The Voice: who’s your favourite judge – sorry – coach?, Tom Jones, Jessie J, Danny O’Donoghue: get judging the judges – sorry, coaches – then vote for the best…

We’re two weeks into The Voice – quite enough time for everyone to have chosen a favourite coach (sorry, judge – sorry, coach) – so who’s yours? Vote below and let us know. And just in case you still need something to nudge you in one direction or the other, here’s a quick reminder of what we’ve seen so far of Ms J and Messrs Jones, O’Donoghue and…


Jessie J

When she pulls the corners of her face down in a grimace it means she likes you… She’s also the most creative with the button, having so far used her forehead, heel and elbow, as well as her hand, to turn her chair.

Jessie J’s doing it for the kids. She’s had the shortest career of the coaches yet what she lacks in experience, she makes up for by actually being in the charts. No amount of album sales ( or stories of important figures from history (Tom Jones) will convince the aspiring young singers who went to Jessie’s last gig and want to be famous like her to choose anyone else.

Sir Tom Jones

Where he comes from, they call him The Voice. He’s partied with Elvis, Sinatra – and quite possibly Mozart. But 48 years in the business, and 100 million records sold, is nothing to be sneezed at, and in his time Sir Tom has turned his hand to pretty much every genre under the sun, which should stand him in good stead for coaching an eclectic team of vocalists.

One bit of advice, Tom? For a man they call The Voice, you don’t actually say much – give contestants a reason to pick you (apart from the Elvis story).

Danny O’Donoghue

Danny instigates most of the pre-turn banter, which has been entertaining so far – even if it does mostly consist of him repeatedly asking the other coaches “You gonna go?”

Often an early turner himself, Danny will then groove along to the rest of the act endearingly, his face scrunched up as if it’s the best thing ever, even if he’s really thinking he may have made a mistake.

As the Script front man told Sunday Brunch this weekend, a lot of people in this country don’t realise he’s also a successful producer in the US. Keep spreading the word, Danny – and maybe mention it to some of the contestants.

Who knew the multi-platinum-selling founder of The Black Eyed Peas – currently managing and producing a stable of stars including Fergie, LMFAO and… Cheryl Cole – would turn out to be so loveably cheeky and coy?

Not that he’s shy of calling on his impressive record of hit-making to try to convince contestants he’s the man for them – or of dropping a few names: he’s worked with Michael Jackson, Rihanna and Britney Spears (as well as Cheryl Cole).


Who’s your favourite Voice coach?