She's one of the most talked-about actresses of the moment, in no small part thanks to her gripping performance in Netflix's Baby Reindeer, but Jessica Gunning is set to reprise a decidedly different role to that of Martha in BBC's The Outlaws.


Gunning is set to return to the BBC comedy-drama as community payback officer Diane Pemberley, a no-nonsense supervisor of the outlaws in question.

It's a role Gunning has had since The Outlaws first premiered in 2021, and is one that fans will be even more excited to see unfold in season 3, especially as Diane is now a fully qualified PCSO.

Not only that, but Diane is also training up eager protégé Stan (Harry Trevaldwyn) in the new run, which we have a sneak peek of below.

Speaking about her character, Gunning said: "Diane is persistent, she’s ruthless, no-nonsense, she never misses a trick - or so she thinks! In a dream world, she would become a police officer. She’s Cagney & Lacey’s number one fan."

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Jessica Gunning as Diane holding a walkie talkie in her hand and Harry Trevaldwyn as Stan looking out in The Outlaws season 3.
Jessica Gunning as Diane and Harry Trevaldwyn as Stan in The Outlaws season 3. ALISTAIR HEAP/BBC

On reuniting with the cast for season 3, Gunning also revealed that she's co-written an episode for the series.

She said: "It’s been lovely all being back together, and I felt very lucky that I was in the writers' room this time, as I co-wrote an episode with Stephen, episode 5.

"It’s been really exciting to be a part of helping draft the storyline for series three and get to know the characters more than I did before."

The new season premieres later this month, and will be a natural must-watch for any news fans of Gunning's after she delivered quite the standout performance in Netflix's Baby Reindeer alongside Richard Gadd.

The Outlaws season 3 will see further drama, secrets and danger come to the fore, as the group try to move on with their lives after the events of season 2.

As per the synopsis: "The Outlaws follows a group of strangers from different walks of life forced together to complete a community payback sentence in Bristol.

"As series three begins, with crime boss The Dean (Claes Bang, Bad Sisters) behind bars awaiting trial, The Outlaws are moving on with their lives — until one of their own returns with a deadly secret, hurling them back into mortal danger.

"As a murder manhunt closes in on the gang, can they prove their innocence before The Dean’s case collapses, and he comes looking for revenge?"

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Gunning isn't the only familiar face in the show, as she stars alongside series co-creator Stephen Merchant (The Office) as Greg.

The rest of the cast includes Rhianne Barreto (No Escape) as Rani, Gamba Cole (Soon Gone: A Windrush Chronicle) as Ben, Darren Boyd (Killing Eve) as John, Clare Perkins (The Wheel of Time) as Myrna and Eleanor Tomlinson (The Couple Next Door) as Lady Gabby.

Charles Babalola (Black Mirror), Tom Hanson (Brassic) and Christopher Walken (The Deer Hunter, Dune: Part Two) also complete the cast.

The Outlaws returns to BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Thursday 30th May.


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