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Love Island 2022 cast: Full line-up of contestants for season 8

Here's all the Love Island 2022 contestants - including the latest bombshells.

Published: Tuesday, 28th June 2022 at 4:15 pm
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It's all happening on ITV2's Love Island!


Season 8 kicked off on Monday, 30th May and introduced us to a new batch of islanders looking for love. For the first time ever, a new Love Island twist saw the public choose the first set of couples.

Davide Sanclimenti later entered the villa as the first bombshell, and got things started when he stole Gemma from Liam.

Over the weeks we've seen many new contestants join, with Charlie and Antigoni being the newest islanders to arrive in the villa.

With Casa Amor expected to place any day now, it's likely we could be seeing a lot more contestants very soon.

As the show continues, here's everything you need to know about the Love Island 2022 line-up so far, including who has already left the villa.

Love Island cast 2022: Full line-up of contestants for season 8

Contestants in the Love Island 2022 villa this year are as follows:

  • Paige Thorne (24)
  • Indiyah Polack (23)
  • Tasha Ghouri (23)
  • Gemma Owen (19)
  • Dami Hope (26)
  • Andrew Le Page (27)
  • Luca Bish (23)
  • Davide Sanclimenti (27)
  • Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu (27)
  • Jacques O'Neill (23)
  • Jay Younger (28)
  • Danica Taylor (21)
  • Antigoni Buxton (26)
  • Charlie Radnedge (28)
  • Amber Beckford (24) - DUMPED
  • Ikenna Ekwonna (23) - DUMPED
  • Afia Tonkmor (25) - DUMPED
  • Remi Lambert (22) - DUMPED
  • Liam Llewellyn (22) - QUIT

Here is all you need to know about the contestants.

Charlie Radnedge

Love Island 2022 contestant Charlie Radnedge
Love Island 2022 contestant Charlie Radnedge ITV

Age: 28

From: London

Occupation: Real estate development

Instagram: @charlieradnedge

Entered: Day 17

Who is Charlie coupled up with? Charlie is in a couple with Ekin-Su.

Real estate developer Charlie Radnedge arrived in the villa on Day 17 and has a liking for "fiery women". Ekin-Su, anyone?

Before walking into the villa, Charlie said of those he would like to get to know: "Ekin-Su, Paige and Tasha. But I’m keeping an open mind until I meet them. I might get on with someone I didn’t fancy before.

"I’m very much on the personality side of things and whether you vibe with someone. Ekin-Su is more towards my classic type. Paige seems like a very, very nice girl. Tasha seems like good fun as well. I find her quite intriguing - I want to find out more about her."

Will he find what he desires in the villa?

Antigoni Buxton

Antigioni Buxton
Antigoni Buxton in Love Island 2022 ITV

Age: 26

From: London

Occupation: Singer

Instagram: @antigoni

Entered: Day 17

Who is Antigoni coupled up with: The singer is with Davide.

Singer Antigoni Buxton has big dreams and a big voice and has already caused a stir since arriving in the villa and already showing a liking for Jay Younger.

"I’ve been single for almost a year and a half and for the whole of the last year my goal has been to have as many different experiences as possible. I really just want to say ‘yes’ to things. Why not? It’ll be fun. I’m a Cypriot girl and I love being in the sun. I’ve got nothing to lose!" Antigoni revealed before heading into the villa.

Asked what she thinks she'll bring to the show, she said: "I think I’m going to bring a positive energy - I’m a very positive person."

Antigoni has already made fast friends with the rest of the girls, but will she end up coupled up with the man of her dreams?

Danica Taylor

Danica Taylor in Love Island 2022
Danica Taylor in Love Island 2022 ITV

Age: 21

From: Leicester

Occupation: Dancer

Instagram: _danicataylor

Entered: Day 12

Who is Danica coupled up with? Danica is with Jacques, after Jay stole Paige from him.

A dancer heralding from Leicester, Danica Taylor joined Love Island 2022 as a surprise new addition on Friday 17th June 2022, during the dramatic season 8 episode 12.

Before going in, she said, "I am definitely going to go in there and step on a few toes and I am more than happy to go after what I want."

She also described herself like so: "I feel like I am quite a relatable person. I’ve come from a small town but I’ve got a lot in me. I like to be silly. I’ve got an immature side and a mature side."

