Coronation Street: Aidan sacks Eva as slavery story takes a fresh twist, reveals Shayne Ward

Eva will be dismissed after she tries to prove that Marta had her passport confiscated by the O'Driscolls


Factory boss Aidan is to send Eva packing next week after her plan to expose the O’Driscolls as slave owners comes unstuck.


Upcoming scenes will see runaway Marta tell Eva that the the family confiscated her passport and kept her as a slave. But when Eva uses a dinner party at the O’Driscolls as an opportunity to find evidence, she’s quickly caught in the act. In the aftermath, Richie O’Driscoll tells Aidan that he won’t be cancelling his order with Underworld – but only on the condition that Eva is dismissed.

“Richie can’t believe that dinner guests would go rifling through his house in the belief that the family would be keeping a slave,” says actor Shayne Ward. “Aidan explains that it was all Eva and that he has to believe him. Richie then turns round and says that he’s not going to pull the order, but Aidan has to sack Eva. Aidan knows he’s going to have to do it, but he’s torn between his personal feelings for Eva and the fact that he doesn’t want to hurt her.”

But will Aidan come to regret his hardline decision in getting rid of Eva? “He’s in a no-win situation,” insists Ward. “He does try to say to Richie, ‘Come on, the girl knows she’s done wrong’. But he’s not prepared to move on until she’s gone. So was Aidan right? I’d say yes because, at this moment in time, there’s nothing to back up her story and Aidan has to think about other people whose livelihoods are at stake in the factory.”

But viewers shouldn’t expect Corrie’s slavery story to climax with Eva’s dismissal. By Friday, Marta will have done a flit after stealing local vicar Billy’s phone and some cash. But when Billy suggests that they use the tracker app on the phone to find Marta, Eva hares off in search of answers.

On the topic of what happens next, Ward teases: “Eva’s adamant that Marta’s being kept as a slave against her will, so she and Billy go to the O’Driscolls to do some investigating and everything just totally erupts to the point where Aidan is drawn back in and everything goes a little bit crazy.”

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