What happened on Love Island last night? The latest action from the villa

The 2021 series is well underway. Here's a recap of everything that has happened so far.

What happened on Love Island last night

It’s all heating up on ITV’s Love Island.


Casa Amor has now wrapped and the villa is full to the brim with Love Island couples and some singletons.

With the  Love Island 2021 final just weeks away, we expect lots more shake ups for the Love Island 2021 contestants as we get ready to crown our winning couple.

Struggling to keep up with all the drama? Want to find out who left Love Island last night, how to watch Love Island on catch-up, or just want to relive all the fun from the Love Island villa? RadioTimes.com has got you covered.

Here’s what happened on Love Island last night.

Episode 31

What happened on Love Island last night
Love Island episode 31

It was very much Toby Island tonight as he tried to navigate things in his love triangle, which was about to become a square. Although he’d brought back new girl Mary and left Abigail single, he revealed that it was actually his old girl Chloe who was on his mind.

He decided he needed to tell Abi and Mary, who were very surprised that he’d done a complete 360 degree turn, but accepted what he had to say, with Mary later joking: “I’m officially on Friend Island.”

Tyler and Kaz had another chat, in which he told her he still wanted to get to know her and that if he had to pick between her and Clarisse now, he’d be leaning more towards Kaz.

This didn’t sit well with Kaz’s man Matt, who didn’t give her any cuddles in bed. And Kaz wasn’t happy about this!

Meanwhile, Liam continued to grovel with Millie, sending her texts and pictures, but it still wasn’t working.

Toby then pulled Millie for a chat and opened up about he was feeling about Chloe.

Clarisse decided it was time to have a chat with Kaz as she revealed what really happened down in Casa Amor. While Clarisse told Kaz that Tyler didn’t seem very serious about their relationship, Kaz revealed what Tyler had said the night before about choosing her, and it was definitely a shock to Clarisse.

Following her and Clarisse’s conversation, Kaz had another talk with Tyler, but it didn’t go well at all, as he struggled to make up his mind about the two girls, resulting in her getting up and leaving as she cried to the girls on the balcony.

Clarisse also tried to speak to him, but she didn’t get much out of him either…

It was a night of friend zoning, as Chloe broke things off with Dale and Faye admitted to Sam she’d kissed Teddy and they were now back on.

It was perfect timing for Chloe though, as Millie then revealed Toby was still feeling her – will these two get back together?

In another attempts to get Millie back, Liam left a handwritten note on her pillow that night and it made her smile just a little bit. But, should she give him a second chance?

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Episode 30

The aftermath from the recoupling continued with Kaz sitting down for a chat with Tyler. She let him know how she felt about him returning to the villa with Clarisse and he seemed uncertain about things.

As for Liam and Millie, things weren’t any better. But it was about to get even more tense as Millie received a text, telling her to head out of the villa as Lillie was waiting for her.

The girls sat down for a chat, and Lillie didn’t hold back. She revealed Liam was the one initiating and giving “60 per cent”.

She then told Millie that Liam flirted with her in bed and joked that she was “killing” him by tempting him.

Lillie meets Millie on Love Island
Love Island episode 30

Millie couldn’t believe what she’d just heard, as she returned to the villa and broke down in front of the girls. That night, she slept in her bed alone while Liam was sent to the day beds.

Faye and Teddy caught up for another chat that evening, and it’s clear the feelings were still there as they both admitted they’d “f****d things” up.

Teddy then asked if he could kiss her and they shared a smooch on the balcony.

Are one of our favourite Love Island couples back together?

Episode 29

What happened on Love Island last night
Liam and Millie

The recoupling continued with Liberty next to decide if she’d be sticking or twisting. She decided to stay loyal to her man and was delighted when he walked in on his own.

Next was Faye’s turn. After receiving the postcard from Casa Amor earlier in the week, which showed Teddy kissing another gir, Faye decided to crack on with Sam and at the recoupling, she chose to twist and be with him.

The islanders were shocked to see Teddy later walk into the villa by himself, as he placed Faye’s toy on the decking before walking off to sit with Hugo and Amy. Poor, guy!

It was now Tyler and Kaz’s turn. First Laura asked Kaz if she wanted to stick with her original guy or choose someone else, at which point she revealed she wanted to couple up with Matthew after seeing the postcard which showed Tyler kissing a girl in bed.

Toby and Jake looked confused as she brought up the contents of the postcard.

Matthew joined Kaz on the chair and a few seconds later, Tyler arrived with new girl Clarisse. Tyler said he was happy for Kaz, but she was far from pleased, admitting she wouldn’t have recoupled with someone else if it wasn’t for the postcard.

She said: “I was really happy with him. I genuinely couldn’t fault the guy, but then of course we had a lovely postcard delivery which basically told me everything I needed to know.

“I kind of feel blindsided but do you know what… out with the old, in with the new. I didn’t sleep in my bed.”

“But you still recoupled though,” Tyler said.

“Yeah because I saw a picture of you kissing another girl Ty, that’s why I recoupled. You lost for words now?” she asked.

“What can I say?” he replied, to which she responded: “Whatever it is, just make sure it’s honest this time.” Ouch!

With Tyler now back, it was just left with Liam and Millie to make their decisions. Millie decided to stick with her man and Liam also chose remain with Millie. The pair shared a hug and kiss as they admitted they missed one another, and d all was back to normal, that is, until Laura brought the other Casa Amor girls in who hadn’t been picked and asked them how they felt about the experience.

Lillie spoke up and said she felt she’d made a connection with Liam, as they’d shared a bed and kissed outside of the challenges, shocking all the main girls.

Millie tried to question Liam about what Lillie had just revealed, but he told her they’d speak later.

Laura left the villa and let the islanders say goodbye, but Millie was fuming at this point as she ran off with Abi and Faye in tears.

Later that evening, Toby sat down with Abi to talk about why he decided to couple up with Mary. She asked whether he liked Mary and he said he did but he liked her, too. (And he strikes again!)

It was now time for Faye and Teddy to clear the air, as she showed him the postcard. Teddy was disappointed that one photo of him kissing a girl during a game had caused her to jump ship, at which point Faye opened up about her dating insecurities and being cheated on in the past. Like the true gent that he is, Teddy put aside his feelings and comforted Faye.

Millie finally decided to hear Liam out. He told her he was basically trying to see whether he had more feelings for her or Lillie and hinted he was going to make things official between them.

But Millie couldn’t believe what he’d done as she wiped back tears and told him she couldn’t even think of getting into a relationship with him now.