Upon her first day in the villa, the recoupling saw Danica choose to couple up with Luca - which did not go down well with him.

Jay Younger

Jay in Love Island 2022
Jay in Love Island 2022 ITV

Age: 28

Job: Investment Analyst

From: Edinburgh

Instagram: @jayyounger_

Entered: Day 9

Who is Jay coupled up with? Jay is with Paige.

Jay Younger arrived in the Love Island villa on Day 9 alongside Remi Lambert.

Investment Analyst Jay Younger says Davide might be an "Italian snack" but he's the entire meal - we hope the ladies are hungry!

"I think I genuinely have what most females want. I’ve got a good job, I think I am a good looking lad and I have a lot of fun so I feel like I could add a lot of value to their lives if they add a lot of value to mine," he adds.

Jay very quickly caught the eye of multiple ladies, appeared to have tension with Jacques and made very clear to fellow bombshell Remi that it was "all to play for" as he attempted to woo the ladies away from their current couplings.

After pursuing multiple girls, Jay turned up the heat with Ekin-Su and they shared a kiss - resulting in them eventually pairing up in the recoupling.

Jacques O'Neill

Jacques laughing while on a date with Paige in Love Island 2022
Jacques in Love Island 2022 ITV

Age: 23

From: Barrow-in-Furness

Job: Rugby player

Instagram: @jacques9oneill_

Entered: Day 7

Who is Jacques coupled up with? Jacques is coupled up with Danica.
Rugby ace Jacques O'Neill has joined the Love Island 2022 cast, arriving in the villa on Day 7.

O'Neill is an English professional rugby league footballer who most recently played as a hooker or loose forward for the Castleford Tigers in the Betfred Super League.

The athlete also had a connection to one of the original contestants in the villa - Gemma Owen, who he previously dated but who he has not seen in over a year.

Since arriving in the villa, Jacques set Luca on edge due to his history with Gemma and also charmed various ladies, finally being paired with Welsh paramedic Paige.

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu

Ekin-Su in Love Island 2022
Ekin-Su in Love Island 2022 ITV

Age: 27

From: Essex

Job: Actress

Instagram: @ekinsuofficial

Entered: Day 3

Who is Ekin-Su coupled up with? Ekin-Su is with Charlie.

Actress and feisty bombshell Ekin-Su arrived in the Love Island villa on Day 3 alongside recently dumped Afia.

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu is looking for true love this summer, after being quite "picky" with her love interests.

"I’m looking for that real genuine spark and they just see me as me. I think the concept of the show brings back true and raw feelings," she says.

Asked why she's single, she said: "Partially because I’m quite picky and I’m not just looking for looks, I’m looking for brains! I’m looking for someone with intelligence, someone who can have good chats. Nothing like cockiness! I’m looking for a serious man and a serious relationship."

A woman who knows what she wants, Ekin-Su has flirted with multiple boys in the villa but managed to pair up with Italian "stallion" Davide.

However, due to a lack of effort from Davide, her attention shifted to the new arrival Jay.

The pair shared an illicit kiss on the terrace which was eventually exposed to the villa after Ekin-Su denied having been with Jay.

In the aftermath, Davide cut ties with Ekin-Su and she went on to couple up with Jay in the recoupling.

Davide Sanclimenti

Davide in Love Island 2022
Davide in Love Island 2022 ITV

Age: 27

From: Rome, Italy (lives in Manchester)

Occupation: Business Owner

Instagram: @davidesancli

Entered: Day 1

Who is Davide coupled up with? Davide is in a couple with Antigoni.

Self-proclaimed 'Italian stallion' Davide Sanclimenti is entering the villa this year and while he's looking forward to having "so much fun", he is also looking for the one.

"I’m looking forward to it. I want to find my soulmate, find my person so I can actually build something in the future, grow with them, be a family," he said.

As for what he's bringing to the show, the 27-year-old says his "personality and Italian charm", adding: "I’m getting serious about my life and my goals. My biggest dream is to find someone I can spend the rest of my life with."

Despite having initially chosen to pair with Gemma, Davide was paired with Ekin-Su until she tired of his lack of passion and pursued Jay - eventually choosing to recouple with him instead.

Davide is now paired with Gemma due to the fact her recent partner Luca was picked by new girl Danica.

