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When is the Eurovision 2021 final? Start time, acts, running order, voting details and more

Not long to go now!

eurovision 2021
Published: Saturday, 22nd May 2021 at 7:35 pm

At last! The Eurovision 2021 final is on tonight, so crack your miniature flags out and prepare for a night of glitz and glamour.


James Newman is representing the UK with Embers, while 25 other European countries are also taking to the stage for a chance to win the glass microphone after last year's contest was cancelled due to coronavirus.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 got off to a brilliant start on the Tuesday semi-finals, with Lithuania's Eurovision 2021 entry providing a delightful welcome to the bonkers event.

Excited? Check out our live Eurovision blog for updates as they happen during tonight's final or read on to find out when it's on and how to get your vote in.

When is the Eurovision 2021 final?

The big day is finally here. The Eurovision final starts at 8pm tonight (Saturday 22nd May).

The event comes after the Eurovision 2021 semi-finals on 18th May 18th and 20th May 20th.

How to watch the Eurovision 2021 final

The final of The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 is airing live in the UK on its forever home of BBC One and once again has Graham Norton on hand to offer up words of wisdom – and sarcasm – about all the competing acts.

For those wondering what TV channel to tune in to, you can watch the show on the BBC via the main channel or you can use iPlayer, which has the option to watch the main BBC channels live.

Who are the acts in the Eurovision 2021 final?

Sadly, Slovenia, Australia, North Macedonia, Ireland, Croatia and Romania did not make it through the semi-finals and won't be performing tonight.

One quick aside, the "Big 5" countries automatically have a place and they are the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Another one that goes straight through is the host nation which this year is The Netherlands. Without further ado, here are the 26 countries taking part in the final:

  • Albania- Anxela Peristeri performing 'Karma'
  • Austria - Vincent Bueno performing 'Amen'
  • Azerbaijan - Efendi performing 'Mata Hari'
  • Belgium - Hooverphonic performing 'The Wrong Place'
  • Bulgaria - Victoria performing 'Growing Up is Getting Old'
  • Cyprus - Sandro performing 'El Diablo'
  • Czech Republic - Benny Cristo performing 'omaga'
  • Denmark - Fyr og Flame performing 'Øve os på hinanden'
  • Estonia - Uku Suviste performing 'The Lucky One'
  • Finland - Blind Channel performing 'Looking Back'
  • France - Barbara Pravi performing 'Voila'
  • Georgia - Tornike Kipiani performing 'You'
  • Germany - Jendric performing 'I Don’t Feel Hate'
  • Greece - Stefania performing 'Last Dance'
  • Iceland - Daði & Gagnamagnið performing '10 Years'
  • Israel - Eden Alene performing 'Set Me Free'
  • Italy - Diodato performing 'Zitti e buoni'
  • Latvia - Samanta Tīna performing 'The Moon is Rising'
  • Lithuania - The Roop performing 'Discoteque'
  • Malta - Destiny Chukunyere performing 'Je Me Casse'
  • Moldova - Natalia Gordienko performing 'Sugar'
  • The Netherlands - Jeangu Macrooy performing 'Birth of a New Age'
  • Norway - Tix performing 'Fallen Angel'
  • Poland - Rafal performing 'The Ride'
  • Portugal - The Black Mamba performing 'Love Is on My Side''
  • Russia - Manizha performing 'Russian Woman'
  • San Marino - Senhit performing 'Adrenalina!'
  • Serbia - Hurricane performing 'Loco Loco'
  • Spain - Blas Cantó performing 'Voy a quedarme'
  • Sweden - Tusse performing 'Voices'
  • Switzerland - Gjon’s Tears performing 'Tout l’univers'
  • Ukraine - Go_A performing 'Shum'
  • United Kingdom - James Newman performing 'Embers'

How do you vote in Eurovision?

To vote in the grand final you will need to head to the BBC Eurovision page and you will see an option to cast your vote once the voting process opens up on the night itself.

You will need to register for a BBC account to vote, but if you have ever watched anything on iPlayer then you will have already done that. Just in case though, you can do it here.

When the voting opens, the acts will be listed in performance order and you vote for one act at a time. You can only vote three times online so make sure you have chosen the right acts!


The Eurovision Song contest 2021 airs tonight (Saturday 22nd May) at 8pm on BBC One. Check out the full list of Eurovision winners here. If you're looking for something to watch tonight, check out our TV Guide.


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