Peter Capaldi writes Doctor Who’s school report: from “A+” to “hopeless”

How did the Time Lord fare in subjects ranging from history to English, decorum to Dalek fighting?


Peter Capaldi didn’t fancy sharing the details of his own school report card so he wrote one for the Doctor instead.


Called upon for help by educational charity Cecily’s Fund, the new Doctor Who star rated his alter ego across subjects including history, English, time travel, Dalek fighting and decorum, with marks and remarks ranging from “exceptionally good” to “hopeless”, “A+” to “far from satisfactory”.

But which subjects received which assessments? See the Doctor’s full report card in the new issue of Radio Times magazine – or bid to own the original (plus a signed photo of Capaldi) at the Cecily’s Fund auction.

Cecily’s Fund works to send thousands of orphans in Zambia to school every year. To see other celebrity school reports, and place your bid, go to

The online auction opens on 24 June – when all the reports will be available to read and bid on – and continues until 4 July, but you can get a sneak preview of two more here


See Peter Capaldi’s full Doctor Who report card in the new issue of Radio Times magazine, on sale now