Radio Times magazine: 17-23 September 2011

Downton Abbey exclusives aplenty in this week's magazine


In this week’s issue, we’re celebrating the return of Downton Abbey with a special gatefold cover and cavalcade of exclusive interviews and pictures. 


The drama’s creator Julian Fellowes tells us what to expect in the second series, and the Downton stars reveal their favourite TV shows…

Also this week:

After a decade of mayhem and death in Spooks, the spy drama is going out with a bang. We chat to star Peter Firth, who picks out his top ten Spooks moments…

Jane Lynch, aka Glee’s hardline cheerleader coach Sue Sylvester, reveals her softer side

RT’s Tim Dowling finds out from the Antiques Roadshow experts whether his treasured old banjo is worth a fortune 

Mark Kermode on the joys of proper cinemas, not multiplex sheds

The creator of “constructed reality” makes her case for the existence of shows like Made in Chelsea on TV

Nigel Slater’s on hand with some cookery advice, insisting that it’s fine to mix and match flavours

We check out Fresh Meat, a new comedy starring Inbetweener Joe Thomas

A teacher delivers his verdict on new fly-on-the-wall documentary Educating Essex

Justin Webb on why politicians should travel by train

And Chris Addison reveals that his comedy heroes are Eric Morecambe and the bloke from Gigglebiz


Next week in RT: don’t miss your free double-sided spinosaurus poster…and Strictly Come Dancing gets serious… On sale Tuesday 20 September.