Love Island’s Sophie explains exactly why she walked out – ‘I want to get back on track with Tom’

As the former Miss Great Britain leaves the show, she dishes the dirt on her fellow islanders


It’s official: after so, so much drama, Sophie has walked out on Love Island 2016.


The former Miss Great left the show tonight just as she had threatened to, and is now ready to dish the dirt on everything that went down in the Love Island villa.

Here she reveals why she’d had enough, what she really thinks of Emma, why things turned sour with Katie – and, of course, her hopes of getting back together with Tom… 


Sophie, how does it feel to be out?

It feels mint!

Have you talked to Tom yet? 

No, I’m still in lockdown.

Are you hopeful about your relationship with him?

Yes, that’s what I’m off to do, hopefully see him and reconcile. I’ve got things I want to speak to him about, he’s got things he wants to talk to me about and obviously we can work through that and get back on track.

Did the Tweet challenge make you more keen to leave after people said some quite harsh things?

They were some food for thought definitely…

Some of the islanders were quite cold towards you too. Why?

The islanders were cold towards me because Katie had had a chat with them and I think she sort of possibly turned them against me with something she might have said. I don’t know actually what she did say.

Do you think Katie overreacted?

It was ridiculous; I think there’s an overreaction on her part most definitely. 

Do you regret the Katie kiss? She seemed to take more from it than you did.

I gave her an inch and she took a mile. I was always very very clear with Katie that I wanted to chill. It was almost like she’s come in with a bit of a plan and I thought, ‘Yeah I’m gonna go along with this and have a bit of fun, Tom’s left me in a funny position’ and he’d said a few things to the guys before he left about how he was pretending to have feelings for me.

So I thought ‘f**k it, I’ll have some fun with Katie’, but in all honesty it wouldn’t have been anything more than friends with her.


If you could change one thing about the way you were…

I probably wouldn’t listen to others as much; not let other people affect the decisions I make in my relationships.

Do you think if things don’t work out with Tom you’ll regret leaving early?

No I won’t, I was ready to leave myself. I had nothing left to give, wasn’t enjoying it, the days were long, it was getting slightly torturous. It was the end of my journey. 

Were the islanders quite supportive about you leaving?

Yeah completely, Cara did say “it’s not long now”, and she was saying, “Tom would want you to stay and I hate to see you go because you’re one of the original girls” – but she knew I was ready.

What did you think of Emma in the end and her sex moment with Terry?

When she walked in, I thought ‘oh bloody hell, she’s gorgeous’ and then she seemed quite genuine, like ‘I’m not here to cause anything’. But she’s very clever and my gut instinct told me she was there to try and catch Tom’s eye – not necessarily to get Tom back but to try and make him jealous or piss him off.

I just thought that she’s very vindictive and probably the biggest bunny boiler. But the most confident bunny boiler. She thought she could fool me but I wasn’t being fooled!


I was onto her after that night after what she did with Terry, because at that point Tom and I were under the covers, we were enjoying ourselves, and I heard a commotion outside. The guys were in absolute shock and horror at Terry and Emma fully going for it out of the covers. It was absolutely disgusting.

You saw EVERYTHING. You know what I mean? EVERYTHING.

You opened up a lot to Tom in the house, was that difficult?

Yes it was. I went into the house quite closed to dating men and I wanted to sort of find that spark with someone again, find that excitement. It was kind of unexpected. It was a rocky road with Tom and he was quite possessive with me at the start. But I like that! Tom’s mad, he’s crazy – I need a bit of that in my life because I am too!

He was quite controlling at first – did he change a bit after the initial break-up?

I told him he had to stop being so aggy and moody and flipping out at me all the time. He was quite unpredictable and I didn’t know where I stood. After a few days of the break-up he really pulled out the stops, making me breakfast, making me tea, giving me space, respecting my space. By the morning of the day that the islanders had to vote for the weakest couple, I was ready to tell him that things were working out.

If you found out Tom had been with other girls would you try and make it work? There are rumours he shared a picture on Snapchat of a girl in a thong but then deleted it instantly.

It might have just been a strip club? Was it a girl in a thong in a bed?

It was a girl in a thong, but there was no context.

I’m pretty open minded you know. Tom’s allowed to have his fun and I’m sure it was nothing too bad and if he has gone down that route, it’s something we’ll have to work through.

Who should win?

I think Nathan and Cara would be amazing winners but I think Nathan’s already got something like TOWIE in the bag after this without a doubt! He’ll have his own show.


Love Island continues nightly at 9pm on ITV2