Listen to the new theme tune for Zig and Zag by Ricky Wilson and Simon Rix

The Kaiser Chiefs help the 1990s puppets make a comeback

Tim Glanfield, editor of, talks about the 1990s a lot – Oasis, New Labour, compact discs, The Big Breakfast etc­ [don’t forget Jurassic Park – Ed.]  – usually while lecturing the staff about his “glory days”. 


In an unconnected phenomenon, the staff at spend most of their day wearing headphones and listening to music on repeat. Most of us are now old enough to no longer be young, and many detached from pop culture around the time the Kaiser Chiefs were inescapable, so they feature heavily in our playlists.

The new Zig and Zag cartoon, with a theme tune by Ricky Wilson and Simon Rix, might give us common ground at last.

Premiering next spring, Zig and Zag brings the Big Breakfast’s 90s puppet icons into the new century (which is a trend these days) with creators Ciarán Morrison and Mick O’Hara returning to provide the terrible twosome’s voices. Yes, they’re animated rather than puppets, and no, Chris Evans is nowhere to be seen, but this is for a CBBC audience rather than Channel 4.

As for the tune itself, it’s a catchy little number from the Chiefs’ bassist and Wilson, Entertainment Champion 2015, and thematically it’s the perfect fit. After all, Zig and Zag are not very sensible.


It’s definitely better than Them Girls.