Is this the end for Liam and Millie?

Episode 28

What happened on Love Island last night
Toby returned to the main villa with Mary

That night, Kaz shared a bed with Matthew while Faye cosied up to Sam. And it sounds like Kaz and Matt did more than just sleep, as she gushed to the girls the next day about the NVQ level they were on, which is the girls’ code for “doing bits”.

Things weren’t going so well for Chloe, however, as Dale told her he wanted to get to know Faye better, resulting in her sleeping out on the sofa and leaving him in the bedroom.

Over at Casa Amor, Liam got very, up, close and personal with Lillie as the pair kissed on a day bed, shocking Jake as he walked by with his glass of wine. While there’s no denying he enjoyed the kiss, Liam later told the boys he saw more of a future with Millie than Lillie…

Sensing there was some tension between them, Dale pulled Chloe for a chat, telling her he wasn’t shutting her down the day before. Chloe jokingly asked if he’d changed his mind because Faye shared a bed with Sam and the duo put it behind them.

It was time for the contestants to face up to their decisions over the past couple of days, as the recoupling commenced. Cue Laura Whitmore strutting into the villa like a boss!

First up was Chloe, who had been coupled up with Hugo. Before Hugo left for Casa Amor, he told her he could see something romantic between them, however, she let him down gently. When the twist kicked off, Chloe was immediately drawn to Dale, so chose to couple up with him at the recoupling.

And there was no love lost between her and Hugo as he then walked in with Amy, gushing that he’d finally found what was missing from his Love Island experience – aww!

Next was Abi, who was coupled up with Toby. She decided to stick with her man, despite his previous antics, and was shocked when Toby later returned to the villa with new girl Mary.

“I feel sorry for the girl,” Mary said when host Laura questioned her about Toby’s decision.

The girls all looked on in shock, with Chloe muttering some very choice words.

But if this is the reaction to Toby –  who we all know hasn’t exactly been the most loyal since the start of the show –  what are they going to do if Liam comes back with Lillie?

Episode 27

Love Island girls receive a postcard from Casa Amor
Love Island girls receive a postcard from Casa Amor

The islanders settled down for another night, with Chloe inviting Dale into her bed. The other girls continued to sleep on the day beds or sofas.

Over at Casa Amor, Tyler shared a bed with Clarisse, while Hugo was with Amy, Liam was with Lillie once again and it was the second night in a row for Mary and Toby. Jake and Teddy were on the day beds again.

But while most people went to sleep, Tyler and Clarisse had more than just some pillow talk, and the cameras caught every moment of their kiss just in time for the Casa Amor postcard.

The next morning, Chloe noticed they’d received some post and went to collect it, only to see a postcard revealing what the boys had been getting up to during their time away with the message: “Wish you were here.”

In one pic, Liam could be seen sleeping beside Lillie, Teddy was photographed kissing Clarisse, Tyler was snapped in bed with his tongue down Clarisse’s throat, Toby was caught in 4K lipsing Mary,  Hugo was having a good time with Amy, and Jake could be seen laughing and joking with Mary.

“Oh my God!” Chloe shouted, as she went back to share the news with the others girls.

And they didn’t take it very well, with Liberty throwing the card in the pool.

Kaz cried as she realised Tyler might not be the guy she thought he was, while Abigail sobbed over Toby.

That evening, Faye and Kaz decided they would no longer be sleeping outdoors and would try and get to know the other boys.

Abigail, however, said she wasn’t going to think too much into Toby’s picture as it could have been a challenge – whatever you say, babe!

The Casa Amor boys took the postcard as an opportunity to graft the girls who they thought were already taken.

As they settled down for the evening, Matthew chatted to Kaz, and it wasn’t long before they were locking lips. Tyler, who?

Episode 26

What happened on Love Island last night
Love Island episode 26

Casa Amor continued with the islanders having to decide on the sleeping arrangements. While all the main girls chose to either sleep outside on a day bed or in the living room, things were a little different over at the Casa Amor villa.

Teddy and Jake opted for the day bed, but Toby got right into bed with Mary, while Tyler shared with Amy, Liam slept beside Lillie and Hugo was with Kaila, although he’d have preferred to be with Amy, which he told her.

Amy revealed that she chose to sleep in Tyler’s bed because she didn’t think Hugo was going to ask her.

The next morning, Clarisse chatted to Teddy and told him she thought she was better suited to him than Faye.

Meanwhile, Lillie put all her cards on the table with Liam, who admitted he found her attractive.

The villas then went head to head in a challenge where they had to complete a series of tasks in the quickest time. But, minds soon wandered when the girls realised their boys would be kissing the new girls.

Liberty especially panicked when the islanders were told the shortest boy needed to kiss the girl he fancied most, as she knew this would be Jake.

In the end, the villas scored the same amount of points, so were both treated to a party.

Later that day, Tyler got speaking to Clarisse and the conversation became quite flirty as she admitted he was one of her top choices.

Could this be a new couple?

Episode 25

What happened on Love Island last night
Love Island Episode 25

Things got juicy as Casa Amor kicked off with Teddy receiving a message telling the boys to secretly leave the villa.

As the boys snuck out of the main villa, the girls chatted on the balcony. But when the girls returned to the bedroom, Liberty noticed the boys were nowhere to be seen.

Over at the Casa Amor villa, the boys got comfortable before six new girls – Clarisse, Mary, Lillie, Amy, Salma and Kaila – walked in.

They got to know each other and it was immediately down to business as Toby asked who the girls liked. Some kept their cards a little closer to their chest, but Clarisse made it very clear she had her eye on Teddy.

The boys were definitely feeling the pressure from the new girls, with Jake encouraging the boys to get to know the girls as that’s what he’d be doing if he wasn’t in an official relationship.

Back at the main villa, the girls were joined by new boys Medhy, Jake, Harry, Matthew, Sam and Dale. And it was like heaven for single girl Chloe, who admitted Dale was her fave out of the bunch.

Later that evening, everyone got dressed up for an evening of fun. At Casa Amor, Amy and Hugo decided they should play a game of Truth and Dare and it got very heated, from toe sucking to three-way kisses, body kisses and lap dancing.

The same couldn’t be said for the main villa, however, where they kept it pretty PG by playing a game of Never Have I Ever.

Episode 24

What happened on Love Island last night
Love Island episode 24

The islanders enjoyed a Sports Day, which got a little awkward at some points with Faye making a joke about Abi stealing Chloe’s man. Nevertheless, it was the pink team – which Chloe was in – that came out on top and won the challenge.

