Matt Smith wants to return to Doctor Who and team up with Jodie Whittaker “in a few years”

And he has some wise words of advice for the Thirteenth Doctor


If the upcoming departure of Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi is teaching us anything, it’s that it doesn’t really matter who’s actually piloting the Tardis in the TV series at any one time – once you’ve played the Doctor, you’re the Doctor for life, and so Capaldi’s incarnation will never truly leave us.


And of course, that’s ALSO true for every Doctor that came before him – which makes us all the more excited to hear that Capaldi’s predecessor Matt Smith is considering returning to the series in “a few years” in the new era of Jodie Whittaker’s upcoming Thirteenth Doctor. Truly, Doctors never die – they just retire for a bit.

“Why not? I’d come back,” Smith told MTV. “Yeah, if the timing was right.

“I think we’ve gotta give a few years to Miss Whittaker to get the Tardis under her belt, as it were, and then yeah – one day.”

He added: “Look, I’ll be back one day – when I’m old and grey. Which isn’t far off…”

In the meantime, though, Smith said he had just one piece of advice for Whittaker, which he’d actually passed down to Capaldi already – though we’re not sure if it’s a tip that new series boss Chris Chibnall would entirely appreciate.

“Yeah, I will tell Jodie what I told Peter – listen to no-one,” Smith said. “Listen to no-one!”

Hopefully Doctor 13 can remember that wise counsel in the time until their Doctors can meet again. Anyone booked a venue for the 60th anniversary in 2023 yet?


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