How to watch the best TV

From cracking comedies and addictive boxsets to sporting thrills and handy apps, you can easily find it all with Sky Q

Sky Q

There’s so much good entertainment out there. Luckily, Sky Q makes it super easy to enjoy your favourites, including critically acclaimed Sky Original Chernobyl, Peaky Blinders on BBC iPlayer, the Premier League on Sky Sports and more.


Read on to discover how to watch and make the most of the best TV, all in one place.


Everything you love, all in one place

Watching the latest shows and accessing a range of handy apps couldn’t be any smoother with Sky Q – it’s all-encompassing, easily giving you access to a whole world of entertainment across Sky, Netflix, All 4, ITV Hub and even Spotify and YouTube.


Chernobyl available On Demand via Sky Q

How to watch the best TV on Sky Q

Getting the hang of Sky Q is super simple. Easily switch between live and catch-up TV, streaming services and great apps using Sky Q’s cutting-edge remote. It comes with clever voice tech, too, so you can access all of this with your voice.

Here’s where things get really interesting. Fancy a cosy night in with a good movie? Speak an actor’s name or use a quote from a film to pull it up. Go ahead, yell, “You can’t handle the truth!” Or declare: “I see dead people” to your remote and watch the magic happen*.

Peaky Blinders available on catch up with Sky Q

What else can you do on Sky Q?

In addition to ease of use, one of Sky Q’s biggest draws is the number of diverse apps it gives you access to. You’ve got hard-hitters like Sky News and Netflix, plus Spotify, YouTube, Weather and more.

Having all these apps in one place will completely change the way you watch TV. Check the weather while you’re watching the big game on Sky Sports so you know whether to crack on with the post-match Barbie, or binge Sky News’ Off Limits series on YouTube to ponder big life questions such as ‘Would I be happier without kids?’ or ‘Who is most likely to kill you?’.

Whether you click or speak your way there is up to you.


*Content depends on subscription