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Who left Love Island last night? All the dumped contestants from series 7

Everything you need to know about the Love Island exits.

Published: Friday, 20th August 2021 at 10:02 am

The Love Island 2021 final is just around the corner, but only four couples will be battling out for the £50,000 cash prize.


Jake and Liberty fell at the final hurdle and called time on their relationship in emotional scenes.

The pair left Kaz and Tyler, Faye and Teddy, Chloe and Toby, and Liam and Millie to progress to the final on Monday.

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Otherwise, read on for the full list of dumped islanders from this series.

Liberty Poole - QUIT in Episode 47

love island liberty poole

Liberty had her doubts on her relationship with Jake after the Casa Amor tapes were played - and since then, she couldn't help but notice tiny things that said Jake didn't love her for her. In emotional scenes, brave Lib decided to confront Jake and call an end to their romance.

Speaking to The Sun after leaving the villa, Liberty said: "We just weren't communicating in the same way we used to. I was in love with Jake, and of course, I still love and care for Jake. You don't end things then just get over someone like that. But I think in the long run, I made the right decision. You have to put your own feelings first and to make yourself happy. And this is what I have done."

Jake Cornish - QUIT in Episode 47

love island jake cornish

Jake decided to leave the villa in solidarity with ex-girlfriend Liberty in an emotional break-up episode. The pair admitted they weren't right for each other after Lib raised concerns over breakdowns in communication.

While talking to the boys before he left, Jake admitted his head was "gone" and he needed to leave the villa and pull himself back together, suggesting that he could rekindle with Lib. Only time will tell.

Aaron Simpson - DUMPED in Episode 45

Aaron Love Island
Love Island 2022 contestant Aaron Simpson ITV

Aaron Simpson was dumped from the island with Mary Bedford after the couple received the fewest votes from the public who were voting to save their favourite couple. Aaron was a late arrival in the villa, and he picked Mary and Chloe Burrows for dates as he made his entrance.

Aaron may have fallen foul with viewers after an ugly confrontation with Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruikshank, who he accused of being "strategic" for voting Aaron and Mary as one of the least compatible couples.

The footballer wants to continue dating Mary on the outside, saying upon his exit: "We've already spoken about stuff we want to do when we're outside. It’s exciting that we’ll be able to do normal couple stuff and form a deeper connection."

Mary Bedford - DUMPED in Episode 45

Love Island 2021 contestant Mary Bedford
Love Island 2021 contestant Mary Bedford ITV

Mary Bedford and Aaron Simpson were dumped from the island after receiving the fewest votes from the public who were voting to save their favourite couple.

Mary was originally a Casa Amor contestant who was brought into the main villa by Toby Aromolaran, who then decided to recouple with Chloe Burrows. After a short-lived coupling with Dale Mehmet (she didn't like his chunky silver chain, and he was then dumped from the island in episode 37), Mary paired up with Aaron.

The couple are going to give it a go on the outside, with Mary saying upon her exit: "It's still proper early days for us. Even though it’s only been 10 days it feels like we’ve been seeing each other for months. We said we're definitely going to give it a go on the outside.

"Obviously everything changes when you get out so we said we're just going to cross each bridge as it comes to it. We’re definitely going to see each other on the outside."

Priya Gopaldas - DUMPED in Episode 43

Love Island 2021 contestant Priya Gopaldas
Love Island 2021 contestant Priya Gopaldas ITV

Priya Gopaldas was dumped from the island with Brett Staniland, after receiving the fewest votes from the public when they went up against Jake Cornish and Liberty Poole, Faye Winter and Teddy Soares, and Mary Bedford and Aaron Simpson as one of the least compatible couples.

Medical student Priya had sent Matthew MacNabb home when she chose to recouple with Brett, but she told the other Islanders that he was "boring", that holding his hand was like holding her dad's, and that he had given her the "ick".

It's unlikely that they'll continue anything romantic after the show, with Priya saying as she left: "We'll start off with a coffee date and see how that goes. But yeah, we'll definitely be friends."

