Coronation Street: Sally to accept Tim’s proposal – but she still has feelings for Kevin, says Sally Dynevor

"There's still something between them," says Dynevor on Sally's relationship with her ex-husband

Sally Webster is to be left gobsmacked next week when window cleaner boyfriend Tim Metcalfe proposes marriage. “It comes out of the blue to Sally. They’ve spoken about getting married in the past and then decided they were happy just to be living together, so it does come as a shock,” says Sally Dynevor. “But the fact that he gets down one one knee in front of everybody does mean that Sally’s thrilled.”


But little does Sally realise that Tim is inwardly full of self doubt after comparing himself to her ex-husband Kevin. A deflated Tim will be left feeling that he isn’t worthy of Sally’s love after he hears of Kev’s plans to expand his business. Worried about how he can compete, Tim’s feelings of inadequacy will lead to him trying to secure his own future with Sally by putting a ring on her finger.

As to how Sally really feels about Kevin’s career success, Dynevor says: “She’s very proud of Kevin, but I think she wishes he’d been more like that when they were married because he wasn’t at all career minded then. Now they’re apart he’s doing so well for himself and Sally’s hoping that Tim might aspire to be like Kevin and do just as well as him, or maybe even better.”

The trouble is that social climbing Sal ends up embarrassing Tim at their engagement party when she makes more of a fuss of Kevin than of him. So does she realise what she’s doing? “No, not at all. She’s just genuinely surprised by how well Kevin suddenly seems to be doing and it’s more a case of, ‘why didn’t you do this when we were married? Why are you suddenly so business minded?’ But you will see a moment where she asks to borrow some money from him and he says he’ll always be there for her.”

In the end, Tim is left watching jealously from the sidelines and feeling very much like an impostor at his own party. But is he right to be right to be concerned about the closeness between Sally and Kev? 

“Sally and Kevin do still really care for each other,” admits Dynevor. “After all those years a lot of water has passed under the bridge, but they do still really care for one another. There’s a little part of her thinking ‘if I’d just stuck with him then maybe…’ There’s still something there between them.”

All of which is sure to add complications to Sally’s sudden engagement to Tim. After all, Sally has been married to Kevin twice and those bonds are going to be difficult to break. But Dynevor is hopeful of a long future for her character and Tim, despite Kev living just across the road.

“Tim is very good for Sally,” says the actress. “There’s one speech where he says, ‘I might not have fancy suits and I might not be able to take you for fancy meals ,but I love you and I care for you, I’ll always be here for you and I’ll never run off with anyone else.’ That’s the moment where Sally realises, yes, that’s more important, so I hope that she will go the distance with him.”

Has she been surprised by how much viewers love their relationship? “Yes, really surprised because it’s a whole new chapter for me and I’m thrilled. Joe Duttine and I have such a laugh together doing our scenes – I wonder if maybe that just comes through and you can see we’ve spent an hour laughing our heads off. Sometimes, when I read a scene, it doesn’t seem at all funny, but then I get with Joe and something just happens.

“It’s weird the way chemistry works. I would never have thought when Sally and Tim were first put together that they would work so well, but it just does. The fact that there’s three of them in the relationship also works. It’s not just Sally and Tim – Kevin and Tim are also very funny together.

“I love them together – they’re great. Sally’s often complaining that Tim’s on the phone to Kevin more than he is her. It’s so much fun to play.”

And this being Corrie, there are sure to be complications as Sally and Tim prepare to tie the knot. Does Dynevor, for instance, have any idea about the type of dress that snobby Sally will be wearing? 

“Well there are two. The first is a designer dress she buys because it’s a bargain, but there’s an incident involving Kevin where it gets ripped and she ends up having to get another cheaper, less fancy dress. Mind you, there’s no saying that she and Tim will make it to their own wedding. Lust does seem to take over with those two where weddings are concerned! Let’s just hope they spend the night before apart!”

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