Abigail Rawlings has a big decision to make as the next Love Island recoupling takes place on Tuesday, 3rd August.


The girls will pick this time round, and now that she's single, since Toby brought back Mary from Casa Amor, who will she choose?

Toby is now interested in his former flame Chloe, so he's pretty much a no-go, but there are some single boys in the villa, including Dale Mehmet, who Chloe just friendzoned, and Sam Jackson who was with Faye before she sorted things out with Teddy.

Matthew MacNabb is also single-ish, although he's in a couple with Kaz, because she still has feelings for Tyler.

So, Abi has a few options...

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As she continues her Love Island journey, here’s everything you need to know about the tattoo artist - who is one of the Love Island 2021 contestants.

Abigail Rawlings – Key facts

Age: 27

Job: Tattoo artist

From: Beaconsfield (but now lives in Bournemouth)

Instagram: @abigaillouiserawlings and @abigaillouisetattoo

Why did Abigail want to take part in Love Island?

Abigail is looking for a long term romance.

"I’m here for a relationship,” she said “I’m not scared of commitment at all. I seem to enjoy life more when I’m with someone, someone to do stuff with. I’m quite an active person and I like going away. When you have someone, it’s an excuse to go away!”

What does Abigail do for work?

Abigail is a tattoo artist in Bournemouth – a career choice her mother initially wasn’t too impressed with!

“I got my apprenticeship when I was 18. I was at uni at the time and I dropped out to become a tattooist – my mum was livid! I’ve been doing it now for eight years," she said.

Abigail has some tattoos of her own, including elaborate roses on her arm and shoulder.

“Most of my tattoos are done by other people but I’ve got a portrait of my dog on my leg which I did myself. I’ve got loads of little stamps on my other ankle of things which are memories of things that have happened in my life, where I want to dedicate the moment," she added.

What is Abigail looking for in a partner?

Abigail’s celebrity crush is Justin Bieber, partly because she is attracted to how much he loves his wife Hailey.

“I want someone to love me as much as he loves Hailey,” she said.

Ahead of the show, Abi revealed she had her eye on Toby, saying: "I really like Toby – I’m going to steal him from Chloe at the first chance I have. If that doesn’t work out, I like Teddy as well, and Aaron."

The pair ended up in a couple, but just a couple days later he was whisked away to Casa Amor and introduced to six new girls.

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