Which Muppet character are you? Take our quiz and find out

Are you a calm Kermit or an absolute Animal? Take the quiz to find out...

Kermit The Frog stars in Muppets Now on Disney Plus

Wocka wocka wocka – The Muppets are returning!


The playful puppets have been a staple in TV and film for over 60 years – and now the long-running children’s favourite is heading to streaming.

Muppets Now will see Jim Henson’s beloved characters tackle unscripted comedy for the first time, following the character of Scooter as he attempts to complete the show on time despite the antics of Kermit and co.

This being a Muppets project there will of course be celebrity guests, with the Disney Plus series featuring the likes of RuPaul, Seth Rogen, Aubrey Plaza, and Linda Cardellini.

You can sign up to Disney Plus UK for a year for £59.99 (£5.99 a month).

You can enjoy Muppets Now from 31st July  2020 on Disney Plus – but have you not ever wondered which one of Kermit’s famous friends you would be? Everyone identifies with these larger than life characters sometimes!

No need to try impersonating Kermit’s famous voice or attempt a groan-inducing Fozzie Bear joke – we’ve got the answer right here for you in this little quiz. Whether your Miss Piggy’s soulmate, Bunsen’s unfortunate lab partner or a rather enthusiastic drummer, this personality test will reveal all:

So are you calm and collected like Kermit? A karate-chopping diva like Miss Piggy? Or the untamed, unestrained force of nature that is Animal? The test will reveal just what might have been if you were made of fabric…

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