Who killed Marina in Elite? Why Polo murdered her – your season one recap

Elite is back for season two, but if you're wondering how we left things, we have a breakdown of the ending and main murder mystery

Marina in Elite

Contains spoilers for Elite season one


Elite season one’s murder mystery had us all asking: who killed Marina? We now know who did it (*whispers* Polo), but how one student ended up murdering another became the far more gripping question as we began the debut season’s finale.

After all the twists and turns, you may have lost track of what happened in the first season and how it all ended. We have a quick recap before you start Elite season two, which is now available on Netflix.

Who killed Marina?

Polo murdered Marina by hitting her over the head with her trophy by the school pool. Nano found her body and was framed. The who is the simple part, the why is a bit more complicated…


Why did Polo kill Marina?

Marina (Maria Pedraza) was one of the popular ‘elite’ at Las Encinas school and, while she was one of the rich kids, she was one of the only students who was nice to Samuel (Itzan Escamilla), a scholarship student who transferred after his own school was destroyed.

Samuel developed a crush on Marina and ended up losing his virginity to her, but, thanks to their complicated relationship Marina ended up dead. Here’s what happened.

Nano and Marina

Nano, Samuel’s brother (Jaime Lorente), had just got out of prison when the show kicked off. The bad boy was the exact opposite of his brother. Marina, while kind to Samuel, was also drawn to Nano. Marina slept with both brothers but ended up pregnant with Nano’s child, which resulted in them deciding to run away together.

Elite's Marina

Nano also owed some guys some money for protecting him while he was in prison, but he wasn’t able to pay them back. Marina got him to rob Carla’s dad for his expensive watch collection. One of the watches ended up containing a USB drive with very incriminating documents about Carla’s dad’s business. When the new couple discovered what they’d got their hands on, they blackmailed Carla’s father and his business partner – Marina’s dad.

Polo and Carla

So how did Polo come into play? Well, he was dating Carla and in a bid to inject a bit more spice into their sex life his girlfriend suggested he watch her have sex with another guy, Christian, a scholarship student. The three ended up in a threesome, but it caused tension between the trio afterwards. Carla left Polo for Christian.

Elite season 1

What happened in Elite season one’s finale ending?

Marina ended up winning the end-of-year trophy, which came with a prize – she could attend a school in Florida. On the same night she found out, Polo confronted her by the school pool and demanded she returned the watch. Polo hoped that by securing the watch he’d win back Carla, but the pair got into an argument. Polo reached for the trophy and smacked her over the head with it…

What did Polo do next? He ran to Carla who happened to be having sex with Christian in the locker room at the time. She came to Polo’s aid and helped clean him up, as well as telling him what to say to the police.

Nano ended up being framed for Marina’s murder after he discovered her body.

What happens in Elite season 2?

As the season ended, Nano fled knowing he’d become a prime suspect and Samuel turned up to find Marina’s body too.

At the start of season two, Nano is in prison though Samuel is trying to get him out. Polo is free and still at Las Encinas School, but Christian and Carla know his secret.


Elite seasons one and two are available on Netflix now.