Later that day, Toby finally apologised to Chloe for his behaviour and she forgave him. Chloe then went to clear the air with Abi and wished them well.

There were a lot of very serious conversations happening this evening, as Hugo confided in Aaron about his feelings for Chloe, admitting he could see more than a friendship. Aaron encouraged him to speak to Chloe because he didn’t want his pal to regret it.

Aaron then had his own chat with Lucinda, during which he told her he “likes” her – aww, cute!

But just as it was all going smoothly, the islanders received a text telling them to gather around the fire pit.

They were told that the public had been voting for their favourite couple, and the couple with the fewest votes would be going home.

The islanders took turns to read out the couples who were safe, until it was just Teddy and Faye and Lucinda and Aaron standing.

It was then revealed that Lucinda and Aaron had received the fewest votes and would therefore be going home, as Lucinda, 21, flopped down on a chair in tears. At least they have one another to go home with, which can’t be said for poor Georgia!

Following the elimination, Hugo decided to be honest with Chloe, but it wasn’t good news as she told him she didn’t feel the same and didn’t think there could be anything romantic between them.

There’s always Casa Amor, Hugo, which we know is coming very soon!

Episode 23

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After the Islanders bid farewell to Georgia, who was dumped from the island after being left single, it was time for Hugo and Toby to have their tête-à-tête. Lucinda, who was picked by Aaron in the dramatic recoupling, declared: “Here’s to Georgia – the biggest breath of fresh air in here!’

To which Toby quipped: `’And to finding out two-faced mugs!”

Hugo remained resolute however, telling viewers in the Beach Hut: “I’m not going to take it back, I fully meant it. Hopefully I can grab Toby and try and smooth things over.”

“That’s not cool bro. I am shocked, that is s**t from you,” Toby told Hugo during their confrontation. “I’ve asked you your opinions and I am not angry about your opinions. Your opinion is completely valid. The fact is the way you went about it.”

“I still consider you family and I hope that we can get past this,” a contrite Hugo replied.

Chloe was still reeling from Hugo’s speech and decision to save her from being sent home, announcing in the Beach Hut: “Hugo Hammond – like the best person ever. I’ve never had a friend like that. I’m speechless. I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Meanwhile, love was also in the air on last night’s episode, as Liam and Millie embarked on their first ever date together, while Jake was ready to take his relationship with Liberty to the next level.

Jake told the boys: “I think it’s maybe time to take the plunge and put a label on it.”

Is Liberty ready to take the plunge?

Episode 22

What happened on Love Island last night
Love Island episode 22

The drama continued on Love Island with Toby and Abigail going for another chat as Chloe watched from afar. Abi asked Toby to link arms with her as it was hard to walk in her shoes on the decking and Chloe complained that he was being “disrespectful”.

Chlo decided to pull Toby for a chat and told him what she thought, but it didn’t go well and she walked off crying.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom in the vill though as Tyler and Kaz went to the balcony where they shared their first kiss.

Later that evening, Abigail spoke to Chloe, who pretended to be ok with things but later admitted in the beach hut, she didn’t want to hear what Abi had to say.

The next morning, Toby and Abi flirted in the kitchen and Chloe wasn’t feeling it at all, as she chatted to Hugo on a day bed. Hugo agreed that it wasn’t right what Toby was doing.

Chloe and Toby then sat down for a chat. He wanted to know where Chloe’s head was at, so he could decide about things, and she took this as a bad sign for their relationship.

Later that evening, Hugo pulled Georgia for a chat and admitted he didn’t think there was a “spark” between them.

The islanders were chilling in the garden when Faye received a text telling them to gather around the fire pit for a recoupling in which the boys would choose.

After new boy Tyler chose Kaz, it was left up to Toby and Hugo to make the final decisions.

Toby picked Abigail, meaning Chloe was now at risk of being dumped from the villa – that is until Hugo decided to save her as he delivered a speech which gave this year’s Love Island what it’s been missing.

Is there a new couple on the horizon?

Episode 21

Love Island's Tyler and Kaz
Love Island’s Tyler and Kaz

The dumping resumed with the boys having to choose which girl should go home, and the girls deciding which boy should go.

In the end, the islanders decided AJ and Danny would be leaving the villa. Everyone said their goodbyes, and the evening continued with three, new bombshells making their way into the villa.

Tyler, Abigail and Georgia arrived and all eyes were on 6ft 6in tall Tyler. He only had eyes for Kaz though, which he made very clear.

Meanwhile Georgia revealed she was crushing on Hugo, but he wanted to get to know both her and Abigail (who has size three feet by the way, which put a big smile on Jake’s face).

That night, Lucinda and Aaron slept out on a day bed and enjoyed lots of cuddles.

The next morning, Kaz and Tyler enjoyed another chat and new girl Abigail made a play for Toby, which didn’t sit well with Chloe.

Chloe told the others Toby hadn’t spoken to her since last night when they were both in the bottom three and it wasn’t making her feel secure in their relationship at all. She tried to speak to him, but he basically gave her nothing, which resulted in her crying and him complaining to the boys.

Could this be the end for Coby?

Episode 20 

Things got heated between Kaz and Toby as he pulled her for a chat to discuss the Snog, Marry, Pie game earlier that day. During the game, Kaz threw a pie in his face and he wanted to know her reasons behind it. She told him he was quite “disrespectful” with how he ended their situation to start things with Chloe, and he replied by saying he had no regrets and would do everything the same if he had to. Clearly annoyed, Kaz walked off.

After getting wind of Kaz and Toby’s conversation, Faye had a few choice words for Toby, which she yelled across the villa. Teddy wasn’t happy about this and told her to calm down, which she wasn’t happy about either.

Toby tried to sort things out with Kaz, but she refused to talk to him.

That evening, Aaron asked Lucinda if they should sleep outside together, but she told him: “Good things come to those who wait” and jumped back into bed with Danny.

The next day, Faye and Teddy were sent on their second date – a bike ride where they got to know each other better.

Back at the villa, Toby tried to approach Kaz once again, but she declined – awks! His boy Aaron helped him out later that day, however, bringing them together, as Toby apologised for how he’d articulated himself. Kaz forgave him and all was put to bed as the islanders enjoyed a 70s-theme party.

After having doubts over the last few days, Hugo decided to call things off with AJ, but she wasted no time grieving the loss as she ended up kissing Danny a few moments later. Looks like there’s a new couple in town!

