Doctor Who: Who is Danny Pink?

We still have questions about the companion's companion


In this week’s episode of Doctor Who we got a better look at Danny Pink, the Maths teacher and former soldier (played by Samuel Anderson) who’s attracted the attention of Clara (Jenna Coleman). But there’s still a lot to be answered about the character – not least why he keeps banging his head on the table.


Why did he leave the army?

The young Danny (née Rupert) seemed to idolise soldiers and Mr Pink was pretty defensive about his work in the forces. Heck, he’s even drilling the kids at Coal Hill school. So what turned him against his vocation, apparently to the point of tears? And will this be enough to endear him to the Doctor, who knows a thing or two about turning your back on war himself?

Where are his parents?

As we saw this week, Danny grew up in a slightly creepy children’s home – did something sinister happen to the Pinks senior, or is this an unimportant detail? Knowing the wiles of head writer Steven Moffat, we suspect the former.

Will he out-nerd the Doctor?

“There’s a bit of friction that arises between Danny and the Doctor midway through the season,” Anderson told Hero Complex. “And [Danny’s knowledge of maths] is a tool for that friction.” Ready your abaci – sounds like equations at dawn.

Are he and Clara destined to be together?

The Doctor suggested that Danny’s great grandson Orson (he of the greying ‘fro and night terrors) was important to Clara’s timeline, implying that he may be a descendant of Clara too – a pretty heavy bomb to drop right after a first date. Orson also suggested that one of his great grandparents had a history of time travel – most likely Clara. However, there may be another answer…

Is Danny the ancestral time traveller himself?

Perhaps the great-grandparent Orson was referring to was Danny, rather than Clara – most have assumed the character’s set to take a few trips in the Tardis, so Orson’s family history might not involve Clara much at all – taking some pressure off the fledgling relationship.

What’s wrong with the name Rupert?

I mean, he stuck with Pink…


Ah well. Clearly, we’ll just have to wait it out and see if these mysteries are revealed.