Next week on Coronation Street: will Michelle cheat on Steve? Carla and Tracy fight! Sarah frets about her baby

28 March-1 April 2016: Plus Sophie is smitten with bride-to-be Kate


Your guide to all next week’s drama in Weatherfield…


1. Sparks fly between Michelle and her old flame Will

With Steve having a blast in Spain, Michelle is struggling with three businesses to run. And then we have her first boyfriend Will turning up on the scene with a request for Michelle to help plan his wedding. But is Will really more interested in his former flame than bride-to-be Saskia? Well, Michelle is certainly opening up to Will about her troubles and, by Friday, will be seen being quizzed by Liz about whether she’s having an affair!

2. Can Izzy cope without dope?

Izzy is making assurances to Anna that she won’t be using cannabis anymore, but gets disheartened when the doctor refuses to prescribe her with the spray she needs. Worried about the extent of Izzy’s pain, Gary offers to score her some more dope, but she refuses, scared that she could lose Jake. Izzy’s touched when Gary offers to move in and look after her, but she insists that she must cope alone…

3. Sarah frets about baby Harry

Sarah is getting panicky about Harry’s welfare, despite assurances from the midwife that he’s recovering well from a mild infection. But Sarah confides in Bethany that she’s worried about her son, thinking that’s too early for him to be sent home. Back at the Platts’, Sarah fusses over Harry, convinced that he’s gone a funny colour. And when Audrey suggests that Ken might like a hold when he pops round for a visit, Sarah becomes overprotective. So is this normal parental concern or something else entirely?

4. Carla and Tracy fight it out

There’s another showdown between Carla and Tracy, which sees Nick being asked how he can think of marrying an alcoholic, cheating old witch (Tracy’s words, not ours). Carla then slaps Tracy across the face, while Robert is demanding answers as to how she got the cash together to buy the Bistro. In the heat of the moment, Tracy concocts a story about how she raised the extra £10,000 by flogging a batch of dodgy gear. So is Carla’s secret safe? And what is Tracy’s long game?

5. Sophie gets close to Kate

Kate admits to Sophie that she’s having nightmares about her upcoming wedding and wonders if she’s doing the right thing. But Sophie does her best to warm Kate’s cold feet, pointing out that it’s just nerves. However, when Caz calls from Cyprus, she’s put out that Kate is with Sophie. And it looks like Caz does have reason to worry – after all, Sophie is kind of smitten when she sees Kate in her wedding dress.

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