Who does the EastEnders cast think killed Lucy Beale?

The suspects have their say on the long-running murder mystery that's currently keeping soap fans guessing

It’s the whodunnit that has kept soap fans guessing for the last nine months – who really did murder Lucy Beale? EastEnders is to provide a solution to its long-running murder mystery later this month as the BBC1 soap celebrates its 30th anniversary.


But who does the cast believe killed Lucy? In the new issue of Radio Times, we’ve gathered many of the suspects for a special photoshoot and reunited them with actress Hetti Bywater, who will be returning as Lucy for a flashback episode in the big birthday week.

And when we put the pivotal question to the residents of Albert Square, some had very definite ideas as to where the finger of suspicion should be pointing.

“I know it’s Abi – it can’t be anyone else,” says Ben Hardy, who plays Peter Beale. “It’s definitely not a Beale. And remember, I have an extra six weeks’ worth of knowledge that the public doesn’t have. All of which informs me it’s Abi.”

Laurie Brett (Jane Beale) is quick to agree: “I’d say Abi. Just from the way she said: ‘Things die.’ Or Peter. I have a feeling that it could be one of those two.”

So what does Lorna Fitzgerald – who plays Abi – make of her character being labelled a killer? “Well, from day one, I’ve said it was Ian. That would be the biggest shock. He’d blocked it out, but when the police came to tell him, he cried because he realised he’d actually killed her. So it was guilt, not grief. He’s a criminal mastermind! But just in case it is me, I’ve been practising my guilty face in the mirror.”


You can read the theories of other EastEnders cast members – including Jake Wood, Adam Woodyatt, Diane Parish and Hetti Bywater – in the new issue of Radio Times (out Tuesday 3rd February)