Love Island gets steamy in very first episode of new ITV2 series

There's already been snogging, guys


Well, what do you know, not two minutes into Love Island and there’s already romantic gossip to report. 


It’s the very first episode of ITV2’s saucy reality show tonight, which sees singletons head into a villa in Mallorca in the hope of finding true love under the watchful gaze of 69 cameras (playfully specific), their fellow islanders and all us gawping viewers at home…

But seemingly it’s not as hard to get lost in the ‘holiday bubble’ as one might think, with two islanders hooking up on the first night. Their parents may not want to tune in. 

So who are our Love Island love birds? None other than our current Miss Great Britain Zara Holland and club promoter Scott Thomas (whose brothers are Corrie star Ryan Thomas and Emmerdale’s Adam Thomas). We’re told Scott – oh so very romantically – declared he wanted to be the first to kiss on the show and Zara went with it. 

Don’t ask don’t get and all that. There’s a good lesson in there somewhere for us… 

It was a busy night all right round, with tonight’s first show detailing how the couples originally paired up. This year it’s the girls in the villa waiting to have the men brought to them. And we’ve been told to expect a last minute break-up when there’s too many men for the number of women. Gasp. Anyone would think this reality show wasn’t all about love and happy endings.

The drama doesn’t stop there either. We the viewing public will have the chance to vote in two more singletons tonight just to give the pot a ruddy good stir. 

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, we’ve been told to expect ‘pied’ to be said five times in the first episode alone. It wouldn’t be Love Island without it…


Love Island starts tonight at 9pm on ITV2