It's looking as though the anticipated follow-up to Line of Duty may be further out of reach than any of us thought as actor Martin Compston has revealed there are "no immediate plans" for more episodes.


Speaking to The Mirror, the Steve Arnott actor said: "I'm sorry. They're some of my closest friends, we all love Jed [Mercurio], and we'd all love to work together at some point, but there are no immediate plans.

"It's just getting us all together and stuff. We'd like to but, yeah, these things are a bit complicated. But there are no immediate plans."

Compston will next be seen on our screens in Soccer Aid, alongside the likes of EastEnders' Bobby Brazier and Sir Mo Farah but for now, won't be returning to the world of bent coppers and AC-12.

Vicky McClure, Martin Compston and Adrian Dunbar in Line of Duty.
Vicky McClure, Martin Compston and Adrian Dunbar in Line of Duty. BBC

Of course, since season 6 premiered during the 2021 Covid-19 lockdown (which resulted in a massive spike in viewership), there have been plenty of questions surrounding the future of the crime drama.

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There's been plenty said about a potential seventh season of Line of Duty, with Compston recently chatting to Radio Times magazine about whether he'd do another series of it or not.

He said: 'Every year it has got bigger and the numbers on the last series were insane. It was quite overwhelming! I remember going for a walk in Edinburgh when the last episode aired.

"The streets were empty because everybody was inside watching the finale! It felt like mammoth pressure – and almost became too big and took on a life of its own. We’re really lucky that we’ve got each other to keep ourselves grounded."

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Speaking about making a name for himself on the series, Compston also admitted: "None of us had any idea what it would become. Vicky [McClure] and Aidy [Adrian Dunbar] became my best friends. We speak pretty much daily on WhatsApp."

For now, fans of Compston's can eagerly anticipate two Prime Video series coming our way, with The Rig season 2 in the works, as well as psychological drama Fear.

The latter will see Compston star alongside The Red King's Anjli Mohindra, which will follow the pair after their move from London to a "beautiful house in Glasgow" with their two young children, but things quickly turn sour.

Line of Duty is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.


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