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Meet Albania's Eurovision 2021 act Anxhela Peristeri who will sing Karma

Will Anxhela deliver the goods for Albania?

anxhela peristeri Eurovision
Published: Saturday, 22nd May 2021 at 3:20 pm

The next stop is the final for Eurovision 2021 and it has been quite the show already with the Eurovision 2021 semi-finals being quite the spectacle with many memorable moments.


Albania picked Anxhela Peristeri to represent them in the contest this year and what a good choice that was, as she impressed the judges and managed to get all the points needed to make it to this Saturday night's grand final!

For everything you need to know about Anxhela, including the song which managed to get her a spot in the Eurovision 2021 final, read on.

Who is representing Albania at Eurovision 2021?

anxhela peristeri

Age: 35

Instagram: @anxhelaperisteriofficial

This is not Anxhela's first attempt at making it through to Eurovision as she had a shot at making it there in 2001 - and now twenty years later she is finally getting her shot on the big stage.

She is a well-known face in Albania after being named the winner of the first season of Your Face Sounds Familiar – an Albanian talent show.

She has been competing in various music shows for years which means she is certainly well-practised enough to make an impact on Eurovision, but will all her experience help?

What is Albania's Eurovision 2021 song called?

Karma is the name of the track that Albania have their hopes pinned on in 2021 and it is said to portray the "inner turmoil of a woman who blames herself for her world falling apart".

Olti Curri is credited as the writer of the tune and you can check out the song for yourselves in the music video below!

Where did Albania come in 2019’s Eurovision?

Albania would certainly have disappointed with how they faired in the 2019 Eurovision contest as they finished in a lowly 17th place having only notched up 36 points by the time the voting drew to a close.

Will they be able to do better this year? Well, Anxhela Peristeri certainly has the talent and the experience to put on a good show...

When is Eurovision 2021?

The Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final will take place on Saturday 22nd May 2021 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

BBC One will be broadcasting live coverage of the event, while Graham Norton commentates.

Ken Bruce will be providing commentary on BBC Radio 2.

The semi-finals will be held on Tuesday 18th and Thursday 20th May, and will be broadcast on BBC Four.

Why was Eurovision 2020 cancelled?

The reason for the cancellation should come as no surprise as it was COVID and the global pandemic with Eurovision being far from the only event to be cancelled over the last 12 months.

To make up for not having the show on, we did get two shows that cast our minds back to classic acts that have performed in the contest over the years - namely Shine a Light and Eurovision Come Together.

Want to watch the last two contests while you wait for the next? Buy the DVD and watch Eurovision 2018 here and Eurovision 2019 here.


The Eurovision Song contest 2021 will air on the BBC this May. Check out the full list of Eurovision winners here. If you're looking for something to watch tonight, check out our TV Guide.


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