Gemma Owen

Gemma Owen
Gemma Owen ITV

Age: 19

From: Chester

Occupation: International Dressage Rider and Business Owner

Instagram: @gemowen_1

Entered: Day 1

Who is Gemma coupled up with? Gemma is with Luca.

Rumours that Gemma Owen, dressage rider and daughter of footballer Michael Owen, would be entering the villa began flying a month prior to the series – and they turned out to be true!

The 19-year-old was officially announced as one of the 2022 contestants and revealed that she was "open to finding love".

"I’m wanting to have a really fun summer. I was seeing someone and then that didn’t work out so I thought, 'Why not?'," she added.

Gemma also said that she is very competitive given that sport has been a huge part of her life. "My dad was a professional football player. I’ve competed for Great Britain in dressage since I was 11 years old. I’ve travelled all across Europe competing in big arenas in big competitions.

"[When it comes to relationships] I will always go for what I want. But at the same time, I’m not going to mess up something for someone who is in a proper relationship or get in the way of a couple if they have a genuine connection," she said. "I wouldn’t do anything to another girl that I wouldn’t be happy with them doing to me."

Since being in the villa, Gemma has been paired up with Liam by the public before she was chosen to couple up with Davide.

However, at recent recouplings, Gemma ended up paired with fishmonger Luca - despite her ex-boyfriend Jacques later arriving for some drama.

Then, when new girl Danica entered the villa, she chose to couple up with Luca - leaving Gemma to couple up with old partner Davide in a platonic pairing.

Dami Hope

Dami Hope on Love Island 2022

Age: 26

From: Dublin

Job: Senior Microbiologist

Instagram: @damihope

Entered: Day 1

Who is Dami coupled up with? Dami is with Indiyah.

Senior microbiologist Dami Hope was the first male contestant to be confirmed by Love Island, with the 26-year-old hoping to find love – although he warns "it might not go well".

The 26-year-old has said that he'll be bringing himself to the show, adding: "Being me – funny and personality. I don’t know if I will cause trouble, I’ll try not to cause trouble but sometimes you don’t intentionally cause trouble - but it happens!"

As for what he's looking for in a love match, he thinks star signs are a good indicator. "I’m an Aries but I’m very passionate - I always used to put that person first.

"If they had something they wanted to do or something they were passionate about, I’d make sure that even if it’s something I’m not talented at I’d get talented at it just so it helps them."

Since entering the villa, Dami has been coupled-up with Amber and they appear to be going from strength to strength - despite Amber finding the new boy Jay attractive.

Recent episodes have seen Dami reveal an attraction to Indiyah - could they be a new pairing?

Tasha Ghouri

Tasha in Love Island
Tasha in Love Island ITV

Age: 23

From: Thirsk

Job: Model and dancer

Instagram: @tashaghouri

Entered: Day 1

Who is Tasha coupled up with? Tasha is in a couple with Andrew.

Thirsk-based model and dancer Tasha Ghouri entered the show on Day 1 as the first deaf contestant.

The 23-year-old, who runs an Instagram account which raises awareness for the deaf community, has said she signed up for the show as her "dating life has been a shambles".

"This is an opportunity for me to find ‘the one’ and have a great summer at the same time," she said. "I’m definitely ready for a relationship. I’m 23 now so I’m ready to get to know someone, go on holidays and travel with them."

As for her personality, Tasha said that her family and friends would describe her as "wild".

"I can get very wild on a night out, I’m definitely a party animal. I love my prosecco and to have a dance - I’m always on the dance floor," she added. "I’m very loyal to my friends and family, I’ll always have their backs."

Tasha has been paired up with Andrew since the beginning despite having also shown interest in Luca and then Jay.

Will Tasha's head be turned or has she found what she needs with Andrew?

Indiyah Polack

Indiyah in Love Island

Age: 23

From: London

Job: Waitress and model

Instagram: @1ndiyah

Entered: Day 1

Who is Indiyah coupled up with? Indiyah is in a couple with Dami.

London-based hotel waitress Indiyah Polack was the third islander to be confirmed for this year's show, with the 23-year-old hoping to "bring a lot of flavour and vibrancy" to the villa.

Indiyah, who has also modelled for BooHoo, Bold cosmetics and other brands, signed up for the show as she's ready to start dating properly.

