Casa Amor is coming very soon to Love Island.


On Friday, 23rd July, ITV confirmed Casa Amor as they shared a teaser clip, showing the secret villa while the show's voiceover Iain Stirling told fans to “get ready.”

Since season three, Casa Amor - which sees the contestants split for a few days to meet a new group of islanders - has put the couples to the test.

And one of the Love Island couples who might want to watch out this year is Jake and Liberty, who became official on Friday,

We sure hope no blondes with "small, white toes" turn his head...

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Read on to find out when Casa Amor will be making an appearance in the seventh season of Love Island and what to expect this year.

Will Casa Amor return to Love Island in 2021?

CONFIRMED: Casa Amor is making its return very soon, and viewers are likely to see the twist make an appearance from Sunday, 25th July.

ITV teased the twist on Friday night's show after asking viewers to vote for their favourite couple.

In June 2021, it was revealed that Casa Amor will make an appearance in the upcoming season.

Speaking to The Sun, a show source said: “It’s the twist that makes the show and gives them some of their best scenes and ratings. The episodes where half of the cast go to Casa Amor always rate really highly so producers were keen to keep it in.”

“It’s part of the fabric of the show and viewers absolutely love it.”

So rest easy, when things are beginning to look too tranquil in the villa, you can rely on Casa Amor to shake things up amongst the Love Island couples.

When will Casa Amor happen in Love Island 2021?

It's looking like Casa Amor will take place from Sunday, 25th July following the results of the vote.

This is slightly later than recent years when it took place in Week Four.

In season five, it was introduced on day 28. Similarly, the season four villa was divided during week four on day 26.
Based on past seasons, we can expect Casa Amor to take place very soon, with the show going into its fourth week on Monday, 19th July.

Will Casa Amor be different in Love Island 2021?

Casa Amor will take place in a completely different building in 2021.

It will still go by the same name, meaning Love House in Spanish, but the Islanders will be lounging on different deckchairs and getting their summer tan by a different pool. Of course though, it will be just as luxurious as it was before.

According to The Sun, Casa Amor will have its very own hideaway this year.

A source allegedly told the tabloid: “Casa Amor is usually the point in the series where drama kicks off as Islanders are tempted by the shiny new contestants. Producers throwing a new Hideaway into the mix will heighten temptation to not only shack up with someone but maybe go further.

“The main Hideaway has seen a little bit of action so far but the new one might get christened even sooner.”

The main villa has a private hideaway, which has so far been used by Jake and Liberty, Millie and Liam, and Chloe and Toby, before their relationship when downhill when new girl Abi walked in and he ditched her.

What is Casa Amor?

Casa Amor is the second villa used in the Love Island series. During the islanders’ time in the main Love Island villa, half of the contestants are taken from the main villa and put in Casa Amor. They live there for three or four days, which is plenty of time to poke some holes in their current partners and crack on with someone else.

When they return to the villa, they must make the decision to return to their old partner, or with the new one. This has caused some truly unforgettable, and sometimes heartbreaking, moments in nearly every series since Casa Amor was introduced.

The villa has been a subject of controversy before. In 2018, Ofcom received more than 2,500 complaints when Dani Dyer was shown video footage of boyfriend Jack Fincham appearing to cheat on her in Casa Amor.

Clearly though, it’s been deemed too important to miss out, and viewers will only have to wait to see what trouble it stirs up this time amongst the Love Island 2021 contestants.


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