But just as it was going well, the islanders received a text telling them to gather around the fire pit. And it was bad news.

It was revealed that the public had been voting for their favourite girl and boy, and the three girls and boys with the lowest votes would be at risk of being dumped.

Some of the islanders took turns to read out the bottom three girls and boys, which included: Lucinda, Chloe, AJ, Toby, Teddy and Danny.

It’s now up to the other islanders to decide who goes home – but who will it be?

Episode 19

What happened on Love Island last night
Danny pied Lucinda

The hideaway was opened for another night, and it was Chloe and Toby’s turn to get some alone time together. With the addition of some cream and melted chocolate, the duo got very up, close and personal in the special room, and they were all smiles when they shared the news with their friends the next morning.

During the day, the islanders were made to take part in a challenge of Snog, Marry, Pie and it got very tense between Danny and Lucinda.

Instead of kissing Luce, who he’s coupled up with, Danny decided to kiss AJ and chucked a big, cream pie in Lucinda’s face.

Lucinda decided not to retaliate by pieing him, but kissed Aaron who was right beside Danny, as she said: “It was so good, I had to come back for a second one!”

It’s safe to say this pushed them right over the edge as they later called things off, but not after Danny told her she was like a “matte-black Lamborghini that doesn’t start” – yikes!

Anyway, neither of them wasted time feeling sad, with Danny walking straight over to talk to AJ and Lucinda kissing Aaron just minutes later.

We guess that’s one way to move on!

Episode 18

What happened on Love Island last night
Love Island episode 18

The recoupling resumed and up first was AJ, who decided to couple up with Hugo. Next was new boy Danny, who’d previously enjoyed dates with Kaz and Sharon, so it was a big surprise to the rest of the islanders when he chose Lucinda, who had been getting close to Aaron – not that this stopped Aaron from trying to kiss her like 10 minutes later, but we’ll get to that part in a moment.

With Lucinda coupled up with Danny, Aaron honoured his friendship relationship with Kaz. Teddy was the last guy to pick and only Sharon and Faye were left standing. As he’d already been coupled up with Faye and things were going well between them, he picked her again, meaning Sharon had been dumped from the villa.

The islanders all said their goodbyes and relaxed in the garden for the evening. At this point, Aaron decided to grab Lucinda for a chat and told her he was still going to try and get to know her. She agreed. As he noticed Danny watching from afar, Aaron told Lucinda he’d kiss her right in front of him as he leant in for a kiss. Lucinda swerved him and walked off to tell Danny what had happened, and he wasn’t happy as he had a heated exchange with Aaron.

After a very long day, the islanders settled down. The next day, they had a challenge which saw the girls pretending to be cats and the boys dressed as mice. Kaz didn’t hold back as she pulled Aaron in for a long snog, and Lucinda and Danny shared their first kiss.

Later that day, Danny spoke to Lucinda about things and asked her to be honest with him about her feelings as his “worse fear” would be her mugging him off. Following the conversation, Lucinda walked over to Aaron and shared what had just happened. Danny could see them talking and the look on his face said it all!

It’s safe to say, Lucinda has got some decisions to make…

Episode 17

Liam and AJ in Love Island 2021
Liam and AJ in Love Island 2021

Following Brad’s departure earlier this week, new arrival AJ is busy making her mark on the villa, starting off by getting to know Liam – and the two seemed to have a connection.

In the beach hut, AJ said: “We definitely have a lot in common. When I look at him, for me it’s lots of sexual chemistry.”

AJ had also taken some time to get to know Teddy, but he said he was still “happy” with Faye, which seemed to stop any potential romance in its tracks.

Elsewhere in the villa, Danny went on dates with both Kaz and Sharon, discussing that he’s looking for an ambitious partner on both occasions.

Sharon agreed that ambition is “really important”, but ultimately Danny ended up gravitating towards Lucinda, leaving fans to speculate he will couple up with her.

At the latest recoupling, the results of which will be revealed next episode, AJ will have first choice, followed by Danny and the rest of the boys, with the unchosen girl leaving the villa for good.

Episode 16

What happened on Love Island last night
Love Island episode 16

The boys got to know new girl AJ better, before the girls joined them.

Faye later told Millie and Lucinda she wasn’t too worried about AJ when it came to Teddy because she rated herself “higher” than the hair extension technician, 28.

Elsewhere in the villa, things were heating up between Lucinda and Aaron. During a conversation with Jake and Liam in the kitchen, Lucinda admitted she needed to stop talking about Brad and being sad, and the boys encouraged her to get to know some of the others in the villa.

Lucinda said she didn’t know who wanted to get to know her and they mentioned Aaron had liked her from before, so she decided to pull him for a chat and he didn’t hold back, telling her he’d rather get to know her than AJ.

The next day, Faye was keen to make AJ feel welcome, but Teddy wondered if she was just marking her territory. Later that day, Teddy and AJ had a chat, and they had a lot in common as they talked star signs and travelling.

From the kitchen, Toby could see and hear all the laughing, and he asked Faye as she filled up her water bottle what she thought of the whole thing.

Acting oblivious, Faye pretended she hadn’t seen what was going on but went on about it for a little while, if you ask us.

Sharon and Hugo finally had a chat about things and he admitted he only saw them as friends.

To spice things up, Faye asked the islanders to play a game of egg sucking where they had to pass an egg from their lips to another person. If they dropped it, they’d have to kiss the other player.

Hugo dropped his egg on purpose so he could have a little smooch with AJ, but it was Kaz who won the game.

Later that day, Kaz received a text which said a new boy, Danny Bibby, would be coming and she was first to join him for a date. Could this be the man for her?

Episode 15

What happened on Love Island last night

It was time for Brad and Lucinda to decide who would be going home.

After a quick discussion, Brad revealed to the rest of the islanders that he’d be leaving and Lucinda would be staying on to see if there’s any other “opportunities” for her. Hearing this comment angered Faye, as she stepped away from the rest of the girls once Brad had left and told Sharon that she couldn’t be around the fake behaviour because people shouldn’t come on Love Island for “opportunities” but rather for “love.”

Following the votes, there was also trouble in paradise for Toby and Chloe, as he told her they were “f**ked” for being in the bottom three. Chloe got very annoyed by his comments and went off to sob to Millie, calling Toby “fake” and lots of other names.

At this point, Toby went to speak to Kaz and asked if he’d handled their situation wrong. Chloe and Toby managed to put things behind them before the night was over and all the islanders settled down from the long day.