"I have been single for some time and I feel like for my generation of people, it’s quite hard to date without being influenced by social media and stuff like that," she said.

"Love Island particularly is like a closed space and I think it is a great place to get to know someone one-on-one and build a real connection."

Since arriving on Day 1, Indiyah has been paired up with Ikenna, with the pair building their bond slowly but surely.

However, the arrival of new boy Remi may meant that Ikenna had some competition to deal with but ultimately saw Remi dumped from the villa when no girl chose him in the recoupling.

Yet, it appears Dami also now has interest in Indiyah...

Luca Bish

Luca in Love Island 2022
Luca in Love Island 2022 ITV

Age: 23

From: Brighton

Occupation: Fishmonger

Instagram: @lucabish

Entered: Day 1

Who is Luca coupled up with? Luca is with Gemma.

Brighton-based Luca Bish was the last Love Island contestant to be announced out of the original cast, with the fishmonger heading into the Mallorca villa.

The 23-year-old is hoping he'll be as successful as former Love Island couples on the show, saying: "When you actually look back at Love Island, you can see how many couples it’s genuinely made. I don’t know how many kids Love Island has made but there are a few, aren’t there?"

Being recently single, Luca says that he usually likes to meet girls "out and about".

"I think when you go looking for it, it’s not as easy though, it’s like you’re too desperate for it," he said. "If I think you’re the one or I like you, I’ll take you out on a date but other than that, if we talk and I don’t like where it’s going - then I won’t be throwing out dates."

When arriving on Day 1, Luca was paired with Welsh paramedic Paige before deciding to couple up with Gemma.

The pair have remained together since, but a spanner was thrown in the works when new girl Danica chose to couple up with Luca - prompting a negative reaction from him.

Will he end up coupled up with Gemma once again?

Andrew Le Page

Andrew in Love Island

Age: 27

From: Guernsey

Occupation: Real Estate Agent

Instagram: @andrewlepage

Entered: Day 1

Who is Andrew coupled up with? Andrew has been in a couple with Tasha since Day 1.

Real estate agent Andrew Le Page first arrived in the villa on Day 1.

Andrew signed up for Love Island as he's "actually single for once".

"I thought why not? This is the best time to give it a go," he added.

As for what he's bringing to the villa, Andrew says: "When I’m with someone I'm very loyal, I’m a good boyfriend as when I’m with someone I’m all for them."

Since Day 1, Andrew has been paired up with Tasha and despite her showing an interest in Luca, they remain together.

However, while Tasha's heart was left "pounding" by Jay, she later was irritated by Jay's comments to Andrew about her interest in him - prompting her to reaffirm her commitment to Andrew - at least for now...

Paige Thorne

Paige in Love Island 2022
Paige in Love Island 2022 ITV

Age: 24

From: Swansea

Job: Paramedic

Instagram: @paigethornex

Entered: Day 1

Who is Paige coupled up with? Paige is coupled up with Jay, but is settled with Jacques.

Paramedic Paige Thorne was the first contestant to be announced by Love Island, with the 24-year-old wanting to "break out and broaden [her] horizons".

"In Swansea, there is just no one I can find. I’ve tried and there’s just nobody there anymore," she said. "Love Island just brings everyone together for me. I haven't got to go out and I haven’t got to swipe. So, hopefully, they can just come to me now!"

As for what she brings to the table, Paige says she's a "good cook" and "quite mumsy" so she'll "look after anyone that needs looking after."

Arriving on Day 1 in the villa, Paige was coupled up with Luca until he chose to couple up with Gemma.

After this, Paige was left single until the following recoupling when she was coupled up with Gemma's ex, Jacques.


Ikenna Ekwonna - DUMPED

Ikenna in Love Island 2022
Ikenna in Love Island 2022 ITV

Age: 23

From: Nottingham

Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales

Entered: Day 1

Departed: Day 16

Who was Ikenna coupled up with? Ikenna was with Indiyah before being voted out by the public.

Nottingham-based salesman Ikenna Ekwonna entered the Love Island villa on Day 1.

The 23-year-old has only been in one previous relationship, adding: "Now I think I’m at the age where I could find someone."

As for what he's bringing to the villa, Ikenna says he's spontaneous and exciting. "I’m not really shy to speak to people and I don’t really care too much about what people think."

