Life is looking a little different for Love Island's Lucinda Strafford since her partner Brad McClelland decided he'd be the one going home following a Love Island twist, which dictated that only one of them could stay.


Now single, Cind, 21, will have to decide if she wants to couple up with one of the other boys, or if what her and Brad had is strong enough to leave.

As she continues her journey in the Love Island villa , here's everything you need to know about the business owner, who is one of the Love Island 2021 contestants.

Lucinda Strafford – Key facts

Age: 21

Job: Online fashion boutique owner

From: Brighton

Instagram: @lucindastrafford

How old is Lucinda?

Lucinda is 21-years-old. When she arrived in the villa, she told the boys she'd never date anyone younger than her, saying the cut-off point was her birthday.

Where is Lucinda from?

Lucinda hails from Brighton, which is a seaside resort located on the south coast of England, in the county of East Sussex, just over 45 miles from the south London.

Why does Lucinda want to take part in Love Island?

Lucinda is ready to have some "fun".

Ahead of her villa debut, she said: "I’m a relationship kind of girl. The timing is right and I want to have some fun."

And when it comes to snogging on TV, Lucinda has no problems, adding: "I’m fine about it. It’s only just laughs. I do think to myself, my whole family are at home watching, but then again it’s literally just a laugh. I’m 21, I’m just having fun."

What does Lucinda do for work?

Lucinda runs her own online fashion boutique called The Luxe Range. She sells clothing and shoes and models most of the clothing on the website.

What is Lucinda looking for in a partner?

Lucinda is open to getting to know most of the boys in the villa, but Brad and Liam Reardon have caught her eye already.

She said: "I really fancy Brad. And then possibly Liam. But obviously I’m open to getting to know any of the other boys. I feel like Brad probably doesn’t like people as much as he’s letting on."

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