Liberty Poole has emerged as one of the favourites to win this year's series of Love Island after coupling up with Jake Cornish on day one - and even Hollywood superstar Margot Robbie is a fan.


However, it could be all over for Jiberty in tonight's show, as Liberty airs her doubts about their relationship to fellow Islander Faye Winter. "I just don’t think we’re right for each other," she tells Faye before bursting into tears.

She later tells Jake: "I just don't feel like that you love me for me and I want someone who loves me for me."

Jake then asks: "What we saying then, are we saying we'll go our separate ways then?"

Could it be all over for Jiberty?

Fans had predicted that the couple will win the series in an exclusive Radio Times poll a few weeks ago, but since then Jake's popularity has faded amongst viewers. Some of the Islanders aren't convinced that Jake's feelings for Liberty are 100 per cent genuine, despite the couple becoming boyfriend and girlfriend which they officiated with matching bracelets. Jake had questioned his sexual attraction to Liberty earlier in the series, and his comments were then revealed in a clip aired to the Islanders during a movie challenge.

Jake aside, viewers have been loving Liberty's unwavering loyalty to best friend Kaz Kamwi, and how their friendship has strengthened since hitting it off on day one.

Can Liberty and Jake make amends and make it to the finish line and scoop the £50,000 prize? Could Liberty couple up with someone else and win the series?

Here's everything you need to know about Liberty Poole - one of the Love Island 2021 contestants.

Liberty Poole - Key Facts

Age: 21

Job: Waitress and Marketing Student

From: Birmingham

Instagram: @libertypoolex

Coupled up with: Jake Cornish

Why did Liberty want to take part in Love Island?

There are a number of reasons why Liberty thought taking part in the show was a good idea. Love is definitely on her mind, but so is making new friendships and having some fun.

"I've never had that nice, happy relationship so I think it will be nice and something for me to experience. Obviously, I want the best summer ever because we have been in lockdown for a year so it would be nice to go away and enjoy the sun and make friends as well. I’m excited, I’m a bit of a social butterfly so I love to meet new people. I’m a girls’ girl as well so I can’t wait for the girly friendships. It’s going to be fun!"

She has also admitted that she is happy she was able to keep the secret that she was going in as she is normally quite the chatterbox and was worried she would end up blabbing - happily for Liberty, she was able to hold her tongue!

But when the show starts, Liberty is determined to remain true to herself, saying: "Being myself got me through the audition process," and that she hopes the experience will be "the summer of a lifetime". We're sure it will be!

What does Liberty do for work?

Liberty is a waitress who worked for Nando's and if you thought that she may be chatted up from time to time while working there you would be correct - she has even been proposed to by a customer which is definitely a bold move.

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"I’ve had people try and rinse me for a date at Nando’s, get the discount and stuff. But I’ve never had a date in one. I’ve had a few things happen at work. I’ve had a napkin shaped like a rose given to me which was cute, that was when I first started working there and then I’ve been proposed to. It was a bit unexpected!

"He was on his own, he’d come into the restaurant every week and he got down on one knee and was like, ‘Will you marry me?’. But in his hand, it was a charity support badge, not a diamond ring. So I was thinking, that’s one way of saying I’m a charity case when it comes to love!"

What is Liberty looking for in a partner?

Liberty knows where she has gone wrong with her choice of romantic partner before and she is looking to change that up going forward.

"I like a tall, alpha male, confident, cheeky chappy sort of guy. But obviously, that’s always usually combined with player types, which is where I go wrong. So I am trying to change my ways and go for more of a nicer guy that is going to treat me right."

Jack Fincham is a name from Love Island's past that she has singled out as her ideal match when it comes to personality - as is Nathan Massey from the second series so she will be hoping for someone similar to them to be a part of the show this year - we can't imagine she will have too much trouble there.

But what if she meets her perfect match but he opts to couple up with someone else? If that happens, then Liberty should be fine as she has a very refreshing take on it that should see her stay clear from any drama that this sort of thing normally stirs up.

"If you're in another couple and a guy chooses another girl over you, I don't think that takes anything away from who you are as a person. They just have a better connection. I always say there's someone out there for everyone."

"My friends actually say I'm too nice" she added, "they say I should stick up for myself more."

But what about the question that everyone seems to want to know the answer for - could Liberty end up being one of the contestants to get a bit too frisky in the villa? "I think my initial answer would be no, I wouldn't have sex in the villa. But if it is a natural step in the relationship, well, I wouldn't completely rule it out."

As for the sort of person Liberty is, she is "glam" but she admits to having a few bad habits like having a tendency to snore on occasion. "I tend to talk too much, maybe that's a bad habit" she added.

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