However, Ikenna has become known for being "chilled" as he takes his romance slow with Indiyah, who he has been paired with since Day 1.

However, while Ikenna saw off competition from new boy Remi (who was soon dumped from the island), it seems his true love rival comes in the form of friend Dami.

Amber Beckford - DUMPED

Amber in Love Island 2022
Amber in Love Island 2022 ITV

Age: 24

From: London

Occupation: Nanny

Instagram: @amberbeckford

Entered: Day 1

Departed: Day 16

Who was Amber coupled up with? Amber was with Dami before being voted out by the public.

London-based Amber Beckford first arrived in the villa on Day 1.

She said she was hoping to bring "fun" and "chit chat with the girls" to the villa, but adds that she's not sure how her opinionated nature is "going to go down".

"As I work with kids I have patience with kids but adults, they annoy me!" she said.

The nanny has listed her icks however, adding that she doesn't like "guys that show off".

"Don’t like flashy, showy-offy guys - just have a personality and make me laugh. There was this one guy and he was trying to purposefully show off his car keys and we were literally in the middle of a restaurant!"

Since the first day, Amber has been paired with Dami and they seemed happy enough until fairly recently as Amber showed interest in Jay too.

As they grow further apart, Dami shows an interest in Indiyah. Could Amber be left alone?

Remi Lambert - DUMPED

Remi Lambert in Love Island 2022
Remi Lambert in Love Island 2022 ITV

Age: 22

Job: Model and rapper

From: Manchester

Instagram: @remilambo

Entered: Day 9

Departed: Day 12

Who was Remi coupled up with? Remi was never in a couple.

Model Remi Lambert was the second contestant to get the boot from the Love Island 2022 villa.

Remi entered the villa alongside fellow bombshell Jay on Day 9.

Asked why he decided to sign up for Love Island, model Remi Lambert said: "I am single AF! When I saw Molly [Mae Hague] and Tommy [Fury] and saw how strong they are together, I thought, ‘I want a love like that.'"

On arrival, Remi quickly showed an interest in Indiyah despite her growing close to Ikenna, along with Paige and Ekin-Su.

However, his pining for Indiyah did not pay off and he was soon left single and dumped from the island on Day 12.

Afia Tonkmor - DUMPED

Afia in Love Island 2022
Afia in Love Island 2022 ITV

Age: 27

From: London

Job: Lounge host at a private members' club

Instagram: @afiatonkmor

Entered: Day 3

Departed: Day 8

Who was Afia coupled up with? Afia was never in a couple.

Afia Tonkmor arrived in the villa on Day 3 alongside Ekin-Su.

Despite being a bombshell brought in to shake things up, Afia ended up being the first islander to be dumped from the villa.

She was looking for a "summer romance" this year, saying: "It just seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet someone, have an amazing summer, just have so much fun and have a bit of a summer romance as well."

She added: "I fall in love quickly, too quickly, two dates I am like, ‘OMG I am obsessed with this boy, he’s everything.’"

However, Afia was left single after two recouplings and ended up being dumped from the island, saying goodbye to her fellow islanders and leaving the show on Day 8.

Liam Llewellyn - QUIT

Liam Llewellyn left the Love Island villa
Liam Llewellyn left the Love Island villa ITV

Age: 22

From: Newport, South Wales

Job: Student

Instagram: @liamllew_

Entered: Day 1

Departed: Day 5

Who was Liam coupled up with? Liam was put in a couple with Gemma by the public, but Davide stole her from him.

Masters student Liam Llewellyn was the first contestant to leave the villa in 2022 after deciding to quit the show on Day 5.

Liam had flown in from Newport in Wales to the Mallorca villa to arrive on Day 1.

He had been paired up with Gemma until he was left single when she was chosen to couple up with Davide.

Liam had said that he's looking forward to meeting "a load of different types" on the show so he can "get to grips with what [he] really likes about people".

"The thing that girls quite like is that I’m not just like, 'You’re mint.' I’m like, 'Your eyes are piercing, I’m lost in your eyes.' Or I’ll say something like, 'You’ve got nice feet' or something," he added.

As for his approach to finding love, Liam has admitted that he wears his heart on his sleeve. " I can’t hide how I feel about anyone. I’m probably quite emotional as well come to think about it," he said.

It was certainly an emotional goodbye when Liam left the villa.

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