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Meet Belgium's Eurovision 2021 act Hooverphonic who will sing The Wrong Place

Belgium has nominated Hooverphonic to be the best at Eurovision.

Published: Saturday, 22nd May 2021 at 7:00 pm

Hooverphonic are now performing in Eurovision 2021 after originally having been chosen to represent Belgium in the 2020 contest and they will have thought it worth the wait as they put on quite the show and made it through to the grand final.


They were part of the first wave of acts in the Eurovision 2021 semi-finals and while things looked dicey for them for a while, they were the last act announced to have made the final.

The three-piece band have been in the business for over 25 years now so they will be used to performing on big stages which may give them an edge over some of the less experienced performers on the night.

But can they go all the way after making the final? We will find out Saturday, but here is all you need to know about Hooverphonic.

Who is representing Belgium at Eurovision 2021?


Instagram: @hooverphonicoff

Twitter: @HooverphonicOff

Hooverphonic has a huge 26-year history behind them: the band originally formed back in 1995 and so over the years, members have come and gone.

The members now feature Luka Cruysberghs (lead vocals) Alex Callier (producer/songwriter) and Raymond Geerts (lead guitar).

What is Belgium's Eurovision 2021 song called?

While the song may be called The Wrong Place, Hooverphonic will be in the right place to perform when the night begins - unless they have a terrible sense of direction.

The song was written by Hooverphonic member Alex Callier alongside Charlotte Forêt and if you want to hear the song ahead of the big night then you can check out the music video for it by pressing play below!

Where did Belgium come in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest?

As promising as this year’s entry sounds, they still have a way to go in the competition, as 2019's representative, Eliot failed to even qualify in the final, finishing in 13th place with 70 points in the semi-final.

Nevertheless, just has Hooverphonic has a long history as a band, so has their affiliation with Eurovision, as 2020’s Contest will be the 62nd time Belgium will participate, since its debut as one of the original seven inaugural countries at the very first Eurovision Song Contest in 1956.

Hooverphonic's will undoubtedly have been inspired to know that Belgium did win the Contest once, albeit in 1986 with the song, J’aime la vie, performed by Sandra Kim.

When is Eurovision 2021?

The Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final will take place on Saturday 22nd May 2021 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

BBC One will be broadcasting live coverage of the event, while Graham Norton commentates.

Ken Bruce will be providing commentary on BBC Radio 2.

The semi-finals will be held on Tuesday 18th and Thursday 20th May, and will be broadcast on BBC Four.

Why was Eurovision 2020 cancelled?

Of course, the 2020 Eurovision did not go ahead as by that point we were right in the midst of the first stage of the global pandemic and everyone flying to the Netherlands to compete was considered to be the wrong move - understandable.

Shine a Light and Eurovision Come Together aired instead and looked back at some classic performances from the history of the competition but nothing competes with the real thing and happily, 2021 is set to go ahead.

You can buy the DVD and watch Eurovision 2018 here and Eurovision 2019 here if you want to revisit the last two competitions - and why wouldn't you?


The Eurovision Song contest 2021 will air on the BBC this May. Check out the full list of Eurovision winners here. If you're looking for something to watch tonight, check out our TV Guide.


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