The next day, they had to take part in a challenge of girls verses boys, where the winning team would win a bombshell of the opposite sex.

Despite the girls pretty much smashing round one and two, it was the boys who came out on top, and in walked new girl Andrea-Jane Bunker later that evening as the girls watched from the balcony.

Episode 14

Love Island episode 14

The Love Island Hideaway was opened for a second night, with winning couple Liam and Millie getting to spend the night together away from the prying eyes of the other islanders. And they certainly made the most of it, unlocking the new drawers under the bed and getting dressed up in some costumes.

The next morning, Toby and Jake decided to make breakfast for their girls. It comes after Liberty opened up about her feelings for Jake, admitting she was starting to get “feels”.

Over on the balcony, Sharon told Kaz she might have changed her mind about Hugo – who she’s in a friendship couple with – and was beginning to see him differently. Could a new romance be on the horizon?

Lucinda then received a message that she’d be going on a date with Brad that day, so the duo went off and got ready to leave.

During their date they got to know each other a little better and Brad told her he didn’t see his head turning for anyone else.

Later that day, Kaz decided to do some digging and asked Hugo if he thought there could ever be anything between him and Sharon. Hugo gushed about their great friendship but hoped somebody would come in to make them both happy.

Kaz shared the news with Sharon but told her pal that Hugo didn’t seem against getting to know someone already in the villa.

Brad and Lucinda returned from their date and the islanders got dressed up for the evening but it wasn’t long before Liam received a message telling them to gather at the fire pit.

The islanders were told that the public had been voting for the most compatible couple and those with the least votes would be at risk of being dumped.

Liam and Millie, Jake and Liberty, Kaz and Aaron and Faye and Teddy received the most votes from the public and were safe from being dumped.

This meant Brad and Lucinda, Toby and Chloe and Sharon and Hugo received the fewest votes.

Out of nowhere a Love Island twist was thrown into the mix as it was revealed that Brad and Lucinda had received the lowest votes overall and would have to pick who to send home out of the two of them.

Will it be Brad or Lucinda leaving the villa? Or will they do it for love and both walk?

Episode 13

Love Island episode 13

It was time for the boys to decide who they wanted to couple up with and Teddy had a very big decision to make.

With Aaron choosing to couple up with his pal Kaz and Hugo saving Sharon, this left Faye and Rachel standing at the end of the recoupling.

In the end, Teddy chose Faye, putting an end to Rachel’s Love Island journey.

The next day, the islanders were made to take part in a challenge known as Spit the Roast, where they had to transfer an entire roast dinner to their partner’s mouth and present it on a plate. The couple who presented their meal in the best way would be the winners.

Speaking with Brad in the Beach Hut, Lucinda said: “I think we work really well together. You take things quite seriously. You’re quite competitive.”

Later that day, Millie sat down for a chat with Liam, where she expressed some doubts about them. She told him she wanted to have more “deep conversations” and he responded by kissing her.

Faye was also having some doubts of her own as she told Sharon and Liberty she feared opening up to a man. She decided to come clean to Teddy about her feelings and the pair shared their first kiss.

Episode 12

What happened on Love Island last night

New boy Teddy made his villa debut by enjoying speed dates with four ladies in the villa. The islanders decided to send Kaz, Rachel, Sharon and Faye on the dates as they were all single.

First up was Kaz, who was so mesmerised, she forgot to ask what Teddy did for a living – he’s a senior financial consultant in case you’re wondering.

Next up was Rachel, who turned it up a notch by chatting about orgasms with Ted.

Then came Sharon, who wasted no time finding out what Teddy did for work, later on joking to the girls that she needed to know how much money he makes.

Last but not least was Faye, who admitted she hadn’t found someone in the villa yet because she wasn’t willing to “fake” her feelings.

While Faye was on her date, Liam saw this as the perfect time to grab Millie for a kiss and the pair shared their first snog outside of a challenge.

Once their date had finished, Faye brought Teddy back to meet the others. Lucinda tried to question him about the girls, but he thought it’d be best to speak to the boys first, not that he gave very much away to them.

That night, Millie and Liam and Chloe and Toby slept outside on a day bed, and Chlo had lots to share with the girls in the morning.

As she sat down for her daily chat with Lucinda and Millie, Chloe revealed some “huge” details about Toby.

Later on, Chloe could be seen having a conversation with Teddy, but Kaz wasn’t about to let her take another man from her, as she walked over to them and pulled Ted away for a chat – fair play to her!

With this being his first full day in the villa, it was all about grafting for Teddy, so he spoke to all four girls that day. But it looked like there could be a lot more tension between him and Rachel, and him and Faye, whose eyes he complimented.

We wonder who he’ll choose in the imminent recoupling, where the boys will get to choose and one girl will be sent home…

Episode 11

What happened on Love Island last night

Friday’s episode (9th July) saw Toby finally come clean with Kaz, having kissed Chloe the night before.

“A part of me is definitely nervous to speak to Kaz because the way I progressed with Kaz was very slow,” he said in the Beach Hut. “But with Chloe, it went zero to hundred miles per hour.”

Pulling Kaz for a chat at the fire pit, Toby said: “I was speaking to her and it’s just good. It’s led to somewhere. I feel like it’s more than friends. We have kissed outside the challenge.”

When Kaz pressed him as to whether the kiss occurred that day or the day before, Toby admitted: “I kissed her last night. Yesterday, with everything happening I thought it would be best to tell you today.”

Though she was hurt by the news, Kaz handled it like a pro, with viewers praising her for her calm reaction.

After the screaming match the previous night, Chloe and Faye also cleared the air, with the latter apologising for “losing [her] s**t”.

“Obviously, I pulled Kaz and said I do want to get to know Toby,” Chloe explained. “I went about it the wrong way. I feel really bad but the same way I do want to get to know him. I don’t know the best way to go about this.”

In the end, it seemed the girls were moving on from their blazing row.

Elsewhere, Brad and Lucinda shared a kiss and Jake and Liberty headed out on their first official date, with things getting more serious for the pair.

“I didn’t expect to come into Love Island and literally find what we’ve got,” she told her beau, whom she has been coupled up with since day one. “Like, I do obviously like you a little bit,” she continued.”

Though some fans still aren’t buying Jake’s commitment to Liberty, he did tell her: “Moving forward, you know what I want, you know that I want you – put it in black and white: I want you.”

