All the Love Island winners from 2015 to now

Who has emerged from the villa victorious?

Greg Amber love island

Love was not in the air for the summer of 2020 as Love Island was forced to abandon plans for its main series due to the pandemic which meant the infamous villa remained empty from all the steamy antics that the contestants get up to.


But ITV has made it clear that the show will be going ahead in 2021 and we do not have too long left to wait until everyone moves in – although there is still a chance that the villa of choice may be out of the running again this year.

Either way though, more couples are set to be formed and maybe we’ll get another one that goes the distance. We have taken a look back at all the winning couples from the past and checked on whether their relationships survived the real world.

Jessica Hayes and Max Morley

max jess love island

Relationship status: Separated 

Jess and Max were the first winners of the revamped show in 2015 – there was a two-season celebrity version that aired first – and while it would be nice to say that the original winners were still together, sadly we can’t as they split up a mere six weeks after leaving the villa behind them.

Since then, Max has got into travelling and has visited various places around the world, while Jess found love with Dan Lawry and they have gone onto have a child together, Presley. So while the pair did not stay together, at least they have both gone on to good things!

Cara De la Hoyde and Nathan Massey


Relationship status: Married

Cara and Nathan may have separated briefly not long after they won the show in 2016 but Cara discovered she was pregnant and the baby brought them back together – they named him Freddie and the addition of a child has seen them remain together to this day – well done, Freddie!

And they seem to be happier than ever now and they had their second baby, daughter Delilah, in July. It is nice to see that Love Island can see a couple stay together, even if it is a rarity.

Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies


Relationship status: Separated 

Kem and Amber’s relationship did not last long after they left the villa and they broke up around six months later. Professionally though, they are the most successful couple to emerge from the show. Kem has become a well-known face in the UK through his stints on shows like Dancing on Ice and he pops up semi-regularly as a guest on This Morning.

As for Amber, she has seen her star rise on the stage when she was cast in the musical 9 to 5. So while their love may not have gone the distance, they will certainly be pleased that they made the decision to join the show in 2017.

Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer


Relationship status: Separated 

Ah, Jack and Dani – we thought they were meant to be but alas, the relationship did not last and Jack missed out on the golden opportunity of having Danny Dyer as a father in law. They did try to make it work, even living together and buying a puppy, but it fell apart after six months.

Since then, Jack has had a child named Blossom while Dani has been edging her way into the presenting world – and had a recent cameo in EastEnders alongside her dad where she played his cab driver. She also recently gave birth to a baby boy, called Santiago.

Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea

amber greg love island

Relationship status: Separated 

If you were invested in Amber and Greg going the distance then you probably were not too thrilled to learn that they broke up only a few weeks after leaving the villa behind them – so it was not true love after all.

Individually though, things have been going pretty well for them. Greg has gone back to his career playing Rugby while Amber has become quite the name on social media having become an influencer who has amassed over two million followers.

Paige Turley and Finn Tapp

paige finn love island

Relationship status: Still together

Paige and Finn are looking to last the course and are still together after becoming the first ever Winter Love Island winners.

The question now then is whether true love will be found in the 2022 series.


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