Casualty: Amanda Mealing is back as Connie Beauchamp – watch the trailer

The former Holby City star makes the switch to the emergency department in an upcoming episode

The BBC has released a promo trailer showing Amanda Mealing’s comeback as no-nonsense Connie Beauchamp.


Mealing, who played surgeon Connie in Holby City, is to make the switch to the emergency department when she joins the cast of Casualty in an upcoming episode.

Speaking to earlier this year, executive producer Oliver Kent said that Connie is to make a big impression when she enters the ED:

“This will be huge. 2014 is Connie’s year in the ED. She’s going to go from being a prominent cardiothoracic surgeon to being an emergency physician, which doesn’t necessarily sit right for herself or other people.

“All the other characters will be asking ‘what is she after’ – and obviously Connie has her eyes on the prize. She’s not going to want to be subservient to Zoe for very long and it certainly won’t take long for Connie’s ambition to begin to find its way out.”

When Mealing’s signing was announced back in July last year, the actress said: “When the idea was first proposed I was surprised to say the least.


“Then when I heard some of the ideas for the character, I thought it was a genius idea. Two years on and I have daily calls for Connie Beauchamp’s return so I hope this will be as exciting for fans as it is for me.  I’ve worked with the guys at Casualty a number of times over the years and absolutely adore them. I honestly can’t wait to get those heels back on and get to work.”