Later, back in the villa, Liberty dropped a big revelation on Kaz, saying: “I might be a little bit falling…”

Not one to let her friend get away with tailing off and leaving it unsaid, Kaz teased: “Falling where? You might be a little bit falling where?”

Giggling in protest, Liberty eventually confessed: “I think I might be falling in love.”

Meanwhile, in the evening, Faye received a text: “Girls, Teddy is waiting in the Hideaway terrace, you must now choose four girls to join him on a speed date. #FourPlay #GoSteadyWithTeddy.”

Fans will have to wait to find out which four lucky ladies head on a date with the new boy.

Episode 10

It was drama central on tonight’s Love Island.

Following her break up with Aaron, Sharon decided to don her sexiest PJs to sleep beside him.

The two new girls settled down after their first full day in the villa and the next morning, Brad and Hugo brought them iced coffees bright and early. Millie was annoyed that Liam hadn’t made her a cuppa in the morning, but she wasn’t so upset that she didn’t choose him out all the boys in the challenge later that day.

Chloe had a conversation with Lucinda where she revealed Toby was her type and she later pulled Toby for a chat. He admitted he was “intrigued” by her and said he’d be willing to get to know her.

It was time for the islanders to play a game of Line of Booty, where they had to choose a boy to lock up but not before deciding if they wanted to give him a kiss.

Chloe chose Toby and smacked a big kiss right on his lips, leaving Kaz shocked as she called her “sneaky”.

Poor Hugo wasn’t picked by any of the girls.

What happened on Love Island last night
Love Island episode 10

At the end of the game, the guys voted Kaz the sexiest girl, which she was very pleased about considering Chloe had just kissed her man.

Later that evening, Kaz sat down with Chloe for a chat where she admitted she wasn’t happy about how Chlo had gone about things.

Chloe, Millie, Lucinda and Rachel then had a conversation on the day beds and Chloe questioned whether she should pull Toby for a chat. Rachel stood up at this point and said she didn’t want to be seen to be part of this decision as she walked over to Faye to reveal what had just happened.

But Chloe could sense something was up and couldn’t keep her eyes off the duo as they spoke quietly.

Faye clocked that Chloe was listening and told her to stop eavesdropping and have her own conversation, resulting in lots of shouting and screaming from the two ladies.

Over in the kitchen, Hugo advised Toby about his relationship with Kaz and told him he didn’t see that working on the outside. The boys later asked Toby if he had sexual attraction for Kaz to which he said no, but revealed it was definitely “there” for Chloe.

What happened on Love Island last night
Toby and Chloe shared a kiss last night

Liberty laid down the law with Jake, telling him she wouldn’t be giving him 110 per cent if he was just going to get to crack on with every blonde girl who came into the villa.

It was finally time for Kaz and Toby to have a conversation and it didn’t go well for Kaz, as he told her he’d like to explore and see where things go with Chloe because he wasn’t sure why he was moving so “slow” with her.

She handled the situation very graciously, and went over to speak to Aaron and Sharon.

With things now clear between him and Kaz, Toby and Chloe went for a chat on the balcony, and it soon got very heated as they shared another kiss.

Episode 9

Love Island episode 9

The girls arrived back at the villa from their brunch outing and got to know new girls Millie and Lucinda better.

After a little bit of chit chat, Rachel asked what everyone really wanted to know: “Who do you fancy?”

Lucinda revealed she had her eye on Brad, to which Rachel responded: “You’re Brad’s type.”

Following the conversation, Rachel revealed in the Beach Hut that she thought Lucinda might see her as a threat because she wanted Brad, and therefore wasn’t trying to make friends with her.

Later in the day, Lucinda and Millie received texts telling them they’d each get to choose three boys to cook them a starter, main and dessert.

Millie chose Aaron for starters, Liam for mains and Hugo for dessert while Millie went with Brad to start off with, Hugo for her main course, and Aaron for the final dish.

As the other islanders watched from over the balcony, the dates commenced. And it got very heated, especially on Liam and Millie’s date. The duo couldn’t take their eyes off each other as they flirted across the table.

Lucinda seemed to get on very well with Brad and Aaron. And poor Sharon couldn’t help herself as she told Toby she didn’t care that Aaron was on a date because he’d be getting into bed with her later that night and giving her cuddles.

But she couldn’t have been more wrong as shortly after his date with Lucinda, Aaron called it off with Sharon. His reasons were: he preferred a more “calm” partner and needed to be with someone who “loved” kids.

Sharon said it was “unfair” for him to just say he doesn’t want to continue rather than having a conversation about it.

Will they get back together? Or is this the end for Sharon and Aaron?

Episode 8

Love Island 2021 update

It all kicked off in the villa as the islanders played a game to see how well the couples knew one another.

The boys were asked what they like in a woman, to which Hugo said he didn’t want a “fake” girl. Later on another question came up, where Hugo repeated: “So not fake” and it appeared to anger Faye and Sharon.

“That’s ignorant as f**k!” Sharon said, as Faye shouted: “Yeah, what the f**k!”

Hugo’s comment comes after the girls revealed the cosmetic surgery they’d undergone, with Faye admitting to a boob job, Botox and breast implants. Sharon also shared the work she’d had done and so did a few of the other girls.

However, Faye and Sharon in particular weren’t pleased with how he’d shared his preference.

Hugo later pulled Sharon for a chat where he explained he didn’t mean anything malicious by it and asked how he could make it up to her. Sharon said there wasn’t much he could do and he started crying.

She consoled him at the time, but Faye wasn’t over the argument, telling Sharon: “I don’t give a f**k if he’s upset. F**k off!”

Later on, Faye explained to Hugo that it wasn’t fair to label women “fake” for having cosmetic surgery because he didn’t know the reasons why people had work done.

She then opened up about feeling “undeveloped” as a teenager and revealed her parents bought her a boob job for her 18th birthday as a result.

Hugo apologised and all was put to rest.

The next day, the girls were sent on a much needed brunch date, where they chatted about their other halves.

While they were away, the boys enjoyed a cold beer by the pool, but it wasn’t long before they were joined by new girls Millie and Lucinda.

What happened on Love Island last night
The Love Island boys got to know new girls Millie and Lucinda

It’s safe to say they all liked what they saw, especially Brad who couldn’t take his eyes off Lucinda.

The original girls decided to send the boys a picture from their day out, but they were left shocked when they received a group photo of the guys and two new girls.

Rachel turned into a detective as she examined the picture and noticed Brad had his hand on Lucinda’s waist.

