Gogglebox kids spin-off confirmed for full series

Channel 4 will show a six-part series of Gogglesprogs in 2016 following the Christmas Day special showing children watching TV


The kids are all right for Channel 4, who have confirmed a full series of Gogglebox spin-off Gogglesprogs.


The children’s special was first announced as a Christmas Day one-off, but now Channel 4 have confirmed they are planning a full series ready for 2016.

Just like the original, Gogglesprogs has us watch kids watching TV, airing their opinions on everything from X Factor to Junior Bake Off. Exec producer Freya Sampson promises the show will keep “the charm of the original Gogglebox series”.

“There is something special about watching these children give their very different opinions in an utterly honest and ultimately hilarious way,” she said. “The special is funny, heart-warming, and has the charm of the original Gogglebox series but the way the children interact gives it a different perspective which finds you both laughing and crying.”

Sampson added, “We’re delighted that Channel 4 has loved them all as much as we have and we can continue to bring their inimitable take on the world of TV to viewers in the series for 2016.”  


Gogglesprogs will air on Channel 4 at 8pm on Christmas Day, with a six-part series to follow in 2016.