Kaz Kamwi is one of the Love Island 2021 contestants who has been in the Love Island villa from the start and she has made it right to the end after finding romance with Tyler Cruickshank - although it was not without its drama.


The pair nearly fell apart for good after Casa Amor when they both recoupled with new partners and after some fiery rows, they soon got back on the same page and have done well enough to make it to the end.

Kaz was originally with Toby before friend coupling with Aaron but romance soon came her way when Tyler entered the villa.

As Kaz's Love Island journey comes to an end, here's everything you need to know about her.

Kaz Kamwi - Key Facts

Age: 26

Job: Fashion Blogger

From: Essex

Instagram: @kazkamwi

Coupled up with: Aaron Francis

Why does Kaz want to take part in Love Island?

Kaz gave a short but sweet response when asked this question, saying: "I like meeting new people, I’m ready to be in a relationship. Why not be in a place where people are looking for the same things as me?" That's some sound logic!

She is also showing her brave side by signing up to be put in the spotlight. "I am quite a daring person. I like to meet new people. And meeting someone I could have a romantic connection with would be so nice," she said, while adding that she hopes to leave the island with a man she can marry.

But be warned fellow Love Islanders, Kaz is also a self-proclaimed dramatic person: "I cried thinking about half the things I forgot to pack in my suitcase". But she is adamant that she does not go looking for drama and that it comes to her - and we have no doubt that some will be heading her way in the villa.

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As for her tactics, "being myself and hoping for the best" is her game plan and she thinks her energetic, open and friendly nature will lead to her being a successful contestant.

What does Kaz do for work?

Kaz works in the fashion world and has been blogging about clothes on social media. "I create content on social media for brands and my followers. TikTok is great – so new and fresh."

And she continued to hone her social media skills while in lockdown, saying: "I learnt how to edit videos. I didn’t get into the banana bread thing. I learned that I enjoy walking... did a lot of that. I learnt TikTok dances." As did we, Kaz!

"I'm as mentally prepared as anyone can be," she said of the level of attention she will get when the show ends. "For me, it's just learning to be in the moment and to take things as they come."

What is Kaz looking for in a partner?

"Looks-wise, really well-groomed. Someone who is driven enjoys what they’re doing, has a passion. Someone who is not overly charming, but has enough confidence.

She also says that she is "really, really competitive. A game of Connect Four, I don’t lose, ever. I’m not a sore loser though. I’m good at chess as well." Just from our own experiences, we advise that Kaz and any potential partner never sit down for a game of Monopoly.

But that competitive streak is unlikely to lead to her stealing another person's man as she flat out refuted the possibility that it could happen, saying: "No, I'm a girl's girl. That's not my vibe." But she does have standards and if somebody starts to not meet them, she will not hesitate in giving them a "boy, bye" - even if she says they struggle to stay away from her afterwards.

One word of warning for any potential suitor - eat your greens. "I don't trust anyone that doesn't eat vegetables," she says when asked what a red flag would be in a boyfriend - adding that anyone with mood swings would be an instant turn off for her too.

But what about sex in the villa? "If I'm with the right person and the moment feels right, I wouldn't rule it out".

As for celebrity crushes, there was no hesitation before Kaz uttered the name of Creed and Black Panther star Michael B Jordan while adding that she "has a whole list of crushes".

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