Could he be about to jump ship?

Episode 7

What happened on Love Island last night

After being in the villa for 24 hours, it was finally time for Rachel to make her decision, with the luxury travel specialist deciding to couple up with Brad. This meant that Chuggs would be going home.

The entrepreneur packed his bags and said his goodbyes to everyone, including Rachel who told there were no hard feelings.

Toby decided to tell Kaz how he feels and explained to her that he’d been off the past few days. The pair then decided to take the next step in their couple and shared a kiss outside of a challenge. Kaz then asked if she’d be getting cuddles in bed that night, to which he nodded and she cheered.

With all the islanders coupled up, the hideaway was opened for the first night and Liberty and Jake were chosen to enjoy a night there.

The pair enjoyed a night of saucy massages and lots of cuddles and got to know each other a little better. In the main bedroom, things got heated between Rachel and Brad who couldn’t keep their hands off each other as they kissed in bed.

The next morning, Rachel told the girls about her night with Brad, but it was Faye who was feeling a little worried about her and Liam as she admitted she just wasn’t finding a connection in the villa.

What happened on Love Island last night
Sharon told Aaron that she didn’t want to have children

All the couples were treated to a brunch that morning and the conversations got a little heated.

Sharon told Aaron she’d only ever dated doctors and lawyers, and was always against having children because in her past relationships, she was always the one who did more work around the house.  Aaron took this to mean she wasn’t “ready” to be a “housewife” and let a guy be the “breadwinner.” Not quite what she said, but ok.

Liam told Faye he didn’t like cats, even though she revealed she had two who came with her while she was walking her dogs.

And Jake admitted to Liberty he’d be interested in getting to know other girls in the villa.

The best conversation was probably between friendship couple Chloe and Hugo, who enjoyed their pastries in peace.

Brad and Rachel’s chat really shocked viewers as he advised her to get to know other people in the villa despite telling her the day before that she was the closest to his type there.

Rachel didn’t take their conversation well and pulled Faye for a chat, as she cried. Could she have made the wrong decision by saving Brad?

Liberty was also starting to worry about her and Jake following their brunch conversation, and when she later spoke to Kaz she decided that she was going to take a step back from things with him.

And it looked like her revelation couldn’t have come at a worse time as a preview for the next day’s episode showed two new girls – Lucinda and Millie – arriving in the villa, and they’re both blonde – you know Jake’s type.

But it was Toby’s reaction to the ladies that Kaz might want to be mindful of.

We wonder whose heads will turn next…

Episode 6

Love Island episode 6
Rachel has to choose to couple up with either Chuggs or Brad

The grafting began, as Chuggs and Brad proved to new girl Rachel that they were the best man.

Brad told her she was his type on paper, while Chuggs admitted he was attracted to her confidence.

The girls wanted to get to know Rachel a little better and find out who she was feeling in the villa. Although she admitted she doesn’t really have a type, she revealed Toby had caught her eye.

The islanders settled down for the evening and got into bed with their new partners, and Sharon and Aaron wasted no time as they kissed throughout the night.

The next day, Brad made sure he got right in there with Rachel, bringing the luxury travel specialist, 29, a cup of peppermint tea in the morning.

Chuggs offered her some breakfast, but she admitted she wasn’t much of a breakfast person so they chatted on the day beds instead.

Later that day, Rachel had another conversation with Brad and she didn’t hold back as she told him that she thought she’d be able to “trust” Chuggs more and he looked like a “f*** boy” – ouch!

It looked like there could be trouble in paradise for Kaz and Toby. While Kaz told the girls she’d like him to kiss her outside of a challenge, Toby admitted to the boys he might not like her as much as she likes him.

Jake was also having more doubts about him and Liberty as he revealed to the guys he’d be interested in getting to know another blonde with “blue or green eyes” if she came in the villa.

It was time for the islanders to play a cheeky game, which saw the boys stripping down to nothing but a pair of thongs. Brad was voted the sexiest guy, but it wasn’t clear if that had swayed Rachel’s decision, with the newcomer keeping her cards close to her chest.

That evening, the islanders gathered by the fire pit for Rachel to reveal who she wanted to couple up with.

We wonder who she’ll choose.

Episode 5

Love Island episode 5

After their dates, Sharon and Chuggs and Faye and Liam held hands on their way back to the fire pit, making Hugo (rightfully) wonder if his budding romance with Faye was at risk.

Shortly after, Chloe received a text confirming there would be a recoupling in which the girls got to choose which boy to couple with.

Fashion blogger Kaz was first, and she decided to stick with Toby despite newcomer Chuggs’ attempts to charm her earlier on in the evening.

“I would like to couple up with this boy because every time we spend time together he makes me feel really happy. I’m excited to get to know him more and more each day,” she said.

Next up was Sharon, who decided to couple up with Aaron. The pair have already had their fair share of kisses in the competition’s first five days, so it’s no surprise that the civil servant ditched PE teacher Hugo.

Liberty decided to stick with Jake, but it was Faye who provided the most dramatic twist of the night. The letting agent decided to ditch Brad and go for newcomer Liam after their date, leaving Hugo gutted.

It was up to Chloe, who had been previously paired up with Aaron, to choose between Hugo, Chuggs and Brad. In the end, she picked Hugo.

Chuggs and Brad will have to impress the latest bombshell to enter the villa if they don’t want to get dumped next week. Newcomer Rachel Finni was introduced at the end of the episode, and she has 24 hours to couple up with one of them. Who will she choose?

Episode 4

Love Island Episode 4
Sharon was sent on a date with new boy Chuggs and Faye was sent on a date with Liam

Following their fallout from the night before, Brad and Faye made up as he offered her a glass of wine. Up on the balcony, things got a little steamy between Sharon and Aaron who shared another kiss. And Aaron couldn’t hide it as he returned to a day bed with Kaz and Toby with some of Sharon’s make-up on his face!

Love was certainly in the air as Jake and Liberty enjoyed a kiss on a day bed, and Hugo made a move on Faye.

But, by the morning it seemed things had changed for Jake who told the boys he found Lib attractive but didn’t want to rip her clothes off.

It was the perfect time for Love Island to introduce new boys Chuggs Wallis and Liam Reardon, who the public voted to take Sharon and Faye on dates.

Off the girls went, with Faye sitting down for a date with 6ft 6in tall Liam. On the other table, Sharon got to know Chuggs, who we can confirm is actually called Oliver. Chuggs is his nickname and stands for “cuddles and hugs” – yep, makes total sense!

