Twitter Trends – Lord Coe, Sir Alastair Burnet, Sugababes and the #olympictorch at Gravesend

Lord Coe causes outrage on the Today programme and the Sugababes relaunch with their original line-up and a bizarre new name...

Lord Coe


Oh dear Lord, Coe. The LOCOG chairman’s day didn’t get off to a great start, as his Olympics gaffe provided ample fodder for the this morning’s unforgiving tweeters.

Appearing on the Today programme earlier, the former Olympic gold medallist admitted the “mountainous” sum of money paid by sponsors would prevent spectators from being allowed to attend events wearing certain clothing. According to Coe, donning a Pepsi t-shirt will not be permitted but you can “probably” get away with Nike trainers. You can almost hear the publicist’s frantic arm gestures in the background…

Let’s kick off with @DukeCambridgeUK, who responded via his (admittedly fictional) Twitter account “Lord Coe fails to appreciate that everyone who’s bought #London2012 tickets are also sponsors, not just Coke. Let them wear what they wish.” Well put, Wills.

@katiejarvis added, “Can’t go into the Olympics wearing a Pepsi t-shirt? A witticism, LordCoe, surely! We seem to be confusing sponsorship with censorship.”

Whilst @benfenton has picked up on the Lord’s catchy new moniker… “Hearing LOCOG chief has been rebranded Lord Coe-la. Now waiting for highest bid for new forename branding space.” 

And finally, @ncguk hints at what may follow if spoil-sport Seb has his way: “Lord Coe has announced that Mexican waves have been banned at Olympic events as Mexico is not a proud sponsor of London 2012.”

Sir Alastair Burnet

Tweeters met the sad news that legendary ITV newsreader Sir Alastair Burnet has died with an outpouring of Twitter tributes.

News at Ten’s current co-presenter Julie Etchingham @julieetchitv tweeted, “Sir Alastair Burnet – a peerless legend and a hero. A sad day for all who’ve ever worked on News at Ten.”

Science and Medical Editor for ITV News, Lawrence McGinty (@lawrenceitv), added, “Sir Alastair Burnet was a giant among newscasters. A privilege to have worked with him. A large scotch tonight after News at Ten”

@BAFTA added their condolences, tweeting, “Saddened to hear of the death of former News at Ten anchor, Sir Alastair Burnet”.

But it is ITV News presenter @markaustinitv who best sums up his legacy: “Alistair Burnet was News at Ten, is News at Ten and shall always be News at Ten. A great anchor. Set the bar high and we simply look up”


We’ve lost count of the number of times the Sugababes have changed their line-up, but this afternoon heralded the reformation of the original trio: Mutya Buena, Keisha Buchanan and Siobhan Donaghy. Their previous name was so good, it’s still being used by current arrangement Heidi, Amelle and Jade, so you’d hedge your bets on a decent new moniker. What do they choose? MUTYA KEISHA SIOBHAN. Not exactly catchy…

Fans up and down the country may be jumping up and down with joy, but Twitter has certainly seen the funny side:

@MattSkings broadcasted his opinion: “The new Sugababes name is awful. They should’ve just been called ‘The Old Sugababes’ – that’s what everyone will be calling them.”

@PigeonJon is making us feel a little dizzy… “I am in the SugaBabes. I am not in the SugaBabes. I am in the SugaBabes. I am not in the SugaBabes.” Bleurgh.

@paddypower do what they do best and wade in with the figures: “Statistically, at some point we will all be a member of Sugababes.”

And based on @bluesq’s prediction, let’s hope this new trend fails to catch on: “Sugababes new name is Mutya Keisha Siobhan. In similar news, Portuguese team to be renamed ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’ after their Euro 2012 display”

#Olympictorch at Gravesend

And in today’s final news (and final London 2012 mishap), a rogue teenager has made a grab for glory during the flame’s outing in Gravesend this afternoon by attempting to seize the Olympic torch from its poor bearer. The news filtered onto the Twittersphere…

@bbcsoutheast: “TODAY AT 1330 – Shock for one torchbearer in gravesend as a teenager tries to grab the Olympic flame.”

@Tanya_x claims to be one of the 17-year-old’s former school pals hanging their heads in shame: “so it was definitely marc who tried to steal the Olympic torch in Gravesend! Crazy I went to school with such a mug!”

@WillBlackWriter is slightly disparaging about the inhabitants of the Kent town, tweeting, “Chaos in Gravesend as local people run from Olympic torch after seeing fire for the first time. One kid even tries to grab it.”


And @aaronoliver is another tweeter seeing the funny side: “Not being able to run through Gravesend without possessions being stolen, even if they are on fire #gravesend #olympictorch”