been shot into space over the years and now, in the name of comedy, digital channel Dave intends to blast a vindaloo past the Van Allen belt.


The channel’s celebrating the imminent arrival of Red Dwarf’s tenth series with a stunt that, if it comes off, will quite literally be out of this world. They intend to attach a curry and a can of lager to a helium balloon (yes, really) and launch this calorific cargo off towards the heavens as a care package for Red Dwarf’s dreadlocked space-bum Dave Lister.

Oh, I forgot to mention: the balloon’s being powered by Twitter. Every time Dave’s software detects a tweet containing the hashtags #vindalunar and/or #RedDwarfX, a small amount of helium will be released into the intergalactic blimp which, once inflated, will reveal the airdate of Red Dwarf X before making its escape from the Earth (or not).

Fans who’ve helped pump the balloon up to capacity can watch the launch via  the inflatable’s on-board camera. In the meantime, they can keep an eye on the current size of the inflatable on Dave’s website, where a camera is trained on the balloon, curry and tin (surely that should be in the fridge?) 24/7…

While we won’t know the airdate of Red Dwarf X until the balloon goes up, we do know the episode titles, and Robert Llewellyn (aka Kryten the ship’s mechanoid) told fans to expect the new show “soon, well, Octoberish.”If you’ve not seen anything of the upcoming series yet, check out the trailer and this fun recent clip.


Happy tweeting, Dwarfers!