This glorious Ant-Man gag reel proves Paul Rudd and Chris Pratt MUST have a Marvel superhero dance-off

Scott Lang and Star Lord can both bust some serious moves...

Move over Mr Du Beke, there’s a new dancing Ant in town and he’s got some seriously slick superhero moves.


People’s favourite Paul Rudd – who brought a cracking dose of comedy to the Marvel Universe earlier this year – steals the show by dancing his way through this Ant-Man gag reel.

In fact, his MARVEL-LOUS moves evoke memories of another superhero’s sweet shimmying.

Who could forget the Saturday Night Fever-esque efforts of Chris Pratt’s Star Lord?

Ant-Man and Star Lord aren’t due to meet on screen for quite a while yet, but when they do we think it calls for a serious superhero dance-off.


And if Loki of Asgard happens to be involved, we certainly won’t be complaining.