Although we're not ready to give it up, the Love Island 2021 final is looming ever closer, with one more vote to go until the final next Monday (August 23).


Priya Gopaldas and Brett Staniland were the latest couple to be eliminated from the island, and last night's episode gave viewers the chance to vote for their favourite remaining couple. With so many strong pairings, it's hard to predict which couple will land the £50,000 cash prize.

Read on for everything you need to know about the Love Island 2021 couples and which contestants paired up in last night's recoupling.

Who recoupled on Love Island?

Tyler and Kaz

Kaz and Tyler

Instagrams: @tylercruickshank_ and @kazkamwi

It's been quite the journey for Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruickshank, who coupled up just before Casa Amor and hit a roadblock when Tyler returned with Clarisse and Kaz paired up with Matthew MacNabb. However, they discovered that they still had feelings for one another and decided to reunite. Could they make it to the final?

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Chloe and Toby

Love Island 2021 couple Chloe and Toby
Love Island 2021 couple Chloe and Toby ITV

Instagrams: @chloe__burrows and @tobyaromolaran

No, you're not reading an old story from earlier on in the series. Chloe and Toby are now back together after he dumped her for Abigail, who he then dumped for Mary in Casa Amor, only to return to the main villa to realise he still had feelings for Chloe. Before the recoupling, Toby apologised to Chloe and she forgave him, so Chloby are officially back on!

Aaron and Mary

Aaron and Mary

Instagrams: @aaronsimpsonn and @mary_bedford

After being snubbed by Toby after Casa Amor and watching Dale get sent home after the beach club party, Mary seems to have finally found romance with new bombshell Aaron Simpson, who made his affections known with a well-prepared breakfast. Aaron and Mary have now officially coupled up and hopefully their new relationship will go from strength to strength.

Liberty and Jake

Love Island 2021 couple Liberty and Jake
Love Island 2021 couple Liberty and Jake ITV

Instagrams: @libertypoolex and @jakecornish7

Liberty Poole and Jake Cornish have been together since day one, after Liberty stepped forward for him and he returned the compliment. They're now in a relationship, with Jake making things official with a romantic dinner and cute, matching bracelets. It hasn't been smooth sailing though, with Lib having doubts over her man. While they're seemingly fine at the moment, will those worries creep back in?

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Faye and Teddy

Who are the Love Island 2021 couples?
Who are the Love Island 2021 couples? ITV

Instagrams: @faye__winter and @teddy_soares

Faye Winter and Teddy Soares are finally back together following the drama of Casa Amor. Faye saw Teddy kissing another girl on the postcard so coupled up with Sam, but when Teddy returned, he explained that it was during a game and they both put the ordeal behind them. They might just be one of our favourite Love Island couples – Feddy for the win!

Millie and Liam

Love Island 2021 couple Millie and Liam
Millie and Liam ITV

Instagrams: @milliegracecourt and @liamreardon1

Millie Court chose to couple up with Liam Reardon after the pair decided take baby steps in their relationship. It comes after Casa Amor bombshell Lillie Haynes revealed she'd been getting close to Liam and they'd shared kisses outside of the challenges. Millie was distraught and essentially called thing off, but Liam grafted and managed to win his girl back. Will they be able to make it to the final?

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