Things certainly escalated in The Outlaws season 2, which saw our misfit group of community service workers forced to put their ethics to one side in order to save their own skins.


With dangerous drug lord The Dean demanding repayment of his stolen money, they are left with little choice but to peddle his produce on the streets of Bristol.

It's a harrowing decision for all, particularly Ben (Gamba Cole), whose own mother was an addict throughout his childhood, but they devise a way in which this short-term deal with the devil can serve a greater good.

Their plan is to get The Dean behind bars once and for all, but due to the seasoned criminal's cautious attitude, it will be no easy task to set a trap he might actually wander into.

Read on for all the details on The Outlaws season 2 ending – including whether the unlikely team achieves their ambitious plan and what could be next after that shock twist.

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The Outlaws season 2 ending explained

Our offenders dream up an ambitious scheme to plant 10 kilograms of cocaine in The Dean's car before tipping off the police to his whereabouts, but there are some major hurdles to overcome.

Not only does the crime boss never leave London, but he also has a firm rule against carrying illegal produce in his own vehicle, which is partly what has helped him to evade authorities for so long.

That requires a 'grift', as Frank would describe it, in which the suave American conman pretends to be a prominent New York City drug dealer looking to expand his trade across the pond.

Rani and Ben act as middle-men in the arrangement, setting up a meeting between The Dean and Frank's faux kingpin, who goes by the name Ralph 'Ralphie' Rastelli.

After some hesitation from The Dean, the ruse works and Frank convinces him that a new smuggling and laundering opportunity is waiting to be exploited in Bristol, facilitated by struggling business owner John Halloran.

Claes Bang in The Outlaws season 2
Claes Bang in The Outlaws season 2 BBC

In his crime boss persona, Frank is able to intimidate The Dean into coming to Bristol for a test run, where he can sample the cocaine and see exactly how the operation would work.

He then disowns Rani and Ben in front of The Dean, claiming that he doesn't work with "kids", but this betrayal is later revealed to be just another part of the plan.

The grift kicks into high gear at the opening of the once-dilapidated community centre in Bristol, which the outlaws have been renovating over the course of the first two seasons.

In the style of a classic heist movie, we see events unfold from two perspectives, with the latter revealing how this ragtag group achieved the seeming impossible by getting cocaine into The Dean's car.

Halloran, The Dean and Frank (as Ralphie) meet behind the community centre, where a briefcase of cash is handed over and stashed inside a van filled with cardboard boxes.

Halloran attempts to give one of the boxes – which contains 10 kilograms of cocaine – to The Dean, but he refuses; fortunately, this is something the team are prepared for.

Darren Boyd in The Outlaws
Darren Boyd in The Outlaws James Pardon/BBC/Big Talk/Four Eyes

Suddenly, Rani and Ben appear with a gun in what appears to be a vengeful ambush for being cut out of the deal, scarpering with the cocaine and leaving The Dean furious.

He attempts to make a swift exit in his sports car but is held up by Myrna and Gabby, who are pretending to offer a charity car wash at the grand opening of the community centre.

In reality, Ben and Rani have passed the cocaine onto them, which they have kept hidden in their car washing buckets.

While Gabby keeps The Dean distracted in the driver's seat, Myrna empties the buckets in his car boot and attaches some novelty balloons to the car to make it particularly easy to find.

As arranged, incarcerated Christian offers an assist by putting the police on the trail of The Dean's car – a fancy Maserati – which they pull over on the motorway as he attempts his escape back to London.

Opening the boot, they find the 10 kilograms of cocaine and arrest him on the spot, although scrupulous DS Haines suspects there is more going on than meets the eye.

She brings in all of the offenders as well as their supervisor Diane for questioning, but all can honestly say that they've been at the community centre all day.

Jessica Gunning in The Outlaws season 2
Jessica Gunning in The Outlaws season 2 BBC

Diane is not able to account for any time they spent away handling The Dean after Gabby locked her in a portaloo, which she proceeded to knock over from the inside.

Wishing to keep that humiliating and disgusting incident secret from the woman she idolises so much, Diane insists that she has been present at the grand opening all day with nothing unusual to report.

With The Dean behind bars, his money shared between them and alibis all around, everything is coming up roses for the outlaws, who it seems will each be getting their own happy ending.

However, a shocking last-minute decision from Rani throws everything back into disarray.

She and Ben had made plans to move to Weston-super-Mare and open a food shack together by the seaside, although Rani had been notably less enthused by the idea from the beginning.

After boarding the train intended to take them to their new home, Rani decides to grab a sandwich from the onboard food kiosk before it departs.

Rhianne Barreto in The Outlaws season 2
Rhianne Barreto in The Outlaws season 2 BBC

However, the staff member she encounters there is woefully bored and miserable, which scares Rani as she feels she will end up the same way.

She hops off the train and bids a muted farewell to Ben from outside the window as it begins moving from the platform, leaving him completely heartbroken.

Exiting the station, she steals a sports car belonging to an arguing couple and takes it for a joyride through Bristol, with her ecstatic smile implying that she has become dependent on the adrenaline rush that law-breaking gives her.

It's a dark ending for this season of the show as it suggests that Rani could be headed down a path of self-destruction unless someone can intervene and make her see sense.

One could hardly blame Ben if he decides not to return to Bristol given that Rani has treated him poorly this season, going against his wishes on several occasions.

If The Outlaws returns for season 3, expect Rani's reckless behaviour to be a key plot point as it might just land her fellow offenders back in hot water too.

What happens to the other characters in The Outlaws season 2 finale?

The Outlaws Season 2 cast
The Outlaws season 2 cast BBC
  • Frank is kicked out by his daughter, who loves him but feels he is too dangerous to have around her young children. Frank tells his grandson that he alone has decided to leave and cannot be trusted, in order to protect the boy's relationship with his mother.
  • Greg quits his law firm, where he has always been unappreciated by his bosses. On the way out, he arranges a date with the colleague he has been flirting with for some time.
  • John finally decides to seek help for his mental health problems. He and his wife also decide to sue his abusive father for years of workplace bullying and unfair dismissal.
  • Myrna steps down as head of the Bristol Justice Collective, passing the job to her colleague, Claire.
  • Lady Gabby attends a narcotics anonymous meeting as she attempts to overcome her cocaine addiction.
  • Diane achieves her goal of becoming a police community support officer; DS Haines attends her graduation ceremony.

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