Brett Staniland - DUMPED in Episode 43

Love Island 2021 contestant Brett Staniland
Love Island 2021 contestant Brett Staniland ITV

Brett Staniland was dumped from the Island with Priya Gopaldas after they received the fewest votes from the public when they were picked by their fellow Islanders as one of the least compatible couples. They were up against Jake Cornish and Liberty Poole, Faye Winter and Teddy Soares, and Mary Bedford and Aaron Simpson.

Brett had been getting to know medical student Priya, but during their date, Priya had told some of the female Islanders that he had given her the "ick" because he was boring and his favourite cheese was brie.

"My time in the villa has been a complete rollercoaster," Brett said upon his exit. "I think we said [Priya] we might have a date when we get back, so we'll see."

Matthew MacNabb – DUMPED in Episode 39

Matthew MacNabb

Thursday's episode ended with the elimination of Casa Amor contestant Matthew MacNabb, who was the only boy left standing after the recent recoupling.

While he'd been getting to know new girl Priya Gopaldas, the medical student chose to couple up with bombshell Brett Staniland instead, with Matt having to leave the villa as a result.

Leaving the villa, Matt said he was surprised by Priya's choice but had ultimately enjoyed his time on the show. "Priya's decision tonight was a shock to me; I felt like we had a really strong connection. They're like my family in there. I love those guys, that's the toughest part."

Abigail Rawlings - DUMPED in Episode 37

Love Island 2021 Abigail Rawlings
Love Island 2021 Abigail Rawlings ITV

Abigail Rawlings was dumped from the island alongside Dale Mehmet. Abi was previously coupled up with Toby, but she was left single when he came back from Casa Amor with Mary. She then coupled up with Dale, but he had more of a romantic connection with Mary.

Speaking of her experience in the villa, she said: "There was a lot of fun and a lot of love. Even from the boys, not necessarily in love but the amount of love that floats around that villa is immense. I’m really glad I did it. There were obstacles about myself that I overcame and things that I wasn’t aware of about myself that I discovered."

She added: "The biggest thing I think I’ve gained from Love Island is self growth. I didn’t come out with a partner but I came out with new friendships and more self awareness and understanding of myself."

Dale Mehmet - DUMPED in Episode 37

Love Island Casa Amor contestant Dale Mehmet
Love Island Casa Amor contestant Dale Mehmet ITV

Dale Mehmet was dumped from the island on Monday 9th August. The islanders decided to save Tyler and Jake instead of him.

So how does he feel about the decision?

"I feel like they made the right choice. I’m not upset about leaving. I feel like I was in a different situation to the two other boys. I still had the chance to meet somebody as well, but they had made a connection and I feel like their connection was stronger, so the choice was the right choice. If I was the girls, I would have done the same, so I know it’s the right choice," he said.

Hugo Hammond - DUMPED in Episode 34

Hugo Hammond's Love Island journey came to an end on Thursday 5th August.

The public voted for their favourite couples and the couples in the bottom three risked being dumped from the island. The islanders then had to choose one boy and girl to save, and they decided to keep Tyler and Mary, meaning Hugo would be leaving the show.

He left with Amy who he was in a couple with. However, in clip after his exit, Hugo described his search for love as "tragic" while he was standing beside Amy, and the look on her face said it all.

Amy Day - DUMPED in Episode 34

Love Island Casa Amor contestant Amy Day
Love Island Casa Amor contestant Amy Day ITV

Amy Day arrived on the show as a Casa Amor bombshell. She formed a connection with Hugo and he brought her back to the main villa. However, a public vote for favourite couples saw them in the bottom three and led to her Love Island exit.

So, will Amy be seeing Hugo now they're outside the villa?

We wouldn't hold our breath.

Asked what she thinks of Hugo now they've been eliminated, Amy said: "Fake - because he wasn’t telling me that he didn’t like me. I do wish I’d opened up and re-coupled with someone else. Also, 100 per cent I did not sleep with Hugo."

It's safe to say they're over.

Sam Jackson - DUMPED in Episode 34

Love Island Casa Amor contestant Sam Jackson
Love Island Casa Amor contestant Sam Jackson ITV

Poor Sam didn't have much luck in the villa. Faye chose him after she saw Teddy kissing another girl on the Casa Amor postcard, and then she dumped him when Teddy returned to the villa and explained everything. To be fair Teddy didn't really do anything wrong, but that meant Sam was single again.

