Viewers were left in shock last night when Love Island ended on a major cliffhanger as a new twist was thrown into the mix.


On Monday night, the public were asked to vote for the most compatible couple. The results from this vote were revealed the next day, with Kaz and Aaron, Millie and Liam, Liberty and Jake, and Faye and Teddy being saved.

That left three Love Island couples standing: Chloe and Toby, Brad and Lucinda and Sharon and Hugo, who had all received the fewest votes.

But we didn't expect what happened next, with Brad and Lucinda getting a text stating that, having received the least votes out of everyone, they would now have to decide who would be going home.

The twist caused some confusion amongst fans, with viewers flocking to Twitter with their interpretation of what it meant for the Love Island 2021 contestants.

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"So the couple with the fewest votes is safe? That twist is not twisting #LoveIsland" former Love Island winner Amber Gill wrote.

"I feel like there is another plot twist for the remaining couples in the bottom three #LoveIsland," another viewer wrote.

Others thought the twist meant Brad and Lucinda would be dumping either Sharon and Hugo or Toby and Chloe from Love Island – however, that's not the case.

So, what does the twist actually mean?

As Brad and Lucinda received the lowest votes, one of them will have to leave the villa. That decision will be decided between them and they will reveal this to the fellow islanders when the show returns on Wednesday, 14th July.

While Lucinda is a newcomer, Brad has been on the show since day one and has tried his luck with Faye, Chloe and Rachel, who was recently dumped.

Lucinda, 21, previously admitted their conversations didn't "flow" as much as she'd like. Nevertheless, the pair enjoyed a date on Tuesday night's show where they told each other how they felt about one another and it looked like they were heading in the right direction.

While only one person is required to leave the Love Island villa, in the past, some couples have walked together. In 2016, Rykard Jenkins famously ran after his partner Rachel Fenton when she was voted off the show.

So, if they like each other that much, then Brad and Lucinda could well be leaving together...


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