Tracy Barlow will be “kinder” and “more human” following the death of Deirdre, says Coronation Street star Kate Ford

The actress also reveals what her most embarrassing Corrie moment has been to date

Could we about to see a side to Tracy Barlow? Will she finally stop scheming and finally prove herself to be a decent human being?


According to Kate Ford, who plays Toxic Tracy on Coronation Street, her character could be turning over a new leaf in the wake of screen mum Deirdre’s death.

“I think she’s a lot more humble these days. Because she feels a sense of loss about Rob and now Deirdre, she is going to show a kinder, more human side,” she says in the new issue of Radio Times. “If it’s all on one level, then she doesn’t feel like a rounded character. I like to find those moments.”

In the interview, Ford also reveals that her most embarrassing moment playing the character was when Tracy gave birth to daughter Amy back in 2004:

“When Tracy gave birth, I ended up having to do the labour noises in post-production. That was very embarrassing. You make noises like that in isolation and it sounds like you’re having sex. And I had to do the moans in front of an all-male crew. They just put a mic over you and say, ‘Right, go! Do birthing sounds!’

You can read more from Kate Ford, including details of the harsh reaction she got from her Twitter followers following the recent Corrie fire at Victoria Court, in the new issue of Radio Times, out today.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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