Alan Partridge to return for more Mid Morning Matters in 2014

Partridge co-creator Armando Iannucci assures that Norfolk's finest will be back next year

Aha! (Sorry, but it’s obligatory) Armando Iannucci has confirmed that the much-anticipated second series of Mid Morning Matters with Alan Partridge will finally arrive in 2014.


“There’s some more Mid Morning Matters due, so that’ll be the next bit of Alan,” the Partridge co-creator told “[The date] keeps shifting simply because of people’s timetables, but I think some point later next year.”

Writing has yet to start on the new series, set in the studios of Radio North Norfolk Digital, but it will appear during something of a renaissance for the character. Alan has come out of semi-retirement recently with a string of TV shows on Sky Atlantic, followed by his big-screen debut Alpha Papa.

Mid Morning Matters started as a series of web shorts before being picked up by Sky.

Alpha Papa is available now on DVD