He was then forced to couple up with Mary because Abi chose Dale before she got the chance to, and when the islanders had to decide who to save, Sam wasn't high on their list.

Speaking of his time in the villa, he said: "I wouldn’t do anything different because my journey went how it went because of my actions. Everything happens for a reason. It’s an unbelievable experience. I stepped outside my comfort zone to do it and I think it’ll make me a more confident person in the outside world."

Aww, Sam!

Clarisse Juliette - DUMPED in Episode 34

Love Island Casa Amor contestant Clarisse Juliette
Love Island Casa Amor contestant Clarisse Juliette ITV

Like Sam, Clarisse didn't have the best time in the villa. Tyler brought her back to the main villa from Casa Amor, but as soon as they got there, it was very clear he still had feelings for Kaz. He eventually broke it off with Clarisse after days of struggling to make up his mind, and it led to the influencer being dumped from the island.

So what does Clarisse think about Tyler now?

"In the real world and without even trying to sound petty or anything, I know that he would have been with me. I can see how comfortable he was with me, it was just natural. I feel like he is a bit fake. I am a bit disappointed in him really," she said.

We guess they won't be meeting up any time soon then...

"I can’t imagine seeing him, no. I didn’t say bye to him. There’s nothing he can say to me really," she added.

Aaron Francis - DUMPED in Episode 24

love island aaron francis
Aaron Francis

Aaron Francis left the villa alongside Lucinda, who he finally coupled up with after days of being interested in the business owner.

So, will they be continuing things on the outside?

"We were only coupled up for a couple of days unfortunately, but I think first of all we want to start with a first date. We haven’t had a first date yet. We’ve just been getting to know each other within the villa so everyone else has been around. I’d like to start with a first date, that would be nice. I’ve planned a little something, a surprise for her. And then we’ll just move from there. London to Brighton isn’t that far and I’m pretty sure we’ll be around each other quite a lot. We were really close with the same people in the villa, which I think says a lot."


Lucinda Strafford - DUMPED in Episode 24

Love Island 2021 contestant Lucinda Strafford
Love Island 2021 contestant Lucinda Strafford ITV

Business owner Lucinda Strafford, 21, was dumped from the island after she and her partner Aaron Francis received the fewest votes from the public.

Following her exit, she said: "I’m excited to see where life takes me. I left with Aaron, which is amazing so I am happy. It is bittersweet because I loved it there and you never want to go, but your time comes, and it does for everyone. I remember standing up and looking around, seeing the couples standing up and thinking ‘Oh my God, if any of these couples leave it’ll be a big thing.'"

In terms of whether she'll get back in contact with Brad, who she had a thing with before he was dumped, she added: "I definitely want to continue things with Aaron. At the time when Brad left I was really upset, but I’m happy that I stayed because I carried on and saw Aaron in another way. I feel like when I went in, there was Brad and Aaron and it was nice to focus on one person. It meant that I could connect with Aaron and we get on really well."

Georgia Townend - DUMPED in Episode 22

Love Island 2021 contestant Georgia Townend
Love Island 2021 contestant Georgia Townend ITV

Georgia Townend was dumped from the villa after just one day in the villa. She'd tried to speak to Hugo but he told her there wasn't a "spark" between them and chose to save Chloe instead, meaning she'd was sent home.

Danny Bibby - DUMPED in Episode 21

Love Island 2021 contestant Danny Bibby
Love Island 2021 contestant Danny Bibby ITV

Danny Bibby was dumped from the villa alongside AJ. The girls chose to send him home as they saved Toby and Teddy.

The plumber had tried to get close to Lucinda, but it didn't go well between them so he pied her during the game of Snog, Marry, Pie and she moved onto Aaron. He then decided to get to know AJ.

Speaking of his relationship with Lucinda, Danny said: "Obviously when I first met her, she’s really nice, a stunning girl. But I’ve never really come across someone I can’t speak to properly. She doesn’t give you much back."

He added: "Me and AJ are a lot more suited. Obviously, she’s my type on paper looks wise and she’s up for a laugh. She smashed the first challenge [cat and mouse] when she was new like me. She put her all into it. She bossed that. Full of confidence and I liked it.”

