We need to talk about the Killing Eve season two finale

Where do we go from here?

Killing Eve s2

Killing Eve season two ends with a literal bang, following a brutal stand-off and a dramatic dash across some Roman ruins. But what does the cliffhanger finale mean for the series — and will the show’s cast be returning in its entirety?


*Warning: spoilers ahead for the Killing Eve series three finale*

It should have come as no surprise to anyone — least of all Eve (Sandra Oh) — that Fiona Shaw’s Carolyn Martens, Head of Russia at MI6, was at least two steps ahead of everyone else for the whole of season two. When Villanelle (Jodie Comer) killed tech mogul and secret serial killer Aaron Peel in Rome, it turned out to be exactly the outcome that Carolyn had been hoping for.

Eve refused to play along with her boss’ plan to scapegoat Villanelle, opting to stay behind. When Raymond, Eve’s former handler and a member of The Twelve, showed up to kill Villanelle, Eve killed him with an axe at Villanelle’s urging.


The two women then went on the run together, but when Eve realised that Villanelle had had a gun on her — meaning that she could have killed Raymond instead of Eve — she became horrified, realising that she had been manipulated by both Carolyn and Villanelle. Eve walked away, and a crushed Villanelle shot her in the back.

Is Eve really dead in Killing Eve?


Asked about season two’s closing moments, Sandra Oh wouldn’t confirm whether or not Eve dies — but she did reveal that there was a hidden significance in where on Eve’s body the bullet penetrates…

“What was Villanelle thinking at that moment? Was she really wanting to kill her? Was she not? We have not yet decided,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “I will say the blood is coming from a certain area, and I think that we may move that around, the area of the shot. All that stuff is really being creatively decided right now. What is the meaning of where she shot her? Obviously, it’s somewhere in her back, and in her body, but where it is and how close to the kill. I want to answer this question…  next year. I have an idea, but we haven’t shot it yet.”


In the series finale, Hugo (Edward Bluemel) is shot in a hotel lobby, but reveals to Eve that he was “playing dead”. Could Eve have been doing the same at the end of the second season? Not according to Oh…

Asked whether Eve was also playing dead, Oh said: “No. The moments after that, I can’t really comment because it would be the next season. Anything after that shot is really for the next season. If I were to guess, right now, no, she’s not playing dead. Either she is dead, or she’s lying there shot. And bleeding to death.”

What’s going to happen in Killing Eve season three?

Season two left plenty of questions unanswered, not least whether Eve survives and, if so, how her near-death experience would impact her relationship with Villanelle.

Asked about season three, Oh said: “If Eve survives — it’s tricky because we haven’t shot it — but I would imagine we know each other so much better now it would be like, “Of course you shot me. Of course she tried to kill me.” But honestly, in the beat before the shot happens, there’s something in Eve that I think knows that it could happen, but she’s willing to walk away from that dynamic.”

Meanwhile, it seems that season three would delve more into Villanelle’s past, specifically her family after Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) let slip that not all her relatives were dead as she’d supposed…


Finally, in her determination to help Villanelle, Eve left Hugo bleeding to death at the hotel. Did he survive, and if so, will he hold a grudge against his former boss (and one-time lover)?


Killing Eve series two airs on Saturdays from 8th June at 9.15pm on BBC1, with all episodes available immediately on BBC iPlayer