“Not everyone gets out alive!” – Steven Moffat on Amy and Rory’s last Doctor Who episode

Devastating fifth episode of new series sees the return of the Weeping Angels

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat confirmed today that the fifth episode of the new series will be the last time we see Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) – and that their swansong will be a final showdown with the Weeping Angels.


“Not everyone gets out alive,” the head writer said at a press conference announcing Jenna-Louise Coleman as Gillan’s replacement. “And I mean it this time!”

The BBC said Gillan and Darvill would “bow out of the show in a heartbreaking departure after one final series of rollercoaster voyages.”

The new series of Doctor Who is filming now and is expected to begin on BBC1 this autumn. It was also announced today that Coleman’s first appearance will be in the 2012 Christmas special – the last of six episodes to be shown in 2012. A further eight will be screened in 2013.

Moffat told RadioTimes.com last night that the new series will focus more on stand-alone stories than an overall story arc – this was confirmed by the BBC today, which billed the new run as “14 big, blockbuster-movie episodes”.

The Weeping Angels – killer statues that can move so long as nobody is looking at them – first appeared in Blink, a 2006 episode starring Carey Mulligan that was written by Moffat and is often nominated as the best single instalment of the new, 21st-century Who. 


The same monsters reappeared in The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone, a 2010 two-parter also written by Moffat.