During the date, Chuggs asked Sharon if she’d been talking to anyone, to which she revealed she was coupled up with Hugo and had a chat with Aaron. That “chat” with Aaron kind of looked like a kiss to us, but if that’s what you call it, Sharon!

The girls returned to the villa with the new boys and it looked like some more drama could be on the way as Love Island revealed there’d be a recoupling on Friday night’s show, where the girls would choose the boy they’d like to couple up with.

We wonder who they’ll choose…

Episode 3

Love Island 2021 Shannon
Shannon Singh was the first contestant to be dumped from the villa

Things really heated up on the ITV dating show in episode three, as Chloe revealed who she wanted to couple up with. The marketing executive decided she wanted to get to know Aaron better, leaving Shannon Singh single.

Shannon wasn’t too bothered, that is, until she received a message saying she’d be going home. This had to be one of the most brutal dumpings the series has ever seen, leading fans to speculate that Shannon could be returning and her exit was actually part of a major plot twist.

Nevertheless, the model, 21, was made to pack her bags, say goodbye and everyone continued with their day as if she’d never even been there – very awkward!

The next day, Sharon and Hugo sat down for a chat as she felt he wasn’t really giving her much attention, and to be honest, nothing really came from this chat, but we’ll see.

Toby and Kaz were sent on their first date, but something just didn’t seem right if you ask us. During the picnic, Kaz asked Toby what his type is, to which he responded: “energy!” And when he asked for a kiss on the cheek at the end of the date, viewers wondered if the two could have very different feelings for one another.

Love Island 2021
Chloe chose to couple up with Aaron

Back in the villa, Kaz gushed to the girls about her date, calling the footballer “sweet” and Toby told the boys he’d managed to successfully uncork the bottle of champagne they were drinking on the date – interesting.

And it looks like Toby wasn’t the only guy with some misplaced feelings, with Brad telling the guys in the bedroom that he was no longer feeling Faye. He was very open about the fact he didn’t fancy her and even told new girl Chloe he’d rather be in a friendship couple with her.

His honesty was great, but he just forgot to tell the one person he was talking about – Faye. And things went from 0 to 100 real quick during a game of beer pong later that day.

Brad was dared to kiss the girl he fancied the most and the girl he fancied the least. Cue, the first muggy move of the season as the labourer, 26, walked over to Chloe for the first kiss and then Faye for his second kiss.

As she should, Faye pulled Brad for a chat once the game was over and an argument broke out between the pair.

It’s safe to say these two don’t like each other very much, but Brad might need to be careful if he doesn’t want to find himself in the same position as Miss Shannon.

At the end of the episode, ITV revealed to viewers that two new boys would be on the way and they’d each be taking one girl out. We sure hope Faye is one of them!

Episode 2

What happened on Love Island last night
Love Island’s Sharon and Aaron shared a kiss during the game

Love Island continued from the night before, with all the boys deciding to go on a date with new girl Chloe.

After Toby broke the news to the rest of the girls, the guys set off to meet the Financial Services Marketing Executive, 25, who they chatted to about their current couplings.

Aaron made it very clear there wasn’t much of a spark between him and Shannon, while the others kept it pretty low key.

Back in the villa, Chloe met the girls, and it’s safe to say Liberty – who is also blonde (Jake’s type) – was feeling a little threatened by her arrival.

The next morning, Chloe made it her mission to get to know the boys better and it looked like there could be something with Aaron – not that his partner Shannon cared very much anyway.

It was then time for the islanders to get to know each other better in a game called ‘Horny Devils’ where the boys and girls took turns to read out dirty secrets and had to kiss the person who they thought it was about.

New girl Chlo laid on the factor 50, sharing kisses with three boys, while Liberty only had eyes for Jake. Sharon and Aaron shared a couple of kisses, too, while Toby got pied by Shannon who turned away when he tried to plant one on her (awks).

Once the game was over, it was time for Chloe to make her big decision with all the islanders gathering around the fire place.

But don’t think Love Island were going to give it to us so easily, as a preview of the next day’s episode revealed that a huge shock was on the way…

Episode 1

What happened on Love Island last night?

The show opened with our five fire female islanders entering the villa one by one, sharing what their type on paper (check: bad boy, tall, dark, handsome) and struggling to open a bottle of Prosecco, even Liberty, and she’s a waitress… They included Kaz, Liberty, Sharon, Faye and Shannon. The girls were then instructed to line up by the pool as host Laura Whitmore introduced them to the boys. Jake, a water engineer from Somerset bravely entered first, with only Liberty stepping forward, so he returned the favour and our first Love Island 2021 couple were spawned.

Next in was Aaron, a “high-end” events host, with both Kaz and Faye stepping forward. We had our first serving (make that two) of pie as he turned them down to pick “that, one number five” which was Shannon. Kaz seemed unperturbed, Faye was shooting daggers. Friendly PE teacher Hugo jogged in next but sadly none of the girls stepped forward, so he chose to couple up with Faye. Enter cheeky chappy Toby, who was also mugged off as no one stepped forward, so with nothing to lose, he chose to ‘steal’ Faye away from Hugo, sending a humiliated Hugo to the subs bench.

The final boy was Brad, a labourer from Northumberland – and most definitely not “a Libra, from North London” as some viewers had misheard. Blue eyed Brad proved the most popular as Faye, Liberty and Sharon all stepped forward for him. He coupled up with Faye, while Hugo picked Sharon, leaving Kaz and Toby to pair up. Kaz deserved better.

Cracks in the couplings were appearing already though as Jake told the lads he wasn’t getting that “I want to rip off all your clothes off” vibe from Liberty (harsh), Brad seemed to pie off Faye by telling her that he wants to get to know the other girls, and Shannon was finding Aaron’s chat dry. In fact, it was only Kaz and Toby that appeared to be hitting it off and enjoying each others banter.

Later on, to break the ice – after a few Proseccos and some sexy montage shots – the couples were enlisted to play a game of dares, which resulted in Sharon sucking the life out of Hugo’s earlobes, Toby awkwardly licking Kaz’s freshly manicured toe while Jake filmed it, and Faye and Brad snogging like COVID was a thing of the past.

To stir up drama, the show closed with a new bombshell named Chloe waiting outside the villa, and telling the boys via a voice note that she can’t wait to go on a date with them, and that one boy should put himself forward first. Who will it be? Probably Brad, but we’ll be tuning in to find out tonight.


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