Viewers say the BBC was wrong to axe Crimewatch

More than 85% of those who took part in a poll said calling time on the crime series was the wrong decision

Jeremy Vine Crimewatch

The BBC should not have axed Crimewatch – that’s the verdict from readers who say the show provided an important public service.


86% of those polled by said calling time on the show – most recently presented by Jeremy Vine and Tina Daheley – was the wrong decision.

“Having a program that shows photos of suspects and wanted criminals and CCTV/surveillance footage, as well as reconstruction footage, gives the public, the chance to help out,” Rosemary Pearman explained on Facebook. “They may recognise someone or remember something they may not have known was connected to a crime.”

“Appalling decision by the BBC,” David Cowan wrote. “They really need to remember first and foremost that they are a public service broadcaster. These shows should be safeguarded as part of that public service.”

Catherine Roper said she felt as though the public should be consulted before shows like Crimewatch were taken off air. “The public pay for the BBC, should we not be consulted before decisions like this are made? The programme has not lasted this long for no reason, it’s like pulling the plug on The Antiques Roadshow.”

However, many of those who were eager to keep the show on air also expressed disappointment with the most recent format changes, which saw the series moving out of its traditional studio set up.

Andrew MacLeod was among those who thought a back to basics approach could have given the show a boost. “I absolutely loved this show when Nick Ross and Sue Cook presented it. It lost its way a bit recently” he said. “It shouldn’t be axed though!”

“Why it needed so much money spent on an outside set is beyond me” said Gary Moss. “Perhaps if they went back to the original concept and got rid of all the gimmicks it would still work.”


The series is being cancelled to make way for new programming, the Corporation said, though it will broadcast more episodes of the daytime sister edition, Crimewatch Roadshow.