AJ Bunker - DUMPED in Episode 21

Love Island 2021 contestant Andrea-Jane Bunker
Love Island 2021 contestant Andrea-Jane Bunker ITV

AJ Bunker was dumped from the island in a double elimination. It come after the public voted for their favourite girl and boy. AJ, 28, ended up in the bottom three with Lucinda and Chloe, and the safe boys had to decide which girl to send home and picked her.

Hours before the dumping, AJ shared a kiss with Danny and it sounds like the pair will be testing out this connection on the outside.

“Yeah, me and Danny did click straight away. It’s a shame we only sort of got to have one chat before this happened. Again, it’s early days, we’ll see what happens I guess. I’m open to see what happens,"AJ explained in her exit interview.

Sharon Gaffka - DUMPED in Episode 18

love island sharon gaffka
Love Island 2021 contestant Sharon Gaffka was dumped from the villa ITV

Despite going on a date with new boy Danny Bibby, Sharon Gaffka was dumped from the island as he chose to couple up with Lucinda instead. Sharon was in a friendship couple with Hugo but he didn't get the chance to save her as he'd already been summoned by new girl AJ Bunker, leaving Shaz all alone. You'll be missed!

Brad McClelland - DUMPED in Episode 15

love island brad mclelland
Brad McClelland was the fourth contestant to be dumped from the show ITV

Brad McClelland revealed to the islanders that he'd be leaving the show and his partner Lucinda Strafford would be staying on after a Love Island twist was introduced which stated that, as the couple who received the fewest votes from the public, only one of them could stay on the show.

So does he wish Lucinda left with him?

"On the night, it was one of them situations where, I didn’t want her to leave [with me]. The way we had a connection, it would be really nice to take what we had and continue it on the outside," he explained following his exit.

"I woke up this morning and I wish we had left together. I want to see where that could have went. Not being able to speak to Cind, or ask her where she’s at, I want to know how she’s woke up this morning."

Rachel Finni - DUMPED in Episode 13

Rachel Finni in Love Island

Rachel Finni became the third contestant to be dumped from the island after Teddy decided to couple up with Faye Winter instead of her. The 29-year-old thought she had a connection with Teddy, but it just wasn't meant to be.

The luxury travel specialist arrived on the island as a bombshell and had to decide whether she wanted to couple up with Chuggs or Brad. She chose Brad, but he ended up leaving her for Lucinda.

So does she have any regrets about her choice? She most certainly does!

"I would have picked Chuggs over Brad. Knowing what I know now,"she revealed in her exit interview.

"You have to graft to stay in there. I was stupid enough to fall for Brad’s graft, because it wasn’t genuine. The day after we coupled, he told me to get to know other people. He wasn’t interested. The second I picked him, he went off to his friends and said, ‘I was gutted I wasn’t going to see you.’ Chuggs would have actually made the effort to get to know me. I went for Brad because he was more physically attractive."

Chuggs Wallis - DUMPED in Episode 7

Chuggs Wallis

Rachel Finni decided to couple up with Brad, meaning Chuggs was the first contestant to be sent home. The business owner didn't have any hard feelings though as he joked that he'd already shared a bed with the two hottest people in the villa - Liam and Brad.

Following his exit, Chuggs said he'd like to return to the show.

"I’d go back after more bombshells have gone in. Casa Amor would be the perfect time to go back in," he revealed.

Shannon Singh - Dumped in Episode 3

love island shannon singh

Model Shannon Singh, 21, was the first islander to be dumped from the villa, after Chloe Burrows decided to couple up with her man Aaron Francis.

After the marketing executive, 25, delivered the news, Shannon received a message telling her she'd be leaving the ITV dating show.

It's not unusual for Love Island to dump islanders early on, but for some reason this exit really shocked viewers, with many rushing to Twitter to share their reactions.

Former Love Island star Amber Rose Gill commented: "Why is Shannon gone I HATE THIS #loveisland"

While, fellow LI star Amy Hart had a theory that Shannon could be part of a twist on the show, writing: "Why is Shannon gone I HATE THIS #loveisland."

In her exit interview, Shannon said she'd like to return to Love Island if given the chance.

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